Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is Germany Preparing To Witch-Hunt Thousands Of Brandenburg Residents Over Possible "Neo-Nazi" Letter-Number Codes On Licence Plates?

Thousands of Brandenburg residents could come under suspicion for being neo-Nazis or right-wing sympathisers because of the letter and number combinations on their licence plates. Media stories from The Local and Russia Today and Newsnet14.

The Constitutional Protection Authority in the German state of Brandenburg has warned of several licence plate letter and number combinations used by extremists to identify themselves to the public. “These also serve as identifying marks among the like-minded,” the authority reports in their brochure and internet article “False Identification—Critical Combinations on Motor Vehicle Codes.”

The authority warns of licence plate codes that indicate an “anti-democratic mindset.” Examples of telling letter combinations include “HJ” (Hitler youth),” NS” (National Socialism) and “KZ” (concentration camp).

Number combinations that have recently been identified include “18,” which represents the first and eighth letters of the alphabet, or “AH” for Adolf Hitler), “88” stands for “HH,” or “Heil Hitler,” and the number “14,” which alludes to a fourteen-word (German) slogan uttered by the late David Lane: “We must secure the future for our people and the future of our white children.”

Thousands of Brandenburg residents bearing these combinations could now be suspected of extreme right-wing affiliations, though in some cases the combinations may be accidental. But it may not just be government witch-hunting; antifa could decide to attack the vehicles of those who display these combinations. Someone destroyed a suspected "neo-Nazi" car in Königs Wusterhausen this October.

In 2000, the German Federal Ministry of Transport recommended that German states refrain from using combinations that allude to former National Socialist associations or institutions, such as “SA,” “HJ,” “SS,” “KZ,” and “NS.” The German government is now recommending auto registration offices stop assigning combinations that “refer to controversial organisations and parties” too.

The Brandenburg Intelligence Service indicated that not every driver with critical codes is necessarily a right-wing extremist or sympathiser. Some people merely want to use their initials or birthdays on their motor vehicle codes.

This happens in the United States as well. Back in July 2008, Arkansas pulled hundreds of licence plates deemed "racist", like the one displayed at left where a customer interpreted the "NGR" to be a code word for "nigger". And in October 2007, a black woman in Arizona bitched about a license plate coded SKN1488.

But it's not just "racist" license plates which are proscribed. More frequently, religious-themed license plates are targeted. Associated Baptist News reported that on December 11th, 2008, in response to complaints first launched by the American Jewish Congress, United States District Judge Cameron McGowan Currie ordered state officials to halt production, sales, advertising and distribution of the new "I Believe" license plates. The tags feature a cross superimposed on a stylized stained-glass window and the inscription “I Believe” above the tag number and the name of the state. In a five-page order, Currie said she issued the injunction because federal courts would likely find the law that created the plates a gross violation of the Constitution’s ban on government establishment of religion.


apollonian said...

Topmost Conspiratorial Masterminds Need Diversion In Order To Make Their Get-Away
(Apollonian, 23 Dec 08)

Indeed, it's most interesting the painstaking measures now carried out to harass and outrage the gentile and Christian people--IT WILL SUCCEED EVENTUALLY, indubitably. But what's purpose?

For what's happened now is proverbial "cat" is "out" of the "bag" regarding CONSPIRACY--it's not mere "theory" anymore. How do we know?--simple--observe the growing, mush-rooming outrage over the "Occupation Presidency" being imposed by means of Barack Obama, an in-ur-face unqualified person due to not being "natural born" citizen. Ck TheObamaFile.com and NaturalBornCitizen.wordpress.com for definitive expo/ref. on Presidential issue.

Indeed, Obama may actually be outright ILLEGAL ALIEN--and ONLY conspiracy explains how it all works for politicians, judges, and mass-corporate "Jews-media."

So topmost Judeo-conspirators (see TheNewAmerican.com for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) NEED DIVERSION to make their get-away, and lower-level Jew bolsheviks are designated to lead this diversionary activity. What better way then, for such diversion, than to outrage Christians?

Thus Christian patriots must merely keep necessary "eye" on the "ball" for liberating Jew-Expulsion.

Politically then, we need de-centralization and restoral of original US Constitution and esp. STATES RIGHTS emphasis.

Culturally, we must simply remember Christian TRUTH requires that objectivity as necessary criterion against Jew lies and fraud, basis for their conspiracy and esp. COUNTERFEIT mechanism/scam by which they practically fund and finance ZOG-Mammon imperialism and Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace," etc., as in Iraq and Afgan, now currently to be applied in USA too.

