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ANSWP Commander Bill White Denied Bail By U.S. Judge William Hibbler In Chicago; Combined With Michael Burks' Resignation, The ANSWP May Be Finished

In a decision that may have inflicted a mortal blow upon the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), U.S. District Judge William Hibbler has ordered ANSWP Commander Bill White to remain jailed without bond. Media stories by WMAQ Channel 5 in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune, and the Roanoke Times.

All previous posts on this case can be viewed HERE in inverse chronological order. A VNN Forum thread can be found HERE, and a new Stormfront thread HERE.

Judge Hibbler said he was upholding a previous decision by a Federal judge in Roanoke, Virginia to "ensure the safety of the community". White has been charged with one count of solicitation in the case of Mark P. Hoffman, the Jewish foreman of the jury that in April 2004 convicted former Creator leader Matthew Hale of East Peoria of soliciting an undercover FBI informant to murder U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow. White posted personal information about Hoffman on the Internet that the Feds are interpreting as being threatening to Hoffman.

However, the Feds are also concerned about other Internet postings by White, and there's also been rumors that White may have hidden evidence during the FBI investigation. If the latter is true, this would meet the definition of obstruction of justice, but the evidence may not be firm enough for the Feds to formally charge him with it. A simple charge of solicitation alone would not seem to be sufficient to deny Bill White bail.

And indeed, much of the hearing centered on other White's other Internet postings. These postings included phrases like "kill, kill, kill," and the possibility that he might go on a "murderous rampage." Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Ferrara also told Hibbler of an article that was posted on White's blog that included a photograph of Obama, a swastika, and concluded with the words, "He should not be allowed to take office by any means necessary." Ferrara then added, "He's asking others and encouraging others to act in a violent manner," explaining that in another posting, White asked people to go to Canada to kill an attorney in which he'd been having an online feud.

But White's attorney, Nishay Sanan, dismissed White's online postings as nothing more than "a means of venting political frustrations" and that he was never threatening anyone or asking anyone to do others harm. The one witness during the hearing was a forensic psychiatrist, who testified that he did not believe White posed a danger to himself, his family or the community. Dr. James Corcoran opined that White's postings were just a way for him to vent frustration, according to Dr. James Corcoran. Dr. Corcoran also stated that although an evaluation of White found no signs of major mental illness, he does have a personality disorder.

Of the charges against White, Sanan said that White did not make any threat, veiled or explicit on his posting under the heading, "The Juror Who Convicted Matt Hale." Instead, he just posted the foreman's personal information. "There's no information of intent to hurt Juror A and persuade others to harm Juror A," he said. Not only that, he said, but it is significant that none of those who read White's blog ever planned to or tried to hurt the juror.

Sanan promised to appeal the judge's decision. Ferrara declined to comment after the hearing. A trial date was set for March 3rd. White continues to be held in solitary confinement at the Metropolitan Corrections Center.

White has pleaded not guilty to the charge of solicitation, and is determined to fight the case. His wife, Megan, has started a website in which she's soliciting funds from the public to help the White family, since their properties, tied up in bankruptcy proceedings, apparently cannot be liquidated at this time in order to provide funds. Even the Overthrow domain name is up for sale:

Analysis: If Bill White had been allowed to make bail today, there would be at least a 50-50 chance for the ANSWP's survival. At least he would probably stop the sale of the Overthrow domain, and could keep the organization alive, if dormant.

However, Bill White's role in the ANSWP was so dominant that when he was taken out of circulation, there weren't many others who could step up to the plate and effectively take over. The other two ANSWP leaders who were most active were Illinois State Leader Phil Anderson and Kentucky State Leader Michael Burks. The loss of one of those two might be the coup de grace.

And sure enough, Michael Burks announced his resignation from the ANSWP and from the white power movement. Posting on a brand new blog entitled WhitePowerFrauds, Burks published a detailed statement explaining his motivation and providing an assessment of what went wrong with both the ANSWP and Bill White.

