Thursday, December 04, 2008

Derek Black Formally Denied Executive Committee Seat By Jewish Republican Boss Sid Dinerstein In West Palm Beach; Black Contemplates Suit

Update December 5th: ADL and SPLC react; see updated post HERE.

Derek Black, the son of Stormfront webmaster Don Black, is vowing a legal challenge after the Palm Beach County Republican Party refused to recognize his election to a local party post at a West Palm Beach, Florida meeting on Wednesday December 3rd, 2008. Media story published by the Palm Beach Post. Multi-page Stormfront discussion thread HERE. And here's a news video from WPTV Channel 5, filmed before the final decision on December 3rd, but provides some additional perspective:

Upon arrival at the meeting, Derek Black (wearing the hat) approached Palm Beach County Jewish Republican Chairman Sid Dinerstein (standing to the left of Black) while Dinerstein was giving a television interview before the meeting, and began debating the party's enforcement of the oath requirement.

He then challenged Dinerstein once again the meeting began. "Are you saying the party's rules override elections?" Black asked. After that, Black remained seated while new committee members stood up to be sworn in and Dinerstein was reelected without opposition as party chairman.

About an hour later, as party members plowed through procedural votes, Black stood up in front of the meeting and began addressing the crowd of about 200, but his words were inaudible to most because he did not have a microphone. Dinerstein promptly cut him off. "You need to sit down or leave," Dinerstein told Black. Black chose to leave at that point, but later returned and apologized for the disruption, saying that he planned to be involved in the party in the future.

While Black was disqualified from his elected committee position because he failed to sign and return a loyalty oath by a prescribed deadline, Dinerstein and the local Republican brain trust have been accused of singling out Black because of his father's operation of Stormfront, considered a "white supremacist" forum by its detractors, but more precisely described as a white nationalist discussion forum. To defray this criticism, the party also disqualified nine other would-be county GOP committee members for also failing to sign the oath.

However, Dinerstein made it clear numerous times that even if Black had signed the loyalty oath on time, he would have rejected Black because Black's "white supremacist associations" violate a provision in the GOP oath that forbids activities likely to injure the name of the Republican Party. It's these latter statements which may provide the grist for legal action against the party by Don Black.

The 19-year-old Black won a little-noticed election for one of 111 county Republican Executive Committee seats back in August, earning 58 percent of the vote. But the party immediately called the election invalid because Black hadn't signed the Republican Party of Florida's loyalty oath before a June deadline. Black maintains his understanding was that the oath had to be signed by the first meeting of the new committeemen, by December 1st. Black also continues to dispute the white supremacist accusation, describing himself as "a white person who is concerned about discrimination against white people."

Although Derek's father Don Black and Dr. David Duke provided advice and counsel to Derek, it was strictly Derek's show all the way. He went out on the hustings and earned the support. Monitor the designated Stormfront thread and Dr. David Duke's website for subsequent developments in this case.

Analysis: The fact that nine other committeemen were also disqualified for failure to sign and return the loyalty oath was obvious protective cover for the fact that Dinerstein had specifically targeted Derek Black for special attention. Dinerstein clearly stated that he still would have disqualified Black even if he had signed the oath, simply because, in Dinerstein's opinion, Black is a "white supremacist". And this is what makes it potentially actionable.

Whether Derek Black pursues legal action is contingent upon the family finances. If he truly wants to make an issue of this, and lacks finances, I hope he considers setting up a legal fund and reaching out to the white nationalist community for help. This is a battle worth joining.


apollonian said...

Good Journalism Requires Assertions Be Substantiated In Detail
(Apollonian, 4 Dec 08)

AA, u say it's "a battle worth joining." I hope u're aware there's an incredible economic DEPRESSION on, which has been on for a year now. I have no money, and the question is what is the use or purpose for putting funds into this ridiculous cause regarding Derek Black?--how will a lawsuit, which will only enrich lawyers, benefit white people or their cause?

I doubt there's anything more lost to white people for a cause than Republican party which is mere instrument for Jews, bought and paid for.

AA, u seem to be making a habit lately of asserting things which u FAIL TO SUBSTANTIATE--as when u talked about the "accomplishments" of the Dave Duke EURO meeting and then utterly failed to specify what these "accomplishments" were--THAT'S VERY POOR JOURNALISM.

