Thursday, January 22, 2009

Former National Front Leader Kyle Chapman Wants To Set Up A PLE (Pioneer Little Europe) White Community In North Canterbury, New Zealand

Update May 4th: This PLE will happen without Kyle Chapman. He's now retired from the Cause and has married a Mormon woman. Details HERE.

On January 22nd, 2009, and report that Kyle Chapman, who is identified as a former skinhead, former National Front leader and current Christchurch mayoral candidate, wants to set up a "unified mini-state" in North Canterbury, which surrounds the city of Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island. This has also attracted discussion on the Vanguard News Network Forum. This idea is similar in concept to the PLE (Pioneer Little Europe) scheme frequently discussed on Stormfront. Chapman's "Land Base" proposes to have the following:

-- Training areas for "sport fighting".
-- A "protected community".
-- A "meeting house for gatherings of leaders and active nationalists".
-- A "social bar for fundraising and building unity".
-- A large vegetable garden.

The "sport fighting" is intended primarily to teach people self-defense skills, and to deal with the increasing proliferation of non-white gangs in New Zealand. Back on March 24th, 2008, I discussed problems with the Mongrel Mob and Black Power gangs in Gisborne on New Zealand's North Island. These gangs are spreading nationwide, and they are predominantly Maori and Pacific Islander. Some have actually gained protective political cover through their support of a previous prime minister, Robert Muldoon.

Chapman's plans were uncovered after a copy of an email to members of a far-right group, the Nationalist Alliance, was leaked on to the internet. Beginning "Hello Patriots", Chapman asked for donations for the project.

"With an ever decreasing European population we face the real risk of having no power in our Nation," it said. "It currently crumbles through the current system of bad government policies, greedy politicians and businessmen. We must act to build a unified mini-state that we could build up in future to be a base for other like-minded Europeans to come to from other dying countries."

Once established, the Nationalist Alliance intends to use its "high concentration of like-minded folk" to elect local officials and a member of Parliament sympathetic to its views.

Other prospective benefits include:

-- Keeping our children away from the multicultural brainwashing of current system schools.
-- Encouraging, supportive and friendly interaction with like-minded people.
-- Ability to put our European skills and intelligence to create new technologies and build something to be proud of.
-- Safety in numbers.

Although Chapman would not appear on camera to discuss his new initiative, he told one media outlet that money is already pouring in to fund it; the designated account shows a current amount of $1,500. Chapman explained, "I've also got about five or six people that are willing to sell their properties, and we've got about ten to fifteen people that are paying a weekly amount towards it". Chapman also said he is hoping to raise around $300,000 in the next two years to buy a bare block of land in the area. Right now, that sort of money would buy a premium piece of real estate in Canterbury.

But the proposal has already drawn fire from the diversity-mongers across New Zealand's political spectrum. Waimakariri MP Clayton Cosgrove said Chapman's plans were of concern, "given his track record of shaven-headed, jack-booted, race-based, white-power activity". He characterized Chapman as being 50 to 60 years behind the frest of the world.

Hurunui Mayor Garry Jackson was unavailable for comment but a spokeswoman, Naomi Woodham, said the proposal was abhorrent and offensive. "All of us here at the Hurunui District Council welcome and embrace cultural diversity, and if there was a proposal to set up a white supremacist movement in the Hurunui District it would be strongly opposed," she said. "Especially one encouraging sport fighting and survivalist training. This sounds like a form of surreptitious terrorist instruction."

National MP Kate Wilkinson, a North Canterbury resident and Associate Minister for Immigration, said most "thinking people" would not consider membership of Chapman's "exclusive club". Discrimination and division were not part of our culture.

Additional criticism was proffered by Ron Keeting, the Waimakariri District Mayor, who claims he finds it "despicable" and that it would be totally unwelcome in the community. Senior Sergeant Peter Cooper of the Rangiora Police also warned a "white supremacist brand" would bring negative attention to the area.

Kyle Chapman has his own personal blog HERE, which has not been updated since November 2008, but which is full of interesting information. While I found little regarding his current mayoral campaign, it appears Chapman has run for mayor of Christchurch twice before; in 2004 as the National Front candidate, then again in 2007 as a National Democrat. A 2005 interview with Chapman is posted HERE. Chapman's response to a 2007 candidate survey on environmental sustainablility is posted HERE.

The anti-racist Fightdemback organization also posts a slew of Chapman stories HERE, but are written from the anti-racist perspective, and must be used with extreme caution.

Analysis: The reaction of the establishment elite to Chapman's proposed initiative is just as amusing as it is frustrating. All seem to be reading from the same script. All proclaim diversity as "inerrant". All proclaim Kyle Chapman as a hatemonger. None offer any thoughtful analysis as to why Chapman and his mates might want to establish a PLE community. None take issue with the behavior of the Mongrel Mob and Black Power gangs, whose increasingly aggressive and destructive activities cause a growing number of Whites to want to consider banding together for increased safety.

Once again, what's black can be black, what's brown can be brown, but what's white is always negotiable. It is always us whites who must adjust. And unlike the United States, where Jewish influence is disproportionately strong and Jewish supremacism is endemically rooted, the anti-white campaign in New Zealand is primarily driven by the anti-racist white elite.

The latter statement is particularly important to those of us who are American White Nationalists, because we are sometimes quick to question the resolve of foreign White Nationalists who do not share our concern with the Jewish Question. Foreign White Nationalists actually have other more-pressing problems to solve. In South Africa, blacks outnumber whites 10-1. It would behoove us to be more tolerant and respectful of the efforts of foreign White Nationalists to solve their own racial problems in their own way. As long as they put the 14 Words front and center, they are our comrades. The American Way is not the only way, and may not necessarily be suitable for others.

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