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Oy, Vey! Jewish Assemblyman Dov Hikind Denounces "Anti-Semitic" Sunflower Seeds Sold By Net Cost Market In Brooklyn, New York. Oy, Ze Hate!

I was just listening to a December 8th broadcast on Voice Of Reason radio network entitled "This Week In Disorganized America", when the hosts began talking about some "anti-Semitic" sunflower seeds being sold in Brooklyn, New York, and how some local Jewish Assemblyman chimped out over the issue. The discussion of this issue begins around the 7:00 minute mark.

Although the three-hour radio program hosted by Dietrich, Mishko, and Mark Faust also included discussion of the hypocrisy of Israeli settlers who have been attacking Palestinians and squatting in an apartment building, as well as the Jewish ideology of “do as we say” not “do as as we do”, I simply couldn't just let the sunflower seed story go. So I started snooping around the Internet, and found the story published by the New York Post, and also posted on the Canadian FreeDominion website, which in turn led me to the website. And there the same account was posted, as follows:

Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) and New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson today denounced the Shnayder family, owners of the value import store, Net Cost Market, for stocking and selling dozens of packages of roasted sunflower seeds featuring a caricature of a greedy-and-sinister-looking Jew, complete with skullcap, on the label. The Cyrillic letters on the left of the label read, “Shalom, from Israel,” while the right side employs a slang phrase meaning “spit them out everywhere,” alluding to “dirty Jews.” The seeds are available in both 5.5 and 10.5 ounce bags. A survey conducted by Hikind’s office revealed that the seed bags are being sold in all four of Net Cost Market’s Brooklyn locations for a mere $0.99 to $1.99 per bag depending on size.

I was absolutely appalled when I saw this label,” said an outraged Hikind. “Net Cost Market has become a complicit partner in the dissemination of hatred against Jews. With each bag sold, the Shnayders are literally sowing seeds of hate.” At three of the four locations, consumers who spent $50 or more were given the package of seeds as a promotional gift right at the checkout counter.

Net Cost Market bills itself as the “Costco of the ethnic Eastern European market,” and offers a wide assortment of imports from all over Eastern Europe. The roasted sunflower seeds are produced in the Former Soviet Union by Kremlin Kitchen. “I was not surprised to learn that this anti-Semitic product is being made in Russia,” said Hikind. “Recent reports indicate that attacks on Russia's Jewish population and their property have increased in both number and severity. Kremlin Kitchen is trying to capitalize on this existing wave of anti-Semitic sentiment with the Russian-American community.”

Hikind and Thompson are calling for all remaining packages to be pulled from store shelves immediately, and for future supply orders to be discontinued. “Today we have come together to express a simple demand that the owners of the Net Cost Market chain immediately pull these offensive packages from their stores,” Comptroller Thompson said. “Such a blatant expression of hate encourages anti-Jewish feeling among New Yorkers, and tears at the fabric of our civil society. These packages must go.”

Hikind added, “This insidious depiction of a Jew is reminiscent of the propaganda distributed by Joseph Goebbels. It is an image intended to degrade the Jewish people, and to incite fear and loathing of Jews. It has absolutely no place in our communities.”

And there was a subsequent update:

Hikind just received word from Edward Shnayder of Net Cost Market that all packages of the roasted sunflower seeds featuring a caricature of a greedy-and-sinister-looking Jew, complete with skullcap, on the label are being pulled from the shelves in all four stores effectively immediately.

While it is commendable that the Shnayder family acted quickly to remove these offensive packages, it is outrageous for them to contend that they had no knowledge of the products being sold in their store,” Hikind said. “It is incumbent upon the management to know every product which is purchased from their suppliers, stocked on their shelves, and sold to their consumers.”

What the story doesn't reveal is that the owners of Net Cost are observant Jews who close their stores on the Sabbath, and whose customers are 85 percent Jewish. This information was gleaned from a comment posted to the story on the EldersOfZiyon blog. Perhaps this explains the hysteria driving Hikind's reaction.

The New York Post story reveals that it was another Jew who put Hikind on the trail. On November 21st, attorney Jeffrey Meyers said he got the shock of his shopping life after an otherwise uneventful trip to Net Cost Market, an import food shop located near the Department of Motor Vehicles on West 8th Street. When Meyers returned home, he took a close look at the freebie given to him while he was inside the shop, which he assumed was simply an innocuous bag of sunflower seeds. After he saw the packaging, he said his blood was boiling, since he is Jewish and his father fought in World War II. Afterwards, he contacted Borough Park Assemblymember Dov Hikind, who then started his witch hunt.

Notice how Hikind pulls out all the propaganda stops, to include mention of Joseph Goebbels, and the use of hair-trigger emotionalisms like "insidiuous" and "tears at the fabric of our society". Oy, vey! Were these seeds gassed before they were roasted? They're only sunflower seeds, for God's sake. How can they have a "morality"?

But apparently, it's not enough for the Top Jews to tell us what to read, what to write, and what to watch. Now they want to tell businessmens what to sell and tell us what to eat (the kosher scam, almost universally applied to all products, does the latter for us).

Makes you wonder about the REAL cause of anti-Semitism, doesn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Let's call a spade a spade: anti-khazarianism is what's bugging the degenerates. Their income - looted from the whole world through nothing but lies - must be increased, so the Nazi-bogeyman is conjured regularly by one of their kind. If you need a clue how the degenerate genocidalists operate: they simply ascribe their ''virtues'' to others. They kill thousands and thousands of semitic Palestinians in a giant death camp, so the whole world is anti-semitic, except for
the Khazars. Trouble is, the only genetically REAL Jews are the Palestinians. Ashkenazim are Georgians, like Joe Stalin was. Luckily for all of us, the Protocols were fakes! Fakes of what, and what in them hasn't been realized yet? Rampant anti-semitism in Russia? He who doesn't know history cannot comment on the present! How true and how deplorable. The Bolsheviks killed approximately one hundred million in the twentieth century alone. Who were the Bolsheviks? Where are their descendants now, or, formulated more to the point: What are their descendants doing in the White House today? Killing the world! The Talmud says that only after the last Goyim has been killed the messiah will return. What do you think that means?