CONCLUSION: U need to be reminded that we're white people--NOT NIGGERS. And when u make assertions u MUST substantiate and answer the questions. OR ELSE UR SITE WILL LOSE CREDIBILITY among white patriots, simple as that. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Apollonian - not all accomplishments are fungible. The main "accomplishment" of both the EURO conference was to expose for the benefit of the lemmings the growing political discrimination against Whites. This is attracting more Whites to our cause, which I consider a beneficial accomplishment.

I'm aware that many people are financially tapped out as a result of the economy. Derek Black would have to take this into consideration in determining whether or not to sue.

apollonian said...

WhiteReference Is Still Coy On Original Significance Of Recent EURO Meeting
(Apollonian, 4 Dec 08)

Okay AA, but note, in ur last blog on the subject, "Canadian White Civil Rights...," 20 Nov, u and I specifically covered the point u just brought up. I acknowledged the great significance of persevering the Jew harassment, subversion, and obstruction--which was actually mere circumstance of the EURO meeting AFTER-THE-FACT.

My specific question regarded the ORIGINAL purpose and theme of the EURO meeting IN THE FIRST PLACE, regardless the Jew harassment which then added to all the notoriety and publicity--WHICH U DID NOT ANSWER then, and don't answer now, either.

Like I say, AA, u need to treat us, ur correspondents, as WHITE PEOPLE with proper respect for specific questions, and answer questions specifically, and to the pt.

ONCE AGAIN: What was the original purpose and significance of the EURO meeting?--for if there was none, then the Jew harassment was merely hype which simply puffed up the meeting which had no significance in first place--unless, again, u can answer the specific question.

SO PLS ANSWER THE QUESTION--what was original significance, purpose, and substantial subject-matter of EURO meeting in FIRST PLACE? I see well enough it was jolly good get-together whence Dave Duke ( talked about his dear doggie who went with him to Russia, etc., and Masha Galenko sure is cute female, without a doubt. But tell us what was actually accomplished--aside fm the Jew harassment and weathering thereof.

CONCLUSION: I read all the crap, as by James Edwards, but didn't see anything of terribly great significance. U're one of our top journalistic talents, far better than Alex Linder/VNN (, so tell us--or else I fear I'll remain ignorant and be so disappointed. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

It's Important To Note We Cannot Be Too Careful For Judgement, Criteria
(Apollonian, 4 Dec 08)

AA, it occurs to me I should add I don't really want to push u too much for this issue on EURO. But there is a problem, I hope u do understand.

For note if EURO is not really doing anything--which I suspect it IS NOT, then surely u can understand, that then is exactly what Jews will want us to pursue, by way of wasting our efforts and funds.

And hence then all the Jew activity of harassment which was done (which was tremendously interesting of itself, I'll add and acknowledge) for EURO meeting in question COULD QUITE CONCEIVABLY HAVE BEEN DONE MERELY TO HYPE what in first place is a non-event--which I suspect it very well might have been, indubitably.

CONCLUSION: So I just want to be sure u as journalist aren't overlooking this essential subject of criterion for accomplishment, as regarding EURO, etc. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Apollonian - the original intent and purpose of the EURO Conference is clearly spelled out by Dr. David Duke in this Oct. 31 post on his website. It was basically a "call to action".

Whether or not it completely fulfilled that purpose remains to be seen. But it has triggered a surge of interest on Stormfront, which is designed to "induct" people into white nationalism. Stormfront first helps people become race-wise, then prepares them to become Jew-wise as well.

Also bear in mind that the objective of the Duke-Black "Alliance" is not revolutionary politics, but to mainstream white nationalism. And considering that Dr. Duke actually got elected to office once, I find that a worthy goal.

apollonian said...

Finally We Find Out What Jews Were So Desperate To Cover-UP
(Apollonian, 4 Dec 08)

Okay, I see--I actually went to the site u reference for Duke and found following:

"We will assemble to say clearly that neither Black Radical, Barrack Obama, nor Mr. Amnesty, John McCain truly represent the will of the American people. This Conference will be the first powerful voice of our people in reaction and protest to the election and the lack of any real choice and any real Democracy in America. In this history-making time, we shall chart our course and forge a plan for the survival and freedom of the heritage that built and sustains America, Europe, and the other nations around the world of European descent."

