Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sudanese Immigrant Adwai Malual Delivers Five Anchor Babies At Anne Arundel Medical Center In Maryland

On December 17th, 2008, the Washington Post reported that a Sudanese woman visiting the United States has given birth to quintuplets in Maryland. That's five instant "anchor babies", people. Additional coverage provided by WBAL Channel 11 in Baltimore, the Baltimore Sun, MyVoiceDC, and VDARE.

Twenty-eight-year old Adwai Malual, whose husband, Erjuk Geu, serves as a Sudanese military liaison specialist in Tanzania, had originally traveled from her home in Sudan to the U.S. to seek her mother-in-law's blessing of her pregnancy, but suddenly, she feared there was something wrong. So the staff at Anne Arundel Medical Center told her to come in right away. When physician William Sweeney gave her an ultrasound, it showed all he needed to know: quintuplets at 19 weeks of development. Thus began 11 weeks of intensive treatment involving more than 30 physicians, nurses and other specialists at the hospital in Annapolis.

And on December 16th, doctors and the woman's family announced the outcome. Mother and the five babies, born December 2nd, were in good health. They are the first quintuplets in the hospital's 106-year history, and the first in Maryland in more than three years. Even though they will spend the next three weeks in the medical center's neonatal unit, the prognosis is good. WBAL news video embedded below:

Malual came to the Center at 19 weeks, with a womb already stretched almost to the equivalent of a full-term 40-week pregnancy. But when Malual reached 30 weeks, her body was already showing the signs of wearing down -- shortness of breath, an overworked heart and a tiring kidney. So they scheduled surgery for December 2nd.

The family does not have health insurance. It typically costs $1,150 a day for a baby in the intensive care unit. Hospital officials, who declined to put a final price tag on the weeks of treatment and the choreographed births, said they would work with the family on payment and absorb some of the cost if necessary, although according to MyVoiceDC, the hospital now believes they will end up absorbing the total cost. However, the website states that the average cost per premature birth in the United States is $75,000, although the website doesn't formally define cost. This sounds like the total cost of a premature birth, include pre-natal care, delivery, and post-natal care.

Multiply $75,000 times 5, and you get $375,000.

Note that of all the media references listed, only VDARE acknowledges that under American citizenship law, the five babies are instantly eligible for American citizenship simply because they were born on American soil. And with that in mind, what incentive has the woman to take her kids and return to Sudan at some time in the future.

Absolutely none. Furthermore, her husband probably will move here permanently as well. Pay up, Whitey! You have anchor babies to support.


He of difficult days said...

"Do unto others as you would like others to do unto you"

This is America's punishment for DEMANDING that white minority rule be destroyed in South Africa and Rhodesia

Enjoy your multi racial filth. I know that in less than 2 decades you will be on your knees begging for your life in front of one of these 5 savages when he or she tries to take your wallet

apollonian said...

Vindictive Gloating--Product/Expression Of Moralism-Pharisaism
(Apollonian, 28 Dec 08)

U ("He of difficult...") poor, stupid bastard, scum filth: all u express is Jew vindictiveness, u piece of shit; death to u.

Thus does humanity suffer fm CYCLIC consequences of Pharisaism-moralism, Pelagian heresy, and child's "good-evil" delusion/fallacy, indubitably.

And thus Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity administers such moralism, founded upon hubris and perfectly "free" human will delusion, to gentile race now CYCLICALLY over-populated.

CONCLUSION: But thanks anyway for ur advice and kind prediction, shit-for-brains puke; I'm afraid u're already proven correct, dipshit. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

"I know that in less than 2 decades you will be on your knees begging for your life"

... and the thought of that excites you ?
Satisfies you ?

Well, I'll agree 'n say America has much hardship & turmoil yet to come as we'll not get off the hook.
But must we take delight in that fact ?

Our alien governments evil actions towards SA and Rhodesia , along with the apathy of our ( and your ) people will be brought into account one day.

But this is only one violation of many which works to bring up down. For all these sins together we suffer punishment.

