Sunday, December 07, 2008

National Socialist Movement Distributes "Racist" Flyers In Springfield, Missouri; Bi-Racial Man Received One And Was "Offended"

The National Socialist Movement has conducted a flyer distribution in Springfield, Missouri.

KSPR Channel 33 in Springfield (the report includes non-embeddable video) reports that on Sunday December 7th 2008, a bi-racial man named Reggie Duke walked out of his apartment and to his car, and noticed a piece of paper on his windshield.

"I pulled it off my windshield and noticed it was a racist or antisemitic message. I was really kind of surprised by it," said Duke. Even more surprising to him is what he read. "It talked about white women being raped by gang bangers. Obviously not all African Americans are gang bangers," he said. As a bi-racial man himself, Duke says the flyer and its message is offensive.

The flyer was left by the National Socialist Movement (NSM), and while offensive to some, was completely legal. "If the vehicle is not marked in such a manner that the person that leaves the handbill knows they shouldn't be doing it, it's not a violation. It's a matter of free speech," said Sgt. Brian Phillips of the Springfield Police Department. He further explained that if a parking lot or your car has it clearly posted that you do not want this type of literature, it's actually a violation of city code, but otherwise it's an acceptable practice.

KSPR contacted the Springfield unit of the NSM. Although they chose not to respond on camera, they did tell KSPR that they distribute them frequently and it's not uncommon. The Springfield unit is one of four NSM units in Missouri alone. The NSM has not yet formally acknowledged or reported this action on their national website as of this post.

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