Burks emphasizes that he is merely resigning from the movement and DOES NOT INTEND TO CHANGE SIDES and become an anti-racist turncoat like Tom Martinez, Floyd Cochran, Joe Bednarsky, and Johnny Lee Clary. It appears two factors triggered his decision; first, disgust with what he perceives as general whiggery, thuggery, and avariciousness within the WN community, and second, he met a classy White lady of South African origin who made it clear that the price of her affection was his departure from the movement.

Michael Burks' assessments of both the ANSWP and Bill White are plausible and cogent enough that I will reproduce them here. Here's what he wrote about Bill White:

As for Bill White, I can say this - He will not be set free. And after being questioned by the FBI, I can see why. Bill White did break the law and I regret now that I stood behind him after his arrest. I believe in free speech and don’t believe that Bill should be held for juror tampering. With that said, he did break other laws. He stated on live radio that people should kill Richard Warman. He didn’t say he hoped he died or that he wished the man died, Bill clearly said to “kill him” and gave out his address. Bill also told the news in Tampa that he wished a crazy would kill Leonard Pitts and the people in the Newsroom. Bill also asked me to hide evidence during one of his many investigations – also illegal and yes, the FBI knows all about it. No, I didn’t snitch on Bill White. The FBI had the call taped.

Bill White also lied and truly didn’t care about anyone with the ANSWP. Once he was in jail I stood behind his wife. I wrote people and emailed people asking people to donate funds to her. She was nice and only called when she and Bill wanted me to testify in his behalf. Since that time she has not called to inform me of any updates. Instead she has only told things to Chris Drake and Jarl, leaving the rest of the ANSWP clueless. Bill also went behind my back and wanted to cut a deal by selling his membership list to Eric Gliebe (how ever you spell his name) and have the ANSWP join forces with the National Alliance. Being a Regional Leader, I was supposed to have a say in this matter. Instead, Bill planned this with other ANSWP people behind my back. And that is okay by me. I just want Megan, Bill’s wife, to know that I have no plans to testify in his behalf.

His analysis of Bill White's legal future unfortunately appears plausible. White's inability to obtain bail today is a strong indication that the Feds desire to bury him, and they simply haven't played all their cards publicly. Burks gives us a hint as to what other cards the Feds might have. As for the National Alliance bit, that's the first I've heard of it, and I can't envision Erich Gliebe having the imagination and flair to even consider such a merger. Gliebe is a competent caretaker, but imagination and innovation are simply not part of his makeup.

But what's also important here is that Burks acknowledges that Bill White is still worthy of support, because the Feds are using him as a test bed, just like they did with Chester Doles and Shaun Walker, to find out how much oppression they can get away with. If they can put Bill White down, it will make it easier for them to put any of us down.

And here's what Burks wrote about the ANSWP:

American National Socialist Workers Party – At first we did great activism. The last few months I realize we only went after people that made Bill White mad. We no longer did political activism. All our time was spent on people Bill hated. Bill would appoint people like me to leadership roles and never listen to my advice. I told him for months to kick Justin Boyer out. Boyer, who spells like a retarded child, was a disgrace for anyone calling themselves a man. Instead, Bill allowed Boyer to make a complete mockery out of us. I find it funny now that Boyer testified against Bill. I also told Bill to kick Tim Bland out. Bill ripped me for this and took Bland’s side. A few months ago Bland was arrested for selling pot (we have the police record). Of course I was right and Bill was wrong. Bill also ran off my good friend, Mike Garrett by calling him mentally ill and making him looks bad on our yahoo group.

This dovetails almost perfectly with my own perspective. The problem, as I saw it more remotely, is that Bill White would go off on tangents against movement figures with whom he disagreed. Twice he allied with Hal Turner, and twice that alliance crashed and burned. Then there was the inexplicable targeting of Ron Paul, which may have forced Paul to transform himself from non-racist to anti-racist, resulting in an ill-advised MLK Day Money Bomb which caused his Presidential campaign to fizzle. Then after a highly-successful Hitler Birthday Dinner in Chicago, the ANSWP went into an eclipse once again. White's desire to confront and remove misfits from the movement was commendable, but sometimes he went too far. And as we are now finding out, it hindered the organization's mission.

