Monday, December 01, 2008

DNA Shows Curtis Lavelle Vance Raped KATV Little Rock News Anchor Anne Pressly Before Murdering Her; Vance Also Raped A Teacher Back In April

Note: Curtis Vance found guilty of capital murder on November 11th, 2009, sentenced to life without parole on November 12th. All posts on this case available HERE, with the most recent post appearing first.

DNA evidence now shows that Curtis Lavelle Vance (pictured above right), the savage beast accused of viciously assaulting and murdering former KATV Little Rock morning anchor Anne Pressly (pictured above left), also raped her. In addition, DNA evidence has also linked Vance to the rape of an Arkansas schoolteacher back in April. Latest story by the Associated Press on the embedded YouTube video below:

More details are offered on CNN, Western Voices World News, and Fox News. In an interview on Monday December 1st, 2008 on NBC's "Today Show," Pressly's parents said evidence shows Pressly was sexually assaulted. Pressly's mother, Patti Cannady, told NBC, "She fought for her life. She fought her attacker. Her left hand was broken from trying to fight this man off."

Cannady offered disturbing details. "Six weeks ago this morning, I found my daughter beyond recognition with every bone in her face broken, her nose broken, her jaw pulverized so badly that the bone had come out of it; I actually thought that her throat had possibly been cut. Her entire skull had numerous fractures from which she suffered a massive stroke."

Lt. Terry Hastings of Little Rock Police did not comment on the rape aspect, saying there are certain details he thinks the jury should hear first. However, Hastings told CNN that DNA evidence also ties Vance to a rape of a schoolteacher in Marianna, Arkansas back in April 2008. "It was a forensic match between their suspect and him. They helped us locate him," he said.

Hastings said investigators do not believe Pressly's being on TV had anything to do with the killing. "I think he saw her someplace, probably followed her home with intention of robbing her. And then went from there," he said. The killer did rob Pressly, taking her purse, Hastings said.

To recap the crime, Anne Pressly was found at 4:30 a.m. on Monday, October 20th, 2008, a half-hour before she was due to to appear on the station's Daybreak program. Little Rock police were alerted by her mother, Patricia Cannady, when Pressly failed to answer her wake-up call. Cannady found Pressly unresponsive in her bed with injuries sustained to her head and upper body consistent with a beating. Police do not believe that she was intentionally targeted, but robbery was the suspected motive after her purse was discovered to be missing. Her credit card was used at a service station several miles away sometime after Cannady had discovered her daughter. She was hospitalized at St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center, where she died five days later on Saturday, October 25th.

Vance has been assigned three public defenders, who began talking with him on Monday afternoon. He remains in jail without bond and has yet to enter a plea in the Pressly slaying. He continues to deny any involvement. If prosecutors don't seek the death penalty, Vance will face life in prison if convicted of capital murder. In addition, he faces rape and residential burglary charges in Marianna, about 90 miles east.

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Anchorage Activist said...

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Anonymous said...

Iam deeply saddended by this tragic event. She was a beautiful young woman who deserved to live the rest of her life. But I think we shoudlnt involve race. Everyone is talking about the color of his skin. If the killer would have been white I wonder what comments wouldve been made then.Color doesnt kill people. People kill people. its a disease that doesnt know requirements. Its just what the human heart is capable of.

Anonymous said...

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Adolf said...

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Anonymous said...

Not sure which is more sad! This awful crime or the mindset of many of my fellow countrymen! Sometimes I just feel sad at the really SICK people there are out there!! It's the mindset I hear in the comments above that actually cause awful crimes like this!! End the violence, racism & hatred already!!