I see yer painting with your broad brush of accusations again.
Not everybody here is asleep nor acts in collusion with our enemies. Yet you wish us all harm ? You must of noticed we're all firmly against multi - culti societies ourselves.

These blogs are information highways that for a season bypasses the thought control gates. Our people are learning what the score is and what's really been going on. The MSM's iron curtain is being torn asunder.

As I've mentioned to you before elsewhere -if our geographical distances were less of an issue , do you not believe many of us would trek to help our brothers out ?

He of difficult days said...

Why dont you just admit that America is a selfish society?

Everything you do is in the interests of "national security"... and screw everything and anyone else.

And no I dont believe that you, Jeff, will come to help out the "white brethren" in Africa. I think that you, like all the Christians in America will arrive with 48 billion dollars to feed clothe and inadvertantly arm blacks because Jesus Christ said so...

I saw it happen in Rhodesia.

I applied for a Green Card pre Obama. I have changed my mind. I will stay here in SA and not bother moving to Alaska.

I dont want to hang around Americans who only worry about themselves... who Scream about white minority rule but dont give a shit now.

Only Frank of Queens and John of Stanton Island get respect from me.

The rest of you come across as liberal tossers

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Liberal tossers ?!
This bunch ?! Ha !
C'mon man ! Surely yer eyes can read.

I left you a comment per yours left on my blog before I read this here.

Didn't anything I said here make sense ?

YES, we have a large portion of blinded /
liberal / selfish
kinsmen here in America - SAME as in South Africa.

Maybe it makes it easier for you to hate us all by lumping everyone together. Some of us have been argueing 'n reasoning with people for years. How long you been working on the problem ?

Did you not catch my reference to all the damn distance between us ? Can't just hop on the bike man. And just how is armament to be moved - we don't undertake nothing half assed.

I've seen alot of folks offer you plenty of advice online concerning your tentative move to Alaska. You discount the willingness of others to help too quickly.
And yer not even here.

We're just as cautious and apprehensive as yall behind the line in SA.
Friendships are built when both parties contribute to its growth and hear the other out.

And once again, don't hang that judeo christian version of Christ on us. That jewish god is not our God, Jesus Christ.

( no, Jesus is NOT a jew - go to Thy Weapon of War blog , if no where else )

Know yer under stress man, don't give up. Hang in there ...
we mustn't give up on tomorrow.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

If we had of done what God/Christ commanded us to, we'd of never come into contact with these other races in the first place.

That was a sin, a violation of Gods law ... we were to have nothing to do with the stranger
( aliens ).

So just what is so evil about keeping Gods law ?

What's so sissified that we can't embrace this and other like laws that we already know as merely righteous living amongst ourselves ?

Gods rule is quite desirable - especially when we look around at our choices .

Anonymous said...

I fail to see the offense in the "He of difficult" posting. Perhaps only if the truth is offensive.

I used to love America. But look at what it has become.

America shall reap as it has sown.

-Johnny Booth

He of difficult days said...

yes Mr Booth. Go read the posts on Eeben Barlows blog

for shits and giggles to see how Americans are losing their way in life and how other white patriots see you.

Perhaps Jeff is correct. I am under stress and its showing. My desparation to get the hell away from Liberals and their ilk is showing.

The point is that Americans have abandoned the fine western values that many of us elsewhere in white Africa have held onto. This is frustrating to watch.

Its like watching your house being bulldozed by people who claim to be leaders of the free world.

How do you explain to Americans that even if Jeff and Apollonian and company are patriots, that they are still owners of the bulldozers that are being used to smash our homes?

Let me just leave. I have a habit of pissing people anyway...


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

HODD - don't you think the liberal attitudes and anti-white policies of our blinded masses and occupational government drives us mad also ?

We, the awakened and pissed off folk fight the "bulldozers who smash our homes" best we can - we are not part and parcel of this system. We are not indifferent.
Many have resisted for years but they steadily make progress against us.

Why would you think the ZOG controllers who sit over us in America would pay any heed to our demands/
warnings/perspective ?
Does your government listen to your well reasoned arguements or suggestions ?