Perhaps the ANSWP can survive the incarceration of its commander and the resignation of one of the two top state leaders, but it will take a miracle.


Anonymous said...


CHICAGO - As Ronald Reagan might have said, "He just doesn't get it."
William White, an anarchist and costumist, had claimed a "right" to
call for and, even, orchestrate murders and assassinations. As such,
he tried to cotton up to Matt Hale, who had been jailed for forty
years for conspiracy to assassinate a judge. But, when jailed for
conspiring to have a juror in the Hale case killed, White insisted
that he was only exercising "free-speech." However, court-documents
indicated that White, acting as a "Godfather," had plotted with
others, encouraging them to do his bidding. According to Michael
Burks, White's former right-hand-man, evidence included phone-calls,
bugged by the FBI, and testimony by former White-associate, Justin

In denying bond to White, federal-judge William Hibbler said that he
based his decision not so much on concerns about what White might do,
but more on what others might do at White's urging. White had, also,
defended the campaign of Alex Curtis, who had called for "finishing
what Tim McVeigh started," but who vanished after serving three years
for conspiracy. White, who inherited a trust-fund, which he
squandered as a slum-lord and wound up in bankruptcy, had become
known for sparking a riot in Toledo, by appearing in a Negro-slum,
dressed up as Hitler. A psychiatrist testified in White's bail-hearing
in Chicago that White had a "personality-disorder," but was not
mentally-ill. White had termed Nationalists "mentally-ill" for opposing him.

Nationalists had denounced White, Hale and Curtis for "giving a bad
name" to pro-majority activism. White had termed Nationalists
"wacky," for urging legality. Hale had dubbed them a "total joke" and
Curtis branded them "crazy" for successfully using the court-system.
White's Indian lawyer, Nishay Sanan, argued that the First-Amendment
protected White. However, a similar notion was advanced and rejected
by a Kentucky court, which found Ron Edwards guilty of plotting to
beat up a Panamanian, even though Edwards had not been personally
present during the assault. The conspiracy-prosecution had been used
successfully against Richard Butler, David Holland, Tom Metzger and
Robert Shelton, but not Mark Watts, who had Nationalist-lawyers.

Conspiracy prohibitions date back a thousand years in
English-jurisprudence, but had been strengthened by RICO-statutes,
aimed at nabbing "Godfathers," who would keep their distance, while
having others commit murders in their behalf. Burks, who had depicted
himself in front of a Hitler-flag, stated that the entire pro-white
movement is a joke," comprised of "odd balls, scumbags, whores,
closet-homosexuals and liars," excoriating fellow-costumists White,
Thom Robb, Billy Roper, Randy Gray and Edwards. Burks, also, blasted
David Duke and Don Black for being what he termed "con-men."
Nationalists were omitted from Burks' odium. Costumists had become
"media-darlings," but Nationalists called them more of a "distraction"
than a political-factor.

White had filed a complaint against Nationalists for having his
threat-laden website taken down. He lost. He posted a caricature of a
Nationalist's head, superimposed on the body of a woman, which he
pronounced as "pretty." It was ditched, when the FBI took his website
down. White had appeared in court in Milwaukee claiming to be a
"lawyer" and demanding to be freed from police-restrictions. The
judge ruled that he could not practice law and denied his contentions.
Burks had defended White as a "prisoner of free-speech," but wound
up naming him not only "a total disgrace to the white race, but a total
disgrace to all of mankind." White, the former head of the Utopian
Anarchist Party and "Pravda"-reporter, had called for killing the
"ruling classes."