Critical then to successful Jew-expulsion is that contingent of Jew-friendly and -oriented conspiratorial cohort among gentiles, esp. leaders of "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.) hereticalists, who pretend "Jesus was a Jew" (hence Talmudist).

CONCLUSION: And as Jews foment hereticalism against Christians and Christianity, we see Jew subjectivism necessarily behind and underlying "good-evil" heresy/fallacy/delusion, founded upon hubristic perfectly "free" human will. For that's always the real issue: Christian Truth vs. Jew lies; "good-evil" merely distraction for self-righteous children and heretics. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

[Here's, below-copied, a little more elaboration for above-given expo. A.]

Jews Are Truly Desperate--But Christian Patriots Must Keep "Eye" On Proverbial "Ball" For Victory, Jew-Expulsion
(Apollonian, 23 Dec 08)

This blog's topic article is outstanding subject-matter for "Thy Weapon of War" (ADL Still Maintains...," 23 Dec 08)--as it touches upon KEY ISSUE regarding Jew control of things, not just Hollywood. For "What is Truth?"--as Pontius Pilate asked (Gosp. JOHN 18:38).

(a) For yes, indubitably, ADL continues with this absolutely moronic, utterly brainless propaganda--why?--because IT MAKES MONEY, keeping the funds coming in (to ADL), that's all. It doesn't really matter ADL makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE--they simply don't care about truth or making sense, certainly not to gentiles whom ADL and Jews hate.

(b) Further, and most significantly, proverbial "CAT" is OUT of the "bag" regarding CONSPIRACY which is no "theory" any longer, comrades--why and how?--simple: ALREADY, a tremendous, and ever-growing number of people understand Barack Obama is NOT "natural born" citizen, and cannot be President--see TheObamaFile.com and NaturalBornCitizen.wordpress.com, among others for definitive expo/ref.

And there's simply NO OTHER possible, conceivable explanation for this attempt, regarding Obama, BUT conspiracy. We citizens of USA are having an "OCCUPATION PREZ" imposed upon us.

How could ZOG-Mammon have fooled itself so miserably (regarding Obama reaction)?--because (1) these things are programmed years in advance by conspirators, and (2) the psychopaths at the very top are truly insane, having succeeded MOSTLY IN FOOLING THEMSELVES--they didn't want to believe INTERNET has become such potent weapon for patriots.

So I think it's all over now, strategically, as the people begin to coalesce for decisive OVERTHROW of ZOG-Mammon. The great CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, has begun to culminate now most decisively. The inexorable objective at this pt. is same old, and necessary, JEW-EXPULSION theme.

For Truth must overthrow lies, hence Jews. It doesn't mean things will be any less corrupt in this tragic world, but point is, present regime of Jews and lies is just too old, too gross, too putrid, and too much a threat to very lives of too many people. Thus present regime of Jew lies must be removed, and only strong dose of Christian truth will suffice to do an adequate job.

What will now happen? ZOG-Mammon will un-leash the lower-level Jew bolsheviks to DIVERT the people as topmost masterminds attempt to make their get-away.

And indeed, it's now task to keep patriots' eye on the proverbial "ball." We need Jew-expulsion, obviously, BUT WHAT WILL REPLACE Jews for ideal?--IT MUST BE CHRISTIAN TRUTH (as Gosp. JOHN 14:6). But then what does this means, exactly?--and that's serious question for Christian patriots to define most carefully.

Thus we see the great inspiration for original CATHOLIC Church--which was able to subdue the attempted Jew subversion by means of hereticalism--present-day patriots must EMULATE original Christians and Catholics, this again, by means of that sublime Christian REASON.

In general then Christian patriots have excellent exemplary forbears in original American FOUNDERS who devised a most brilliant model--the original USA, which however was then so tragically overthrown by the War Between States of early 1860s. Generally, and in short, we here in USA simply need a DRASTIC de-centralization and return to STATES-RIGHTS concept.

Specifically, right at the moment, Christian patriots merely need to REMOVE/eliminate the false "Christians" who continue with Jew-friendly policies and lies, esp., for example, that most horrific and contemptible lie, "Jesus was a Jew" (hence Talmudist).

CONCLUSION: Hence then cleansing, refreshing, liberating Jew-expulsion requires removal of all those gentiles who are Jew-friendly and -sympathetic. In strict philosophic terms, again, It's Christian OBJECTIVITY (necessary criterion of TRUTH) vs. Jew subjectivism, this subjectivism esp. in form of "good-evil" Pelagian/Pharisaist hereticalism esp. as founded upon perfectly "free" human will fallacy/delusion/hubris. Hence then patriots must simply remember there's no "good" beyond HONESTY and truth. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian