Tuesday, December 23, 2008

FBI Claims They "Found" Assassin's Manual During October 2008 Search Of ANSWP Commander Bill White's Roanoke Apartment

On December 22nd, 2008, Canada's National Post reported that FBI agents allegedly "found" a how-to manual for assassins when they searched the apartment of a U.S. neo-Nazi charged with threatening to kill an Ottawa lawyer. The book, entitled "Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors", was purportedly seized during the court-approved October 17th, 2008, search of Bill White's apartment in Roanoke, VA. Note that no other media outlet reported this story.

After Canadian human rights gadfly Richard Warman and Canadian Jewish Congress CEO Bernie Farber traveled to Virginia in September to testify before a grand jury that was hearing the case against Bill White, Federal investigators subsequently raided two Virginia addresses linked to White. The searches yielded computer equipment, files on other white supremacists, a letter about Jewish Holocaust promoter Elie Wiesel and a single copy of Hit Man, which was taken out of print a decade ago after a man murdered three people in Maryland and claimed he had used the book as a how-to guide.

"Within the pages of this book you will learn one of the most successful methods of operation used by an independent contractor," reads the preface. "Step by step you will be taken from research to equipment selection to job preparation to successful job completion."

The FBI also seized a disc labeled "Free Rev. Dr. Matt Hale".

Bill White is getting hammered by the Feds in two different cases. He's currently incarcerated in solitary confinement in Chicago, awaiting a March 4th trial on a charge of solicitation in relation to publishing the personal information on the Mark P. Hoffmann, the Jewish jury foreman in the 2004 Matt Hale trial. And on December 11th, the Roanoke grand jury indicted White on five counts of communicating threats in interstate commerce, one count of communicating an extortionate threat in interstate commerce and one count of witness intimidation.

Interesting that the FBI suddenly "found" this assassin's manual. There is good reason to question the integrity of the FBI. In the railroading of Alaska U.S. Senator Ted Stevens, an unnamed Alaska FBI agent has accused fellow FBI agents and at least one prosecutor of misconduct and unethical behavior in the public corruption investigation in Alaska and the trial of U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens. The agent's complaint to internal investigators in the Justice Department was made public Monday in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., by the judge in Stevens' case.

The complaint had sharp words about one supervising agent, accused of getting too close to sources, including former VECO CEO Bill Allen, the Feds' superstar snitch. It said agents took gifts and accepted favors from sources and revealed confidential grand jury information and investigative practices to sources and reporters.

So if FBI agents would massage the evidence and the case against one of the most powerful U.S. Senators in history, why wouldn't they do the same to the commander of a national socialist organization? The FBI is clearly not to be trusted.

The Feds are taking a bunch of individual acts by Bill White which, by themselves, would cause little concern, and stitching them all together to try to create a contrived image of White as a "domestic terrorist".

To find out how you can help Bill White and his family, visit the FreeBillWhite website.


Hooch said...

It's getting harder and harder for me to defend Bill against these anti constitution liberals across the country.

I went to google alerts and added his name so I could get all news articles as they come out, with the name Bill White in them in order to go to the blog and help change public perception of this case under various identities. The public initially is in favor of him being locked up and erasing our constitution for specific purposes such as what they consider hate speech.

Unfortunately, proven historically, time and time again, when you start shouting conspiracy everything you say is instantly discredited by most. That argumentative angle will not effectively work.

Anonymous said...


Bill White is the character, sometimes comical, sometimes absurd,
who is facing fifty-five years in prison for hatching various
murder-plots. The rise and fall of the self-professed anarchist,
largely promoted by a pro-minority propaganda-mill, has followed a
familiar pattern. He appears out of nowhere, is suddenly touted as
the "most-dangerous" or "most-important" "white" "leader," exudes
some sort of mental-disorder and acts in such a bizarre and,
eventually, criminal manner as to supposedly discredit pro-majority
activity. Genuine spokesmen are, then, either branded as "insignificant"
or ignored.

Morris Dees, the fund-raiser for George McGovern, has amassed over
a hundred-million-dollar cache, largely from Hollywood-moguls,
to anoint, publicize, criticize and, then, gloat over so-called
rightists, when they collapse. Driven by mailouts, news-releases and
the issuing of "reports," Dees has sought to create the impression
that "rightists" are either clowns, no-accounts or out-of-control.
The idea that Dees and his cohorts, Mark Potok and Richard Cohen,
could "name" their "aiming-stakes" seemed as skewed as it was
audacious, until the news-media bit into the ploy, reporting Dees as

There seemed to be five criteria for being named "most-important" by
Dees. The character had to be self-appointed, be willing to renounce
rightist social-reformers, dress up in some outlandish costume and,
generally, act so offensively as so be ridiculed and shunned. The
individual would, also, have to claim to speak for an entire "movement,"
even though he would be a hollow-shell, with few adherents and little
actual organization. White, who had been diagnosed with a
"personality-disorder," had launched various "kill, kill, kill" plots,
lambasting actual rightists as "crazy" and "looney," on cue.