According to Burks, "Bill also asked me to hide evidence during one
of his many investigations -- also illegal and, yes, the FBI knows
all about it. No, I didn't snitch on Bill White. The FBI had the call
taped." Meanwhile, Gabriel Dann denounced Nationalists for opposing
White, but Nationalists pointed out that bearded, qwirky costumists
burn out quickly. George Burdi, a bearded Bulgarian-Gypsy, who had
encouraged two brothers in Pennsylvania to go on a killing-spree,
issued a Burks-like renunciation, in "dropping out" of being
"pro-white" and joining a band of Negroes, Jews and homosexuals. Only
minority-activist Morris Dees persisted that White would "continue to
be a player." However, Jessica Arivett stated that White "got what he
Copyright 2008 The Nationalist Movement

Anonymous said...


His arguments seemed to follow classic examples of faulty
philosophical reasoning. To hear Michael Burks tell it, Burks had
become a costumist, falling in with what he described as "losers,"
"mentally-ill" and "sex-perverts," but, then, when Burks had tired
of what he called such "frauds," he dropped all attempts to be
"pro-white." Burks, a bearded, hippy-looking young man, had been a
bundle of contradictions, from the outset. He had touted facial-hair,
in a bid to become a "rightist" political-luminary, but the movement
characterized by extremely clean-cut men, many being even Skinheads,
rejected him. Also, he teamed up with Ron Edwards, a costumist fined
$2.5 million for conspiracy, and, then, William White, an anarchist,
who had campaigned to "overthrow" the "ruling classes," until jailed
for plotting against a juror.

Burks followed the line of a builder, who erected a shoddy structure,
but, then, blamed the building, materials or anybody, except himself,
for the collapse. Burks had hyped "pro-white" by joining Thom Robb, a
costumist, who he quickly dumped and accused of peddling "snake-oil."
A hook-up with Billy Roper lasted no longer. He, then, had a brief
foray with David Duke and Don Black, who he rejected and denounced
as "con-men." He, then, latched onto White, a costumist, whose
psychiatrist disclosed had a "personality disorder," and outfitted
himself in Hitler-attire. Burks would post blogs, which would be
taken down by web-hosters, and, finally, when White was jailed, he
claimed that he had "retired." "I have met the biggest group of
hypocrites, back-stabbers and anti-social misfits one could ever come
across," Burks said.

"I have much better things to do with my time, energy and money,"
Burks insisted, drawing praise from Lamont Jenkins, a Negro who
had tried, unsuccessfully, to halt a Nationalist rally at George
Washington's headquarters in New Jersey. Lamont expressed hope
that Burks would "keep going" in his "positive direction." Burks, who
announced that he had been "questioned" by the FBI, in building
the conspiracy-case against White, had never joined a viable,
pro-majority organization. He did disclose, however, that White "did
break the law" and had been trying to sell his mailing list to Erich
Gliebe, whose partner, Shaun Walker, had been jailed for conspiracy.
"Every group I have joined has been a complete failure," sighed Burks.
"I plan on spending much of my free time exposing facts and truths
about the frauds within the pro-white movement."

Burks had never associated with Barry Hackney or Gerald McManus,
who had staged impressive, pro-majority public-events. He had
never campaigned with James Hart or Ken Overstreet in rightist
political-campaigns. He had never appeared in court with Mark Watts
or Richard Czubinski, in winning free-speech rights. By his own
admission, Burks was "clueless," but, according to Zach Hale, he
should "never give up, just because times are tough." Hale suggested
cultivating a "normal connection," to avoid "costumists" and
"burnout" and "become stronger as a Nationalist." He recommended
"those who speak with the knowledge of truth and have charisma."
Lilli Frees urged that "those who threaten the goodness and purity of
the cause" be rejected. Hale stressed the need for "adding a dash of
humor and winning arguments."
Copyright 2008 Skinheadz

Anchorage Activist said...

Interesting input. However, Daryle Lamont Jenkins needs to put the Thunderbird back on ice, because it's too early for him to celebrate.

Burks has said twice that he's not going to become anti-racist, and I will take his word for it until he proves otherwise.

Whirlwind said...

After the Portland Trial and Tom Metzger's wife was dying while his house, his business, his life savings and bank accounts were being seized, Morris Dees offered him a deal: Apologize, renounce his beliefs and work for the SPLC lecturing around the country against his people.

The only thing Tom could think of was how quickly he could reach over and strangle the bastard before security intervened.

This is the standard we must measure ourselves by, not by some FBI collaborator and punkass loser like Michael Burks, or some loudmouth big talking pussy like Alex Linder, who chose to deal with the devil at Knoxville than stand up for his rights as a White Man.

When the resistance gets serious, and that will happen very soon, people like Burks will be held to account.

Anonymous said...

Anchorage: A peek at Michael Burks' new-and-improved website shows quite a bit of reprints and quotations from Morris Dees' website. Check it out. Maybe not PROOF that he is a sleazy, traitorous back-stabber, but certainly EVIDENCE that he is.

apollonian said...

Bill White: Brave Soldier Of White Racial Liberation, Never Doubt, Never Forget
(Apollonian, 6 Dec 08)

AA, all this travail of Bill White only shows how much ZOG-Mammon hates and fears Bill White. Thanks for keeping us all up on latest news and details.

Bill White did and said some stuff I disagreed with, but he was/is extremely brilliant person and has always been dedicated to white race--WE MUST NOT LET HIM DOWN. Don't forget Bill White is still quite young man at age 31 or so. ANSWP will rise again; important thing at moment is springing Bill White.

Never forget Bill White is citizen with rights, and he NEVER solicited anyone as Feds falsely charge he did--AND THIS IS OBVIOUS--and Feds have shown absolutely no proof or evidence to substantiate their idiot charge.

Mike Burks is an amazing coward and sissy, and it's obvious he took on too much pressure TO PROVE HE'S WHITE MAN--which, to judge by looking at him, he is not, really.

Mike Burks--what a wimpy, sissy, pussy-whipped WEAKLING, I swear.

But I'm sure Bill White is assured for himself that ONCE HE GOES TO COURT HE'LL BEAT THIS IDIOT CHARGE AGAINST HIM. Niggers explicitly advocate cops be shot in their nigger rap songs all the time--for years and years and years now--these charges against Bill White are patently absurd. "Paybacks" will be the proverbial "bitch" when they come.

But see, that's the whole pt.--the only real, serious way we whites will be able to get organized is by means of CHRISTIANITY--and THIS IS HOW WE GOTTA DO IT. "Think not I came to bring peace; rather, I come to bring a sword" (Gosp. MATT 10:34).

(a) Poor, stupid people think Christianity is against human reason--THIS IS FALSE. Christianity defends reason.

(b) People think Christianity is merely about LOVE--this is absolutely FALSE.

(c) For Christianity is about HONESTY, and defense of God's reality and truth, hence it's about HATRED at least as much as love. And there's excellent reason to hate the enemies and murderers of God--like Jews.

(d) For we need HATRED in order to prevail in our war of white racial preservation.

CONCLUSION: So comrades, keep praying for our good comrade Bill White; I'm sure he's doing his part to staying strong. We Christian soldiers can learn fm all this as we continue to building our own movement of un-compromising Christian militancy. For Christianity entails most rational and productive expression of hatred and anti-semitism, never doubt. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Apollonian - I also hope that Bill White beats these charges. He is clearly being used as a test bed by ZOG as a possible dress rehearsal for future repression of all of us.

But what Michael Burks has provided us, regardless of any opinions about his character, is an insider's perspective on what took place. His allegation about BW "hiding evidence" would tend to explain not only why the Feds are pursuing this case with extraordinary vigor, but why he can't get bail despite a simple one-count charge of solicitation. What Burks exposes to us is all the hidden charges the Feds are using against Bill White to keep him locked up.

While we hope for the best, we do ourselves a disservice if we do not emotionally prepare ourselves for the worst. After all, no one in his right mind thought Shaun Walker would get convicted, particularly by an all-white conservative Utah jury, and look what happened.

Only time will tell whether we are finally seeing the real Michael Burks, or if this is nothing more than just another role he's playing. He claims to want to expose "misfits", but he also spends a lot of time bashing a proving activist like Randy Gray.

