Friday, December 05, 2008

Anti-Defamation League And Southern Poverty Law Center Celebrate The Disenfranchisement Of Derek Black By Palm Beach GOP Chair Sid Dinerstein

As expected, America's two leading anti-White hate groups responded to Palm Beach County GOP Chairman Sid Dinerstein's disqualification of Derek Black from the Republican committee seat to which he was freely and fairly elected back in August 2008. Both the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) have weighed in. But before we proceed to that development, I've learned a few more useful facts about Sid Dinerstein.

Dinerstein has his own website HERE. He is the author of a book entitled "Adults Only", in which he identifies the biggest problem in America as being that politics has become a "blame game". He also has a blog, in which comments can be left HERE. I encourage people to express their outrage over Dinerstein's assault on democracy in West Palm Beach, but to do so in a way that does NOT provide grist for the propaganda mills of our adversaries.

On December 4th, 2008, the ADL was the first to react to the disqualification of Derek Black from his elected position. The statement, actually issued by the Florida chapter and released to news media outlets, is not filed on either the ADL's national site nor on their Florida site. Since it was published in full only by WPEC Channel 12, I will replicate the statement in full here:

Andrew Rosenkranz, ADL FL Regional Director, issued the following statement:

"Although white supremacists typically reject being labeled as such and prefer to say that they are pro-white, it is indisputable that Derek Black is a racist who believes that whites are smarter than non-whites, superior to non-whites and deserve to be treated differently and have more privileges because they are white. Derek Black has been attending white supremacist gatherings since he was ten years-old when he even had his own section on Stormfront to promote white supremacy to other children.

As recently as November 8th, Black was one of the keynote speakers at a white supremacist conference sponsored by former Klan leader and anti-Semite David Duke and his organization EURO (European American Unity and Rights Organization) in Memphis, Tennessee. A number of white supremacists, including Derek's father, former Klansman Don Black, racist radio show host James Edwards and Canadian racist Paul Fromm, also attended the conference."

In his keynote address at the recent EURO conference, Black proposed to audience members that "[w]e could infiltrate [the Republican Party]... by getting into it in our own positions... there are thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of white people who realized [because of the election of Barack Obama] ...that they are losing representation." Additional comments from this address can be found in a recently released ADL article on Black entitled
"White Supremacist Derek Black Wants to Maintain Republican Seat".

Stormfront, the oldest, largest and most popular white supremacist Internet forum was founded by Don Black, former Ku Klux Klan wizard and Derek's father. Based out of West Palm Beach, Stormfront serves as a supermarket of online hate. In fact, in the aftermath of President-Elect Obama's election victory, the racist and vitriolic postings on Stormfront overloaded its server to the point where the site was temporarily shut down.

"While the First Amendment allows Black to spew his abhorrent racist views, it also permits organizations like the ADL the freedom to expose and condemn their bigotry and hatred," Rosenkranz concluded.

Note the ADL's liberal use of the terms "racist" and "white supremacist" throughout the entire statement, despite the fact that Derek Black has consistently denied both allegations. In addition, the ADL presumes that Derek Black advocates more favorable treatment under the law for Whites, even though Black has never, to my knowledge, promoted such views. The ADL ackonwledges that Whites in large numbers have turned to the White nationalist community for guidance and leadership since the election of Barack Obama by its reference to Stormfront servers being overloaded, but accords no legitimacy and offers no explanation for the phenomenom, instead seeking to dismiss all of them as as vitriolic racist haters.

The SPLC was not to be outdone. But rather than issue any formal media statement, they chose to respond to Dinerstein's action on a blog post published HERE on December 4th. Consequently, I need not replicate in in full, but simply address the highlights. The SPLC's post is little more than a response to the account posted on Dr. David Duke's website, discussing the likelihood of Derek Black pursuing a legal remedy. Other than the usual battery of anti-White canards, the SPLC offers little of significance to the debate.

Additional anti-racist reaction posted by the Daily Kos, CrooksAndLiars, and Firedoglake. I post these links for two reasons; first, to remind readers of the vitriolic hatred progressive extremists, most of who themselves are white and who wouldn't be caught dead walking through a ghetto or barrio at midnight, have for the white race, and second, because they do expose the hypocrisy of the Republican Party in running away from the White vote. In response to the Democratic Party becoming the party of minorities and adopting the Blacks as their pet constituency, the Republicans, rather than remaining a mainstream party, adopted Latinos as their pet constituency and assumed the loyalty of the White vote. As a result, the Republicans lost control of both houses of Congress AND the White House. Both parties are equally co-opted by the top Jews.

More background on Derek Black's political efforts can be found on my previous posts on this issue, presented HERE in inverse chronolgical order. In addition, there are two Stormfront threads presenting valuable information and discussion.

-- Jewish Republican Boss says he will deny Derek Black his elected office!. This is the older of the two threads, dating back to August 2008, but does not have the most current information or discussion.

-- David Duke helps son of ex-Klan leader in fight for Palm Beach County Republican seat. This is the most current thread, dating back to November 30th, when Dr. David Duke got personally involved, merely to provide Derek Black with the benefits of his own expertise in running successfully for elective office.

Discussion also posted on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

While Derek Black has made no formal decision to pursue legal action as of this post, offers of financial support for such a fight have already been tendered by several Stormfront members. But most impressive of all is the number of Stormfront members who can see the manipulation of Jewish supremacists behind the scenes.


John Taylor Bowles said...

I sympthasize with Derek Black and can understand what he is going through during this ordeal. Derek put himself out there as a candidate to run for this position and won it. That deserves praise for someone his age. Then, because of a small technicality they take it away from him and others. Apparently, the Jew who did it to him isn't the good ole Uncle Joe Lieberman type of Jew that's portrayed to the gullible White Gentile public. Instead, Derek ran across a Jew in his true form with fangs sticking out and blood in his eyes. I believe Derek was sincere in running for that position and therefore deserves support. Some may be surprised that a hardcore revolutionary National Socialist like myself would encourage support. Why not? Blood is thicker than anything and this is a situation where one of our own is being attacked no matter what label (if any) he belongs to.

Anonymous said...

AA a little of subject but hope you can follow up on this:

Our biggest obstacle is the young White Men and Wiggers in Obama's camp that are worse than the Niggers.

Nothing has changed in 40 years but the White Race. Down hill.

Sherwood Smith

Anonymous said...

All of those things that the ADL Jew accuses Derek Black of believing are what he himself believes. That Jews are better than the goyim, and should be treated differently. (ie exempt from criticism)

FrankDialogue said...

You know, when I first read the story on Mr.Duke's website, and saw a picture of the young Mr.Black, the first thing that came to mind was, 'Hey, this kid looks like he could be a son of one of the Allman Brothers...Now, the Allmans were a pretty damn fine band, and as American as you could get...So I thought, why, this young fellow looks like he could be the future, in a sense, and he looks like an American...He probably would like the Allmans, if he has heard them...Don't know what the 'younguns' listen to today (too much of the hip-hop garbage mostly)...The I look at the picture of young Mr.Black talking to the Jew who wants to cut him off...Now, if you look at the pictures from Duke's website, you tell me, who looks like an AMERICAN you would want in your corner?...Sometimes a picture 'is better than a thousand words'...Now, I dont consider myself a 'white nationalist' except in the sense that I realize the full extent of the destruction that 'Judaization' has had upon our culture...My view of White Action is simply based on Whites doing what is in their best interests, and not apologizing for it...Blacks will understand this, if this is stated openly and honestly, and no attempt is made to oppress them...There should be a level playing field, but where Whites predominate, their should be an 'addresing of White concerns'...My position is America First and it is basically a Christian one...And by the way, for all the ignoramuses out there, Jesus Christ was neither a Jew nor a 'half-Jew'...The transliteration of the word 'Jew' in the Bible, from the Hebrew/Aramaic is bastardized...That is another topic...As far as Christianity goes, I subscribe to some extent to the 'Christian Identity' philosophy, which beleive it or not, is part of traditional Catholic teaching...I am more of a 'Cosmic Christian' but I beleive in the Jesus Christ as identified and who spoke in the New Testament.

Visit my website: KULURE/AMERIKA

Anonymous said...

The ADL were referencing your racist friend when they talked about "whites", get your facts straight. It's sad that racists are often such ding bats, no wonder they think that one race does not exist. We are all one race, from one continent and spread over the Earth. Now for those bigots that feel Obama winning means that "white people" are losing power, get real. Other ethnic groups are the minority, how do they feel living in a country where there are many bigots. To evaluate our country is isn't about how many people from a particular ethnic group are in positions of power, but HOW WE ALL TREAT EACH OTHER. Racists suck, big time. Very ignorant people that live their lives around COLOR rather than HUMANITY and INTELLECT!