And indeed, AA, I do follow ur logic regarding "mainstreaming"--which is a sorry sort of measure to have to resort to, truly--so dis-honest have our people been trained and programmed to be with themselves, pretending, as we find ourselves doing so much, to this pervasive "good-evil" balderdash for children. What we need is that most ruthless HONESTY.

CONCLUSION: For we're doomed to necessary solution of no less than FULL-FLEDGED JEW-EXPULSION, nothing less will do--but that's subject for a different essay. Thanks much for ur info. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

owen said...

Great write up..
Thank you

John taylor Bowles said...

There's a difference between being a part of the system and using the system. I would figure that the pro-White Movement should be distancing themselves from the System like the early Anabaptists did. The Anabaptists even went so far to prohibit their own kind from joining the Systems military. Perhaps, that's not such a bad strategy to follow.

apollonian said...

[John Taylor deserves a cigar, for sure--and see further my just-completed essay, below. A.]

Christian Truth Vs. Jew Lies--Is Same As Western Objectivity Vs. Talmudic Subjectivism
(Apollonian, 4 Dec 08)

Extremely important story, Kentucky (see, "Black Boyfriend bashes 11 month old White baby boy to death," 4 Dec 08)--it's a moral for the rest of the white race which is allowing itself to be disarmed intellectually so as to be rendered helpless like the poor little baby was for this filthy nigger animal. Poor little baby never had a chance.

For the only way white folk will be enabled to surviving is by means of arming and priming of the intellect--specifically then, by means of heeding that Christian message and imperative which is absolutely anti-semitic (anti-Talmudic as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

White army of liberation must spring fm the people fm the ground up--and the so-called "churches," or whatever is left of them.

For what is that fundamental cultural problem which is destroying the people?--it's a vast, huge CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY, led by Jews, and all based upon that COUNTERFEIT fraud known as the Fed--US Federal Reserve Bank--see for expo/ref.

Fed is crucial because by means of it are the Jews and criminals enabled then to doing EVERYTHING else.

And what USA needs is wholesale JEW-EXPULSION which will solve this criminal problem IMMEDIATELY, DE-CAPITATING the conspiracy IN ONE STROKE. Thus the people only need become united upon basic Christian principles applied to immediate reality--against lies, fraud, conspiracy, and Jews.

So what then is Christianity?--it is anti-semitism, indubitably, but further note Christianity commemorates that lonely battle of TRUTH against conspiratorial Jew lies.

And Truth, never forget, DEPENDS upon the OBJECTIVE REALITY which then gives CRITERION to Truth--for without objectivity there is no truth.

And note such objectivity of Christ and truth OPPOSES Jew subjectivism which holds Torah and any other possible, conceivable truth is only to be "interpreted" by rabbis and Talmud--see,, and for best Talmudic expo.

Note again, in subjectivism, ANYTHING GOES. And what's a lie, anyway, but subjectivism of some sort pretending to reality?

Hence then we see the task for us Christian patriots is cut-out: we must convert the poor, stupid bastards, who are presently legion, who call themselves "Christians"--but who are really more like "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) heretics, who pretend and imagine in their poor, brainless ignorance, that "Christ was a 'Jew.'"

But note again, Christ DENOUNCED AND CURSED the Talmud, most explicitly, hence Christ was far from being "Jew"--and was rather foremost ANTI-SEMITE who defended truth against Talmud, hence Jews and their lies (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44) and criminal conspiracy, once again.

Specifically, as Christian soldiers we must preach Christianity in strategic manner--so as most sublimely to combat HERESY and hubris, esp. Pelagianism and Pharisaism founded upon "good-evil" delusion, presumption, and fallacy, this founded upon fallacy of perfectly "free" human will.

CONCLUSION: Thus again is the work and task cut-out for Christian soldiers, patriots, saints, and heroes. Again, note it's truth against Jew lies and criminal conspiracy--thus that simple, basic objective vs. subjective. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Owen - thanks for your response. I'm glad you found this post useful.

Anchorage Activist said...

John Taylor Bowles - I'm a bit surprised at your assessment, since you didn't exactly distance yourself from the system when you ran for President. And your candidacy did help spread awareness of the Cause, even if it was unfortunately short-circuited as a result of your untimely illness.

People like David Duke and Derek Black can be quite useful to us when they comport themselves the way they do.

John Taylor Bowles said...

