Monday, December 01, 2008

Calling All White Activists: Vanguard News Network's Latest Newspaper Needs Ideas, Content, Financial Contributions, And Distributors

Update April 21st, 2009: The Aryan Alternative #4 is complete and ready for distribution. Read updated preview HERE.

Prospective cover of VNN's latest newspaper

After a two-year hiatus, the Vanguard News Network proposes to publish another pro-White newspaper for general distribution to the public. All of the necessary information and discussion is posted in this designated Vanguard News Network Forum thread.

Veteran White activist Glenn Miller, who's heading up the effort, published the following statement:

Alex [Linder] has given the go-ahead. Joseph [a VNN Forum member who laid out the last VNN newspaper] has agreed to do the layout. And I'll handle printing and shipping. So, it's definitely a "go" this time around.

Alex volunteered to do some articles, hopefully regarding The White House coon and the jewed economy. And vintage Linder "stuff" will be included as well. He'll also, as always, make final decisions on all content.

We need suggestions, and some good, hard-hitting articles, cartoons, graphics, photos, etc. So post them here for discussion and for Alex's approval/disapproval.

It'll be a 16-pager, in color, and in the large tabloid format. Total costs for both printing and shipping is only 8 cents per copy, or $8.00 per hundred. I'll implement the same 100 percent foolproof reporting and accounting system as with all 7 previous editions. No profits. No salaries. All for The Cause. Update Dec. 2: Our printer no longer ships papers FED-X or any other way. That means I'll have to ship our next edition to distributors, myself - counting, boxing, addressing, hauling to post office, and shipping them "media mail", just like I did with all 7 previous editions. And of course, drive 400 miles round trip to Oklahoma, and haul them back home in my pick-up truck.

Send inquiries and funds to:

Glenn Miller
PO Box 3861,
Springfield, MO 65808
tel: 417-463-7703

The prices published apply only inside the United States. Foreign activists should contact Miller directly at the address provided for more information. Foreign activists should ensure that their country's laws permit the importation of such newspapers before proceeding; Canadian customs will routinely intercept shipments of pro-White racial material and confiscate them as "hate literature".

VNN's previous newspapers were known first as "The Aryan Alternative", and then "The White Patriot Leader". No name has been suggested for this newest version yet. Links to five of the previous newspapers as follows:

- Click HERE to access the three previous editions of The Aryan Alternative.
- Click HERE to access the two previous editions of The White Patriot Leader.

Even if you personally don't wish to distribute any newspapers, your financial contribution is still welcome. It will be used to fund distributors who cannot afford to send Glenn Miller money at this time.

Essays and photos for publication consideration can either be posted directly to the designated VNN Forum thread (you must be registered to post) or sent directly to Alex Linder using the contact information posted HERE. Essays should aim for a 200-word limit. To facilitate mainstream acceptance of the newspaper, material with overt racial slurs will either be sanitized before publication, or rejected.

Newspapers remain a valuable and important part of the overall outreach strategy. They reach an audience which may not routinely access the Internet. They can be distributed at a wide variety of public access locations, to include truck stops, airports, railway stations, bus stations, public libraries, and the waiting rooms of various businesses. They can even be distributed door-to-door, either directly, or by tossing onto the homeowner's driveway (the latter practice should be initialized against local littering laws, however).

An enterpreneur could even conceivably sell them, and keep the profits. However, this task should be viewed as a long-term investment in the welfare of the White community. With public interest in White nationalism at an all-time high as a result of Barack Obama's election, now is the time to meet the demand. And this newspaper distribution is optimally timed to do so.


apollonian said...

Linder/VNN Anti-Christianity Cannot, Must NOT Be Tolerated, Excused, Or Endorsed
(Apollonian, 1 Dec 08)

AA, the problem w. A. Linder/VNN ( is he's anti-Christ which is inept, and indeed, incompetent and COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE formulation for most RATIONAL anti-thesis to Judeo-conspiracy (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) and ZOG-Mammon oligarchal dictatorship we presently suffer.

White patriots must ally with all/any Christian and gentile patriots, upon minimal premise(s) of reason, to oppose Judeo-conspirators. For such is the most politically competent, promising, and potent manner of opposing otherwise OVERWHELMINGLY strong Judeo-conspirators--WHO RULE, never forget.

We patriots are on DEFENSE, and cannot afford to reject any possible help--this is what I fear u overlook in case of Linder/VNN and his anti-Chrisianity, which anti-Christianity cannot and must not be tolerated.

Note then Linder/VNN not merely opposes but OFFENDS the tremendous preponderance of white and gentile patriots, soldiers, and citizens against ZOG-Mammon Judeo-conspirators by means of anti-Christianity.

For anti-Christ is further offensive to REASON, Linder/VNN explicitly endorsing an emotionalist non-reason and subjectivism AGAINST Human reason in first place, not merely Christianity.

Thus Linder/VNN actually sets up configuration of subjectivist sympathy with Jews and their leaders. LINDER/VNN AGREES WITH JEW PREMISE OF SUBJECTIVISM as political/cultural premise.

CONCLUSION: Thus AA, such anti-reason, and not merely anti-Christianity, is premise of Linder/VNN which is most dangerous and counter-productive to White and patriot cause against ZOG-Mammon and Judeo-conspiracy--it cannot be tolerated or endorsed--which I'm sure u don't do deliberately. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Apollonian - I don't see Alex Linder as being anti-Christian; he seems to be religious-neutral. He takes particular umbrage at the Jewing of Christianity.

The reason you probably perceive Linder as being anti-Christian is because he allows several prominent anti-Christians like Paul Drake to post on the forum. That's simply an outgrowth of his free speech policy, which no other pro-White forum has. Unfortunately, there have been casualties; two of the better posters, Subrosa and Mishko Novosel, were banned in a fit of pique. I was unhappy about those developments.

This newspaper project is sufficiently worthwhile for people to put their differences aside and support it.

apollonian said...

"Anchorage Activist" Sorely Mis-Informed About Linder/VNN--Urgently Needs Accurate Guidance
(Apollonian, 1 Dec 08)

AA, u most urgently need to get better/more information on Linder/VNN--HE IS INDUBITABLY ANTI-CHRIST, explicitly so by his own admission, WITHOUT DOUBT. Further, Linder/VNN is against REASON and objectivity too--these by his own admissions and proclamations.

Believe me, I have affirmed above fact, and used to post on the VNN blog almost daily, since back in 2004--before I was essentially kicked off and banned, round about end of 2005. Presently Linder/VNN sedulously deletes any posting I make on VNN.

AA, u should reread my first posting above, at 6:15 pm, consult any of ur sources or comrades who would/will know. Linder/VNN gets money fm Jews, indubitably, to maintain anti-Christ, anti-rationalist "position" as "white nationalist."

Linder/VNN further used to collaborate openly with MORMON homosexual Rich Brooks, formerly of These are not speculations but confirmed FACTS which I can easily verify and corroborate for u w. ease.

Note then object of Jews is to sponsor so-called "white nationalists" who preach anti-Christ and anti-rationalism, thus isolating white people AGAINST EVERYONE ELSE--relieving then Jews who are most subject to such ISOLATION against everyone else.

Linder's/VNN's anti-Christ position is veritably COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE for all/any rationalist whites who might not be Christian--as well as all Christians--obviously, plainly, and logically.

Linder's/VNN's purpose--whether Linder understands it or not--is to subvert the cause of anti-semitic patriotism. Thus my theory has always been Linder/VNN receives significant Jew funds.

CONCLUSION: For whereas rationalists and Christians hold relevant cultural anti-theses to being Christian reason and objectivity vs. Jew anti-reason, subjectivism, hystericism, Linder/VNN asserts white irrationalism/subjectivism, not to mention anti-Christianity, as noted. Linder/VNN is gross embarrassment and travesty to patriot and anti-semitic cause.

bongoparty5 said...

Sounds good. Good that they're going to tone the slurs down this time. I liked the last TAA's but I can see why a lot of people would be put off by them.