Among those promoted by Dees have been Alex Curtis, who kept
Communist-propaganda at his bedside and called for "finishing what
Tim McVeigh started." He termed rightists a "bad joke," until he was
jailed for "hate" and "intimidation" and vanished. Matt Hale, who
professed opposition to Christianity and adulation of assassination,
renounced rightists as "silly" and "childish," until jailed for a
murder-conspiracy. Andrew Greenbaum, a college-student and
costumist, claimed that he was representative of "rightists," until
sued for Internet-fraud and becoming a fugitive.

Shaun Walker, who distributed books and wares instigating violence
and who palled with assault-and-batterers and threat-makers, was
jailed for "hate." Richard Butler, a one-time millionaire, who built
a compound for ex-cons, runaway-felons and costumists, which became
a hatchery for conspiracies, was bankrupted. Chester Doles, an
ex-con in possession of an arsenal, for whom funds were raised by
Alex Linder, was jailed on weapons-charges. Linder, who professes
aversion to a wide-range of enemies, including rightists who be claims
"lack emotive power," may be in the offing as the next White.

Linder commenced by starting a website, in which he proclaimed that
Nationalists had "accomplished absolutely nothing," wooing rightists
into raising funds for Edwin Marger, the lawyer who extracted a
guilty-plea from Doles. Linder, then, began an on-again-off-again
relationship with White, climaxing in Linder's arrest for attacking a
policeman. White had boasted of having been arrested on similar
charges. White and Linder, plus the others promoted by Dees,
expressed great disdain for the law and counseled taking the law into
their own hands or being their own lawyers. Linder, even, called for
Dees to be "shot."

It had become all-too-familiar theater, with the actors falling along
with the curtain. Michael DaSilva was jailed, along with Curtis.
Benjamin Smith went on a killing-spree, goaded by Hale, then, killing
himself. Mike Teague was taken down in the Butler-debacle.
Travis Massey was jailed, along with Walker. Marc Moran lost a
borough-council seat, over his ties to Linder. Dees has, already,
applauded Linder as "nattily-dressed" and "big-time," despite a call
by Linder to boycott Nationalists, which fizzled. As for rightists
using the law, "We have to destroy these idiots, first," concluded a
prophetic Linder-blog.

Copyright 2008 Skinheadz

apollonian said...

Bill White Tragedy Gives Pause For Reflection Upon Course Of Things
(Apollonian, 24 Dec 08)

Honestly AA, I don't see why this, about "assassin's manual," is even news-worthy. I'll bet they even found some swastikas there too, eh?

I know this, there's constituency for this sort of hyping-type publicity, idiotic and absurd as it is, and that's the queers (hence Jews), as of SPLC. Otherwise, I've already analyzed this story/episode exhaustively in previous blog of 12 Dec. All Bill White needs is a decent lawyer, and I think he'll be okay. ZOG-Mammon will make Bill White pay heavy funds for such lawyer svc.

It cannot be too much emphasized we're actively and overtly under OCCUPATION--B. Obama is NOT "natural born" citizen which requires both parents be citizens--see TheObamaFile.com and esp. NaturalBornCitizen.wordpress.com for best expo and legal ref.

So we need to see things in fullest context. Bill White is being persecuted as he's regarded as threat. Surely Bill White challenged the puke too much, so it was expedient, everything considered, for ZOG-Mammon to act.

Bill White was effective in his way, and was embarrassment to ZOG, indubitably. As Bill then was relatively isolated politically, it was and is easy for ZOG to persecute with impunity. After all, persecution is what ZOG is good at.

Patriots must strive to be "CONNECTED" somehow, in someway, with as many other citizens as possible, just for their own self-protection--such then is most excellent utility of a CHURCH and hence Christianity.

Bill White thus went out of his way to intimidate ZOG's clients--AND NEVER FOLLOWED UP for his (or ANSWP's) most promising strike at Tulsa, Ok, back on 16 Apr 07, whence he threatened to EXPOSE those phony scum who call themselves "Christian," who consort so readily with Jew filth.

So Bill White did okay, perfectly innocent, exercising his right of free speech/expression--but still allowed ZOG to blind-side him pretty harshly, I'd say. Bill has to understand there's reason why so many people FEAR ZOG which won't hesitate to act illegally against citizens as they contrive to get-away with it, serving their constituency, Jews and queers.

Sometimes, there's no need to take on too much pressure fm ZOG which demonstrates they won't hesitate to apply such persecution when expedient--they enjoy doing it--and the Jew queers love it. It all just persuades me there's far more to be gained by building a network of like-minded Christian-types. And it's truly worthwhile to educate people Christianity is DESIGNED to be ANTI-SEMITIC--this is the necessary base to be established, mentally and emotionally, first of all, I say.

CONCLUSION: Finally, note the necessity of total JEW-EXPULSION--there's no other serious, realistic solution for present gross, horrific problems of society. Jews and cohorts continue to reduce-to-absurd; we patriots just have to help the process along. Keep praying for Bill White. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Phil Anderson said...

Bill said they did take a book from his collection. One of hundreds of books Bill owns. Are we not entitled to read what ever kind of book we want? Really they don't have jack shit on Bill. They are just trying to use anything as evidence and they know they have nothing.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the feds planted it, he was an avid reader and collected books. He may not have even bought it himself, it could have been a gift from someone, his P.O. box has always been publicly available information.

ps. *waves hi @ wacky Richard Barret^^