Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pedophilia Hysteria? Kevin Alfred Strom Speaks Out About His Prosecution, His Plea Deal, And Exposes The Real Elisha Strom

Civil society reserves its utmost contempt and hatred for those who commit crimes against pre-pubescent children, particularly if they involve sexual exploitation. Even committed civil libertarians will frequently set their convictions aside and join in any public witch hunt against an accused child molester. And even the most depraved cons in prison - gangbangers, murderers, drug lords, and robbers - look down upon someone convicted of a sex offense against a child.

Understandably and commendably so.

However, there are those lurking in the background who seek to use that contempt and manipulate it for nefarious purposes. Evidence has surfaced showing that government, in its desire to repress legitimate dissent, may be cooking up spurious child exploitation charges against dissenters in order to further isolate them and to inflame public opinion against them. Kevin Alfred Strom may have been used as a test bed to perfect such tactics.

And it's because of this possibility, coupled with his prior extensive service to the Cause, that justifes allowing Kevin Alfred Strom a full opportunity to tell his story. The fact that he may have been an incompetent administrator with National Vanguard, or that he has a "girlie-man" persona is NOT sufficient justification to muzzle him. But allowing him to tell his story, and restoring full fellowship for him within the white nationalist community are two different things. The former is justified - the latter, unthinkable at this time. No WN organization can afford to be associated with someone who is on a sex offender registry. And any attempts by Strom to join any existing WN organization must be instantly exposed and firmly rebuffed. Read the rest of this post after the jump.

Kevin Alfred Strom has started a website, On the About Page, Strom sketches out his life so far, and addresses his case in detail. He insists he's innocent, but explains why he pleaded guilty. And he exposes the role of his estranged second wife Elisha Strom, herself an object of considerable distaste and distrust within the WN community. Here's the pertinent excerpt of his story:

In 2007, he was again falsely charged, this time with sexual crimes involving children, after a direct threat from his disturbed and angry second wife that she would “ruin” him with false allegations of pedophilia so he would “never work again” in his chosen field, accusations which she threatened would also cause him to lose custody of his daughter and two sons. She demanded money and forced him under duress from these threats to put his signature on a quitclaim deed and other documents to further her aims. When he stopped acceding to her demands, she followed through on her threats and began working with the JTTF, in the meantime selling or destroying almost all of Mr. Strom’s property, including the papers and library of Revilo P. Oliver, in which crime she was assisted by the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Kevin Strom found himself — utterly, totally, and outrageously falsely — accused by the JTTF (not the agency usually involved in such matters) of crimes which could have put him in prison for more than 50 years: multiple counts of possession of child pornography, “receiving” child pornography, sexual enticement of a child, and witness tampering. Because of concerns about negative publicity from a very hostile press polluting the jury pool, and because of absurdly draconian laws operative in such cases restricting bond, and because of the hostility engendered by the press’s false depictions of him as a “hater” and “supremacist,” he was locked in solitary confinement, 24 hours a day, in a filthy room smaller than some closets, for a year and a half. While in solitary, he was not even allowed to receive visits from his children.

He made history in Federal Court in October 2007,
defeating the claims of “witness tampering” and “enticement,” which the judge found so baseless that, for the first time in that district, the charges were thrown out without the defense having to utter a single word of its case — though the corporate media reported it as if Kevin had been convicted, not acquitted, and twisted the judge’s words as he summarized the prosecution’s case to make it sound as if said summary was the opinion of the court. Kevin Strom was also completely cleared of any improper behavior toward children by the local social services agency which investigated the allegations, and by investigative interviews with the individual young people involved who truthfully said he had never done anything inappropriate. He was also declared completely free of pedophilia by a licensed psychological counselor. Nevertheless, the government was determined to continue the prosecution, no matter how weak their case.

While he was incarcerated and effectively silenced, his estranged wife published altered documents and edited recordings in an attempt to further harm Kevin’s reputation. She even distributed fliers in his parents’ and children’s neighborhoods attacking him and claiming that he’d been convicted of the charges of which he’d actually been acquitted.

In 2008, though innocent of any interest or trafficking in child pornography, he faced a difficult choice: the Federal prosecutor and the JTTF said in effect that he could plead guilty to one count and be guaranteed to be home with his children in a few months; or take a chance against emotionally-charged perjured testimony in a trial involving six counts for one alleged crime (conviction on any count of which could result in ten years in Federal prison) and possibly not see his children for a decade or more — or perhaps never again. Deciding that he could not gamble on never seeing his children or being a father again, and knowing that the JTTF would suborn perjury from their star witness and others as they had before, and knowing that juries like to convict in such cases,
he pled guilty to one count — and only to inadvertent possession of fewer than ten files placed and/or modified on his computer by his estranged wife, or deleted unseen from a Usenet forum. He was released in September 2008 and now lives with his children in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“I’m rebuilding my life with my family now,” he said in a recent conversation. “Soon I’m going to try and get some redress in the local courts for all my possessions and my children’s possessions — and the precious and irreplaceable historical papers from Pierce, Oliver and many others — that were stolen or destroyed".

“And I will earnestly work to restore my stolen and sullied reputation”, he stated. “Soon I’ll publish my Address to the Court with supporting documentation, which will go a long way in that direction".

Kevin Strom with his two youngest children, 1997

“I am the farthest thing — the precise opposite, in fact — of the way I have been portrayed by the media and the government. I believe that those who would ‘mainstream’ pedophilia and the sexual use of children are monsters. As I’ve said in dozens of my published works, time and time again, sex is sacred and has as its purpose the bringing of new souls into the universe, of ensuring the immortality of the race and the upward evolution of consciousness. Therefore those who pursue or are interested in same-sex or child-sex relationships are perverts — they quite literally pervert the healthy sex drive, turning it into unnatural channels — who can cause tremendous harm. I do not in any way approve of such acts, and I certainly have never engaged or wanted to engage in them".

A lot of people have been harmed in this affair besides me,” he added. “For example, lives were blighted when my estranged wife made the utterly fictitious claim I’d pasted pictures of two teenage singers’ heads on porn pictures. Completely ridiculous claim, not a drop of truth in it, but it really hurt those kids and that family. My wife gave the JTTF the layered psd file of a picture montage I made for an H. Millard story I published, which showed the girls’ faces peeking out through some tulips, and they showed up in court with it and claimed it was ‘evidence.’ No nude bodies, no porn, no anything except two smiling faces and flowers, which was totally appropriate to the story which can still be read — and the resultant picture seen — at". [Ed. Note: The file in question is posted below.]

This is PORN??? WTF, over???

“I’ve always treated those girls and their fine family with the utmost respect and propriety, and I always tried to do my best by them in their unselfish efforts to make this a better world. My estranged wife had some kind of twisted and totally unjustified jealousy about them, as she did about many other females of my acquaintance young and old, and tried again and again to stop me from promoting or even mentioning them on the news site I directed. It was the day after I attended an event where the duo performed in October 2005 that she physically attacked me, sending me to the hospital for eight stitches after I denied her insane allegations of inappropriate conduct".


When asked about future plans, he [Strom] said “I’m a writer. I’m a publisher. I intend to continue that work. I have a responsibility to tell others what I have learned. Initially, I’ll re-establish my own presence on the ‘Net, get the latest persecution behind me as best I can, and create new publications and new media so that the ideals of self-determination and human evolutionary progress can gain an ever-wider audience".

My children are now 15, 13, and 11. I’m going to be the best father I can be. The greatest thing I ever did with my life, by far, was become a father. Maybe sometime soon I’ll meet someone special and find love. Maybe I’ll become a Dad again. That’s one of my beautiful dreams. My dreams sustain me. The nightmare is over.”

At present, Kevin Alfred Strom remains an unperson within the WN community at best, an anathema at worst. Leading the charge against him are the ANSWP's Bill White and VNN's Alex Linder. Back in October 2007, on page 4 of this VNN Forum thread, Linder stated, "Kevin Strom is not just a pedophile, he's a liar. He has fooled a lot of good men with his lies. I've been warning you about this since at least 2003. It is amazing how gullible some of you are when the jewsmedia feeds you something you want to believe". Linder has credibility, since he worked with Strom up close and personal when both were part of the National Alliance brain trust during the salad days of Dr. William Pierce's stewardship.