Anonymous said...

Burks also is accepting praise from Joe Bednarsky

Bednarsky, a Pollock who has teamed up with the Anti-Defamation League to denounce "haters" (whites), congratulates Burks. Bednarsky also posts his own "anti-racism" site, where he brags about "speaking out" against whites.

Burks could have zapped the post and repudiated the congratulations, but has not done so. How much more proof against Burks is needed? How much more "time" is supposed to pass before eyes are opened?

apollonian said...

Losing Such As Mike Burks Was Actually Good Thing For Bill White
(Apollonian, 6 Dec 08)

AA, if u're the quality journalist u usually are, u'll see that a phrase like "hiding evidence" IS VAGUE AT BEST--PROVING NOTHING at all.

Good Lord, AA, don't fall for the babblings of Mike Burks, an OBVIOUS WEAKLING--who is plainly not very bright--just read what the little bastard says. Burks alleges White "broke laws" but doesn't give any specification--Burks is just a babbling little punk who got psyched out by FBI pigs, obviously.

Just LOOK at Mike Burks--HE'S NOT WHITE. All Burks ever tried to doing was pretending he's white--and he got caught-up pretending to being white in the eyes of other whites--like Bill White.

When u analyze what Burks says here, recorded in black-and-white on ur blog, u'll conclude Burks says nothing whatever substantial--he's just a cowardly little bastard, that's all.

U're right AA, it shows the pressure the bolshevik-led FBI pigs can put on people. And indeed, it's good for us to observe and note most carefully.

For myself, I conclude Bill White did absolutely nothing wrong whatever--ON THE CONTRARY. White did brilliantly, though surely he might have predicted ZOG-Mammon would strike him as they've done. For so MUST ZOG-Mammon follow-up, given their gross, horrific mass-murder of 9-11.

We're up against anti-human monsters, veritably--and we can't afford to doing anything less than our very utmost best. We should never under-estimate this stinking Jew enemy, and we should never take on any pressure we don't need.

Further, as I indicate, any ANSWP-type organization must be strictly FOUNDED UPON BASIC CHRISTIAN aesthetic and convictions first and most--THAT'S MY OWN CONCLUSION. And it should be a Christianity of HONESTY HENCE HATRED, but also coldest-blooded REASON and logic.

As I indicated, AA, surely the greatest MIS-CONCEPTION our poor, deluded, befuddled people have is that one must give-up one's reason for Christianity--BUT NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FM THE TRUTH. And in fact, giving-up reason is very worst thing any patriot can possibly do.

And for those morons and scum who insist Christianity is ONLY about "love" and not about good, liberal doses of HATRED, I fully intend smashing their utterly brainless little skulls.

Thus a Christian aesthetic of purest cold-blooded reason and logic, fueled by most thorough-going HATRED is what I intend to feature, emphasize, and extol--all of this a product of that basic Christian HONESTY and respect for TRUTH.

So u see AA, in this horrific CYCLE of Spenglerian "Decline of the West," the weak continue to be separated, falling by the way-side. Bill White is not weak--BUT MIKE BURKS IS, and in a way, it's good Bill White loses such a scummy little puke. Bill White will surely come out of all this stronger and wiser, and far better informed.

CONCLUSION: We've got to appeal to our people on a basic level, with basic mentality--and that has to be, at fundamental bottom, consistent, sympathetic, and compatible with Christian aesthetic--this was only thing missing fm Bill White who was (and is) otherwise tremendous and outstanding. Thus we note the further anti-semitic inspiration and element, and super-charge it all with purest reason and logic. For there's no other solution but Jew-expulsion; nothing else is going to suffice. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 9:20 - agree with your call on Bednarsky. The guy has become a religious huckster and is an actual race traitor. Burks should have zapped his post.

Michael Burks said...

I allows all posts at my blog. Many are attacking me. So I am fair to all who post.

Anonymous said...

Listen to the Audio files of Michael Burks at

Anonymous said...

We have been blowing the whistle about Michael Burks for a long time now.