They do not care. Nothing will change in your/our favor. That would be contrary to policy.

They have a goal man, here - there - all our countries. They will not be swayed by white reason, complaints or sensibility. Our destruction is their aim.

I think it was Rudel who said something along these lines -

Only he who gives up hope is lost.

Hang in there man. Don't be so quick to lash out at others for we are all in the same boat.

And whether others mock at this statement matters not to me, but the source of my strength is sufficient to see me thru. I encourage all to seek our God once again.

Ginn said...

I stumbled upon this cesspool of a blog when I was looking up ways to donate to this courageous, disadvantaged woman.

You fucking despicable person. I am ENRAGED, words can't even express. All I can hope is that perhaps you and all of your neo-nazi amigos end up at the same hate convention, and a meteor hits the building and splatters your asses.

Nicole said...

I also accidentally ended up here while trying to find a site where I could donate goods, money, or time to this woman. Who are you to judge? I'm disgusted at what was written in both the blog itself, and in some of these comments. America has been built around cultural, racial, and spiritual diversity. Is she not, first and foremost, a woman? Are they not all people? The babies, clean slates? Who cares where she was raised? You know nothing about her or her circumstances. I, for one, hope she does NOT go back to Sudan. America can offer both her and her five beautiful children a promising future. And, "He of difficult days"... if we're speaking hypothetically... who's to say that they will not grow up to change our nation? Lead us to a better world? Your ignorance is almost amusing.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how so many kind-hearted, empathic, and socially intelligent people will end up at your site while intending to help this new family. It seems you and your readers are incapable of separating your (misguided) politics from the personal - no humanity to be found here, indeed.

A Real American! said...

Thanks Anonymous, I totally agree!

I'm one of those who ended up here because I consider myself a "Real American", who wants to help others. I was upset reading that someone titled this the way they did "Sudanese Broodmare Squirts out Five Anchor Babies?????" What the heck is that??? Just rude!!!

Honestly, I know there are people out there who are "racist and negative", but this is just down right unbelievable jargin.

Thank God there are SO MANY MORE "loving" people in this world (including the USA) than there are of you "haters". takes much more energy to express hate, than it does love. I'd suggest you take a break and relax!

God Bless you and I truly hope you can change your ways.

He of difficult days said...

Ginn and Nicole: I have lived in Africa long enough to know that you are making a mistake in helping these people from Suadan.

If you could spend just 5 minutes being loyal to your own race's men, this country would be 1000 better than it is now.

As I mentioned earlier: I have lived in Africa all my life (apart from my 1 yr stint in Europe) and trust me when I tell you that you are making a mistake. These foreigners are not your friends. They are not your sistas and bruthas. Get that liberal propaganda out of your head. It shows that you women are weak and spineless when you bow to political correctness at the expense of white men who built your country in the first place. I dont believe this bullshit that slaves built anything. All they did was pick cotton and breed and consume

These blacks will not care on iota for you or your white family (you have the appearance of being white from your cheeky avatar) and will not ask if you were kind to blacks when they come for your throat.

My mother raided my closet when I was away a while ago, so that she could donate my clothes to destitute blacks in South Africa.

When I was being shot at by blacks from that same neighbourhood where my mum did nigger charity work, they did not ask me if I had a liberal female relative in my family who helps black people out. In the eyes of the black man, I was a white victim deserving of death

We handed an entire 1st world country to Mandela and blacks and they are murdering us as a "thank you" and all liberals can do is snigger.

I think it is necessary for American men to start putting these race traitor liberal white bitches in their place. Its for their own good. Sociaties collapse when they become matriachal

Fuck you, you american liberal whores and the gay, same sex marriage, horses that you all rode in on.

He of difficult days said...

Oh and one more thing: If you let enough of these things from Sudan into your country, America will beging to look like Suadan; much like South Africa began to look like beautiful and cultured Europe when enough whites started landing on South African soil

Fuck you and the liberal gay horses you white man hating femenists rode in on.