In contrast, Dr. David Duke may be grasping the bigger picture here. In a September 2008 post about the 2004 EURO Conference, Dr. Duke did NOT delete or censor any references to Strom's presence at the event. His courageous refusal to flush Strom down the memory hole for the sake of transitory "street cred" implies that Dr. Duke is not unaware of the possibility that ZOG may have used Strom as a test bed to repress white nationalism by wrongfully tying it to sexual exploitation. Undoubtedly there will be more attempts by ZOG to use these tactics.

Nonetheless, Kevin Strom shot himself in the foot with his guilty plea. He allowed ZOG to intimidate him. If the October 2007 case proved to be so flimsy, why would the January 2008 case be any stronger? The same principals and props were involved. Once a jury saw the picture I posted earlier, this would have introduced instant doubt into their minds about the veracity of the "child porn" charges. I believe he would have been acquitted, and would have retained his personal honor. By pleading guilty, he forfeited his personal honor, and now must earn it back.

Contrast this to the example of Shaun Walker, who stood tall and refused to plea guilty. Yes, Walker was found guilty and is buried in the gulag for 87 months, but he retained his personal honor.


considered said...

Oh, please. Yeah, right. Strom is "innocent," even though pleading guilty. So is Duke. Reality-check! If you are innocent, you plead innocent. You go to trial. If found guilty, you appeal. If appeal is denied, you serve your time. Maybe write a book. Maybe, even, seek a pardon. But, then, when you get out, you might, if you wish, claim that you had been "framed," "tortured," "coerced," "had an incompetent lawyer" and all the rest. Maybe you will be believed and, even, followed. Maybe not. But, otherwise, accept what you are. An ex-con, wimp, loser and dunce. Did I leave out chump?

Anonymous said...

And maybe your full of bullshit, Strom in a Pedophile and should have been put in the general population of any major US prison...

Orion said...

Considering that the Elisha the Fed was involved and Strom being a leader of the "movement", (a high profile target) I would tend to believe him before any ZOG Dog, any day. Strom had never been in the belly of the beast, and I'm sure his lawyer wasn't that interested in helping him out. Most of you fucking pukes would be in the fetal position if the ZOG came after you, never having faced it before. I find it interesting that so many people will believe anything the illegitimate government says, whether it's about Strom or White, before giving our own accused any weight to their side of the story.

No wonder we are losing, because the "movement" is full of fucking soft, weak blight wingers who do the work of the enemy.

apollonian said...

Full Meaning Of KAS Episode In Context--Presently Inconclusive
(Apollonian, 26 Dec 08)

What a mess is this entire Kevin A. Strom (KAS) story in the first place--who is he, and what's the significance, anyway? Thus journalism attempts to achieve context.

Surely the large problem is ZOG-Mammon and its work against truth and humanity, and we understand white, Western civilization has stuggled much, of late.

So remember: life sucks, and we're likely to do lots of suffering. Presently we're under literal OCCUPATION with in-coming President (Obama) who is NOT a "natural-born" citizen, according to US Constitution; what will we do?--does KAS offer any useful advice?

Best advice then is to remember basic things: (a) ZOG-Mammon is a liar, enemy of humanity, etc.

(b) So if ZOG-Mammon acted against KAS, then KAS is quite likely to be decent person. Pt. is KAS is mere part to be understood against the larger whole, ZOG-Mammon, enemy of humanity, Christians, and white folk.

(c) And again, important thing is how to proceeed for immediate future. Regarding KAS, surely the truth will eventually sort itself out.

(d) Meantime, does KAS have much to say for himself in substantial, positive manner?--I must say, he seems rather weak, which doesn't mean he should be condemned, but still, there are lots of people who've been victimized, don't forget.

CONCLUSION: (e) KAS merely now needs to make a positive case for himself; so far, he fails to impress for any substance. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I believe I understand the message that A.A. is trying to communicate. A non pro-White activist would not have been charged like Kevin Strom was. The System whipped up pedophile hysteria about Strom and used it to try and convict Strom for his political beliefs and defame him among pro-White activists thereby do what I call a "political neutering" of him. He should present his case and speak up.