Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christopher Petronzio Suspended Without Pay From Parks Commission Job In Paramus, New Jersey Over Alleged Racist Anti-Obama Posting On Facebook Site

Updated January 22nd to include embedded Newsday news video report.

Another employer has chosen to allow himself to be used as a proxy enforcer of political correctness. Borough Administrator Anthony Iacono has announced that Christopher Petronzio, an eight-year employee of the Borough of Paramus (NJ) Shade Tree and Parks Commission, has been suspended without pay after allegedly posting racist remarks about Barack Obama and referencing the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on his Facebook page (since taken down). Media stories published January 20th, 2009 by NorthJersey.com and The Daily Journal (27 public comments); also discussed on the Vanguard News Network Forum and The Political Cesspool. Chris Wysocki also takes issue with it.

To add insult to injury, the Bergen County Prosecutors’ Office and the Paramus Police Department are also investigating whether the posting could be considered a bias crime. Even if the criminal investigation peters out, the borough attorney will still investigate to determine whether the Facebook posting violates local workplace discrimination and employee conduct regulations, even though it was not done on company time with company resources, and did not target any other employees specifically. Borough code says employees can be fired for, “conduct unbecoming of a public employee” or for harassing or discriminating against other employees. Petronzio will remain suspended pending conclusion of the investigation.

Petronzio, who has more than 200 Facebook friends, including borough employees, a councilman and a former councilman, posted a greeting on MLK day, saying, “Chris would like to wish everyone a happy James Earl Ray day”. Petronzio’s Facebook page also included an advertisement for Kentucky Fried Chicken superimposed on a picture of the White House. He also referred to President Obama as a "nigger". See Newsday news video embedded below:

The real problem, according to Anthony Iacono, is that the news "found its way to supervisors". Borough administrators began getting calls about offensive material about 11 A.M., as Barack Obama was about to be sworn in as President. Copies of Petronzio's page had been circulated via e-mail. He identifies himself as a borough employee on the website.

But Christopher Petronzio claims this incident is being used as an excuse to get back at him over his union activities. He says the comments posted on Facebook were taken out of context and had nothing to do with his job. He explains that the borough is retaliating against him because he is an active member of Teamsters Local 97, which is suing the borough for unfair labor practices, saying that he has raised the union’s concerns at public meetings several times during the past year. He said he has also complained to the U.S. Labor Department that the borough is failing to pay workers for overtime. A court hearing in the union’s dispute with the borough is scheduled for Thursday January 22nd.

Regarding his Facebook posting, Petronzio said he supports Obama and was attempting to make a reference to the Mel Brooks movie “Blazing Saddles,” in which characters from a small town are slow to accept an African American sheriff. The other comments were private jokes. Petronzio said he did not attempt to explain himself to Iacono because a union representative was not at the meeting. But he does plan to consult an attorney about whether the borough has violated his First Amendment right to free speech.

Analysis: This could be an interesting legal confrontation. A racial complaint may be at cross-purposes with a union complaint. Which side will prevail? Will political correctness prevail over organized labor? Both are powerful and "popular" forces (the "popularity" of political correctness is strictly manipulated by the elite, which imposed political correctness from the top down).

Note that this is a "white" man, a fellow paisan, who has done this to another white man. But we can't rule out the possibility that Anthony Iacono may have been ordered to suspend Charles Petronzio without pay. Regardless of how many rallies we hold or how many flyers we distribute, this will continue until the Anthony Iaconos of the country refuse to implement such orders. But they must put themselves in economic position to be able to continue feeding their families if they are fired for refusing such orders. Thus we must also teach people to liberate themselves from mortgage and credit slavery first.

Race and economics have become inseparable.


Anonymous said...

Christopher Petronzio brought this on himself because federal and state employees should keep neutral when it comes to politics in everything they do. I'm pro-White but I believe he was wrong and his arrogance and carelessness got him caught. Even government and state employees better wise up that BIG BROTHER is watching them too.

apollonian said...

Freedom Of Speech Must Rule
(Apollonian, 21 Jan 09)

AA, regardless the legal implications for his job, obvious fact is POWERS-THAT-BE WILL PLAY THIS UP BIG-TIME in order to incite the racial animosities of all the different races.

The "powers" are ultra-liars: they say they want racial "harmony," but opposite is true. Keeping people fighting one another is how small minority/conspiracy keeps control over everyone.

I have nothing but contempt for the above piece-of-shit poster (who sounds like our precious "Sherwood Smith"), good that he remains "anonymous." He says he's pro-white but not pro-freedom.

Look, freedom of speech must mean what it says. Who's to say then what's "political" or not?--or what's "neutral" or not?--it just becomes a matter of what some scum in a black robe declares.

CONCLUSION: Of course, only WAR is going to solve this idiotic mess. The easy, simple divide is Christian vs. Jew, Christians for freedom, reason, and US Constitution--just like at the beginning of USA. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous - I was always under the understanding that it was sufficient merely to keep one's politics off the job. If employers are allowed to penalize workers for legal off-job activities, it establishes a dangerous precedent that must be exposed and eliminated.

Of course, there are a few logical exceptions. But these exceptions should be publicized in advance so that prospective employees know about them before hiring.

Petronzio may have been careless, but was he blindsided?

Anonymous said...

A.A. what would be a "a few logical exceptions"? a political position is just that a position, an idea, a thought.

Anchorage Activist said...

A few logical exceptions might be people in elective office, who are required not merely to comply, but to exemplify compliance. A person in elective office who engaged in that sort of behavior shouldn't necessarily be forced to resign, but would certainly need to explain his actions.

On one of his programs, Bill O'Reilly mentioned that people in his position have what's called "morals clauses" in their contracts, which lets them know in advance what behavior might cross the line and place their jobs at risk (like the Don Imus situation).

The bottom line - if an employer intends to hold an employee accountable for off-the-job behavior, it needs to be publicized in advance.