Greetings Anchorage Activist:

I believe a pro-White candidate can use the System and not be a part of it and embrace it. Elections are just a tactic to use to accomplish a goal just like Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP did. The Marxists run their candidates for office in the USA and wouldn't consider their participation in the American election process as joining the System and embracing greedy Capitalism. It's just a tactic to them.

I understand what Derek Black is trying to do. That doesn't mean I am for it or against it. I believe since it hasn't run it's course it can't be properly judged.

In addition, David Duke and Don Black use a different tactic than I do. That doesn't mean they are right, or I am right. Duke and Black believe in using the political apparatus (Republican Party or Democratic Party) that's already in place to gain political power. I believe in using the election process without the assistance of the two major parties already in place (a third party). It really depends on what works at the time without compromising too much.

Let me tell you a true story. In 1975, the National Socialists in Baltimore City made history by running an open National Socialist for City Council who won the primary election and was the first National Socialist to enter an American general election (I was his treasurer). He ran as a Republican. When asked by the media, "How can you run as a National Socialist and Republican at the same time"? He responded, "I am running as a National Socialist Republican because the Republican Party said it wanted to expand its ideology base to attract more candidates and voters and I am doing this to determine if they are sincere or bluffing America". The Republican Party backed off attacking him. He lost the election; but, received 12% of the vote. Anyhow, a few years later I was talking to some East Baltimore Republicans and they informed me if the National Socialists would have asked the local Republicans for assistance in the 1975 campaign they would have helped. A lesson to be learned.

If I was Derek Black, I would be using this strategy in Florida. Derek should use the honey approach (instead of vinegar) and explain his election victory will determine if Florida Republicans are fair and honest about accepting a broad base of different ideas in their Party or insincere and ignorant regarding new ideas and accepting diverse members. That would put the Jews on a spot and put Derek on the offensive.

Let's give Derek a chance and benefit of the doubt before we evaluate it. He is using the System and attacking the System with its own hypocrisies.

Apollonian, you have some good points and well taken. Politics is like a game of chess except with higher stakes. Let's see if Derek moves his pieces right and CHECKMATES his opponent and wins or wastes time and energy in playing a losing game.

Scipio Americanus said...

"However, Dinerstein made it clear numerous times that even if Black had signed the loyalty oath on time, he would have rejected Black because Black's "white supremacist associations" violate a provision in the GOP oath that forbids activities likely to injure the name of the Republican Party."

LOL! This is what is known as a CATCH-22 and why it is absurd for any clear-minded American to believe that white salvation can be had by "infiltrating" and "capturing" the Republican Party, which, incidentally, is "Dead Man Walking" anyway.

What should we as racial nationalists do about it? Nothing. Indeed, we should enthusiastically celebrate the impending downfall of the Stupid Party given the treason that it has committed against our race and nation ever since it capitulated to the demands of the Jewish-dominated Democrat Party, beginning with that war-mongering cripple who wheeled himself into the White House back in 1933.

As with any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that wins in the end -- something the GOP is soon going to discover.

It kind of reminds me of the legendary story of Faust who sold his soul to Mephistopheles [the Devil] to satisfy his thirst for knowledge. Only with the Republicans, it was not the noble pursuit of truth they craved, but rather the desire to preserve and expand their bank accounts, by all means necessary, in order to avoid "rocking the boat," despite the fact that the boat itself was beginning to sink under the weight of mud-colored waters flooding the lower decks at an unprecedented rate of speed.

However, unlike Goethe's protagonist, no squad of heroic Angels is going to swoop down from Heaven at the Lord's behest to rescue the Grand Old Party as it descends into the pits of Hell that it helped to create. If there is any justice in this world, the Blue Bloods and other Country Club "elite" will be painfully devoured slowly, very slowly, by the very creatures they fostered at the expense of their racial kith and kin.

It is shear delusion on the part of the reactionary-conservative types like Black & Associates to believe that any principled, pro-white agenda can be forged from within the rotting foundation of the house that Lincoln built.

Given that the GOP is now dominated by Jews and effectively siphons off much of the white vote while redirecting its angst, rage and frustrations down blind alleys, it must be completely destroyed before a true political party representing white interests can be effectively built.

Until then, let us enjoy the spectacle of Republican impotence as well as the foolishness of reactionary-conservatives while it lasts.

Scipio Americanus