Sunday, December 07, 2008

Roanoke Times Negro Columnist Shanna Flowers Takes A Cheap Shot, Says "Bill White Made His Bed And Now He Can Lie In It"

Now that ANSWP Commander Bill White is firmly entangled within the ZOG web, those on the receiving end of his provocative commentary over the years are using the opportunity to pile on him and get payback.

This includes prominent members of the Negro community in Roanoke, Virginia. And Roanoke Times columnist Shanna Flowers is the latest to take a shot at him. This is not totally unexpected; Bill White had a rather tempestuous cyber-relationship with what passes as a newspaper in the Roanoke Valley, and they can be expected to kick him a few times now that he's down. Her full column can be read HERE.

Flowers chuckles over the fact that White's judge is black, and starts out by cherry-picking a number of selected postings made by White:

"It's nice to occasionally hide in the memories of a time when civil liberty and human freedom still meant keeping a n----- out of your store and a President could launch a social program called "Operation Wetback." -- February 2008

"For too long these half-ape animals have been able to intimidate white humanity with these threats of violence," White said, "We are letting the n-----s know we are no longer intimidated." -- February 2008

"King was just another ignorant, loud-mouthed, lying, cheating, stealing, pimping and abusing ghetto n----- that the Jew media puffed up beyond all reasonable bounds." -- March 2008

"I am also glad that I am so feared by Roanoke's Negroes, whom I have repeatedly beaten in the streets and in the courts, that they hold me responsible for all their troubles in this City. I hope their troubles mount until they all become so miserable that they pack up their bags and leave." -- September 2007

"It is also a shame to hear that so many of the Jewish vermin live in proximity to a rural community like Urbana-Champaign. One can only pray that the near future brings the extermination of this pest."-- May 2008

She then points out that Bill White stood all alone in the Chicago courtroom, and asked where all his supporters were at. [Ed. Note: We know now that one of his "supporters" took a powder, as described HERE. Others may not have had the time or the funds to be there.]

Shen then describes how for years, White's "bizarre online postings" had provoked, incited, bullied and threatened, citing the Jena Six and the controversial image of Barack Obama. She then signs off with the following missive:

His antics are no longer merely just the rants of a young provocateur. He's now in his 30s, a husband and father, and his actions have snatched him away from his family and his responsibilities.

As we mature, our decisions and actions come with a reckoning that extends beyond ourselves, to our immediate family, to our to extended family, to our friends and to society.

For White, one of those reckonings came Friday, when the judge decided to hold him without bail until his trial. Hibbler's concern was not so much White's actions if he were released, but what others might do at his suggestion.

As for Bill White, he's been making this bed for years. Now, he's finally lying in it.

Not a single word about the constitutional implications of detaining someone in jail not because of what he did, but what "others might do at his suggestion". This is a dangerous precedent which could impinge upon freedom of speech for others.

Including Shanna Flowers.

But then, why would she give a damn? After all, it isn't one of her precious black brothers or black sisters caught in the web. To her, Bill White's just another honkey. This is the gratitude we get for having given them equality. This is the gratitude we get for having given them unearned and undeserved bennies through affirmative action.

And now we've got one of them about to take up residence in the White House. Yes, it is still called the White House, although it ain't gonna be a "white" house come January 20th, 2009.

But Bill White is not without support. His wife Megan is trying to keep the family and the household together during this extended trial. Visit the website posted below to find out how you can help:

Bill White continues to be held in solitary confinement at the Metropolitan Corrections Center in Chicago. His trial is set to begin on March 3rd, 2009. Continue to monitor this VNN Forum thread for additional information and discussion.


Orion said...

I can't believe that no one in that area went to the hearing. At least the losers like Burks are jumping ship. I hope William hangs in there. If he does, he'll come out a better man for it. Believe me, I know.

Anchorage Activist said...

I would have thought Phil Anderosn would have showed up. But perhaps he was working and couldn't break away.

Phil caught a lot of heat on VNNF, but I always thought he was a standup guy at heart.

Philip Anderson said...

There were some locals going to attend but i believe there was some miss communication. I couldn't attend because of school. I hope to have a nice size presence of support at the main trail. It was just a bail hearing, and i don't think anyone expected them to let Bill go.

As far as the ANSWP goes, it probably will cease to exist without Bill.

And btw Bill hasn't committed any crimes. I'll leave it at that.

I have shut down my ANSWP blog, its kinda pointless now.

I'll just stick to the White Avenger project me and the boys are working on, and keep spreading the freebillwhite site. :)

Enjoy a laugh!

Orion said...

Now that's the difference between a true white man and a loser like burks, who knows nothing about being white but everything about being a white nigger. Good going, Phil.

Anonymous said...

When will you stop sucking bills cock?

Anonymous said...

Bill White just got charged again in a second crime.

apollonian said...

[I saw the last post and link given, and posted below-copied. God-bless Bill White. A.]

Fed Gov. Continues Persecution Of White Citizens
(Apollonian, 11 Dec 08)

I read the "News Release" account, and I see it's more of the same as original charge, already outstanding now for several weeks. Note Bill White is most excellent productive citizen and tax-payer, and he has perfect right to free speech which is only thing he has done, and which Fed gov. now wants to use as pretext to persecuting Bill White--indeed doing what Fed gov. falsely says Bill White wanted to do.

None of the charges can stand up, I believe, as any charge of "threat" must be reasonably specific. Note any Christian is general "threat" to homosexual.

When one considers the negroid "rap songs" which extols shooting cops, one sees how absurd are these latest charges against heroic Bill White.

So what all is happening? Again US Fed gov. is taking lead in harassing, intimidating, and terrorizing white citizens as general CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy (see for expo/ref.) pushes forward with world dictatorship through United Nations, this behind latest front-man/flack, Barack Obama, who's most certainly NOT a "natural born citizen" as required by US Constitution (see

Hail to Bill White, champion of white volk and gentile people of USA and the world heroically resisting ZOG-Mammon anti-Christ world dictatorship. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Orion said...

Burks, why do you constantly make homoerotic references in your feeble attempts to attack someone? Are you a homosexual? Serious question. For the record, I don't believe it was White that was making late night phone calls to the enemy but Burks himself. He is well known for making obscene phone calls to females and changing his phone number frequently.

Anonymous said...

Everyone can email that neggress Shanna Flowers at this address:

Tell the neggress what you think of her. Tell her to put the lip plate in and STFU.