Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Whispering Woods Hotel Pulls The Plug On Dr. David Duke's 2008 EURO Conference In Memphis Suburb Of Olive Branch, Mississippi

Update November 6th: Dr. Duke proclaims that the EURO conference is still on. Whispering Woods Hotel not as cowardly as I originally thought; they had received bomb threats from antifas. Updated post HERE.

Update #2 November 8th: EURO Conference now in session. Updated post HERE.

In what originally appeared to be one of the more craven acts of political cowardice I've seen in a long time, the owners of Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center in the Memphis suburb of Olive Branch, Mississippi, where the 2008 International Conference of the European-American Rights Organization (EURO), led by Dr. David Duke, have announced that they are cancelling the use of their facilities by EURO. This effectively puts the conference, originally scheduled for November 7-8, on hold. It may be too late for EURO to secure a replacement venue. Full story published November 4th, 2008 by the Memphis Commercial-Appeal.

Update November 6th: The EURO Conference is still on. Don Black has published the following on Stormfront:

An alternative location has been secured. Details will remain confidential for now for obvious reasons. The conference will start Saturday (Nov 8). We'll be calling all those who have registered with more information. We'll also provide contact numbers here tomorrow.

If you are flying in, you will, ideally, need to rent a car. You may want to double up on this. We will be providing some shuttle service from the airport in our private vehicles, but you may have to wait a while at the airport.

You'll need to make your own hotel arrangements wherever you can. Check Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.

We'll be holding a press conference tomorrow (Nov 6) in Memphis.

Additional coverage on Stormfront (beginning on page 24 of the thread) and the Vanguard News Network Forum. Also monitor David Duke's website for any official announcements by him. Most likely, Dr. Duke would first post any reaction on the Stormfront thread.

Please note that although the hotel has been canceled, the conference itself is still on at this point.

The owners of Whispering Woods Hotel issued the following statement:

The owners of Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center have cancelled the use of our facilities for the EURO conference scheduled for November 7-8,” the release stated. “We are committed to the safety and well being of our customers, guest and employees.”

Whispering Woods officials declined comment beyond the short release, which added:

Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center has a long and positive history in the City of Olive Branch and has every desire to continue to be a positive influence in the DeSoto County community. We would like to thank the leaders of the City of Olive Branch for working with us through this difficult and unfortunate chain of events.”

There has been no official reaction from any of the actual organizers of the conference to the media yet. However, unofficial contact with David Duke's office indicates that they are attmepting to find a substitute venue, and even if unsuccessful, may show up in the Memphis area nonetheless.

EURO had contracted to use the Olive Branch facility for the weekend session that was expected to draw an undisclosed number of participants. However, a number of anti-White protestors was also expected. Whispering Woods officials said earlier they were unaware of the nature of group when the contract was signed.

The facility’s management consulted an attorney, who determined there was a contractual obligated to let the group meet at the hotel. It was unclear from Tuesday’s statement what caused operators to reverse their position.

On Monday November 3rd, DeSoto County supervisors had declared a state of emergency to take effect beginning 8 A.M. Friday November 7th and lasting for seven days in preparation for possible problems. Officials said the declaration would have allowed them to call in extra law enforcement if needed.

During the past two weeks, the Whispering Woods Hotel has been targeted with a harassment campaign by the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center as well as other antifas. On October 29th, the hotel's manager, Travis Murray, abruptly resigned, claiming that he had been the recipient of threats.

An update from Stormfront has just been posted on the VNN Forum thread:

Dr. Duke & Don Black will be on the radio at 8pm ET tonight (Nov 4), from separate locations on the road travelling to Memphis. There will be a press conference held tomorrow and more information will be known for certain then.

As it stands the hotel has cowed to terrorist threats that have been sent to them threatening the hotel and the staff. The Sheriff's department of DeSoto county declared a "state of emergency" this weekend which the hotel is using as an excuse to cancel all EURO reservations at this last minute.

There is still some hope of a reorganized gathering in Memphis, considering the very real possibility that people may not be able to recoup their travel expenses at this extremely late hour. Tomorrow, in the press conference, more will be elaborated regarding a possible changed venue.

Tune in to
Stormfront Radio at 8pm ET for further details as Dr. Duke and Don Black travel through the night to appear on the Memphis court steps tomorrow for a national press conference to assess the situation and decry this submission to terrorism that has been put on display today.

For those who would like to register their objections with the Whispering Woods Hotel, here are the particulars:

Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center
11200 East Goodman Road
Olive Branch, MS 38654
Telephone: (662) 895-2941
Fax: (662) 895-1590
email: sales@wwconferencecenter.com

Commentary: This is a cowardly surrender to political correctness, and is done only because the hotel fears the antifas and the establishment more than us.

This must change. We must react against this, and make the hotel feel pain, albeit legally. For example, one question we should ask ourselves when contemplating legal political warfare against this hotel is "how would they react to a sudden increase in the number of magazine subscriptions they receive". Questions like that are worth pondering.

Should Dr. Duke decide to sue the hotel, and solicits financial contributions, be prepared to give generously.


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Whispering Woods for standing up for their own rights and not the rights of a bunch of small-minded people who are self-serving and self-involved.

ANN0YED said...

Sure, waste your time expressing your thoughts and feelings to the front desk at Whispering Woods.. I'm sure they haven't received enough complaints and threats, huh? As a front desk attendant, I would like you guys to be aware that they have no say so.. and neither does management.. It's the owners.. So, why not lay off of the employees, and find the REAL reason this conference isn't taking place? Or better yet, why don't you guys get a life and not waste your time.. How about spending time with your families or doing things that actually matter in life?

Anonymous said...


Minutes before the John McCain concession, Nationalists announced that "the backlash has begun to overthrow the African White-House usurpation." But, that "backlash" does not include the ex-cons, hucksters and losers, who would have projected a "fringe" or "criminal" appearance in the drive to "take back America." The notable contrast was between David Johnson, who put on the "All-American America" rally at Louisville, Mississippi, versus David Duke, who sponsored the aborted "Euro-Conference" at Olive Branch, Mississippi. Duke, an ex-con, who bilked his supporters and evaded taxes, had no lawyers or defense, when the Whispering Woods Hotel canceled his gig. However, when Winston-County officials restricted access, imposed searches and cut off rest-room facilities, Johnson submitted prior court-orders, won by Nationalists, mandating "no interference" with his event. When he threatened to sue, foes backed down. Organization had proven more fruitful than diversion.

In Louisville, the streets were cleared for the hundreds who turned out, whereas in Olive Branch the event was a bust. Duke had staked his hopes on Don Black, a fellow-ex-con, who operated a website, which extolled murderers, arsonists and con-men, whereas Johnson relied upon Barry Hackney, who had won significant lawsuits against recalcitrant public-officials. Hackney said that he was getting to work, immediately, to overthrow to the "coons, liars, traitors, wiggers and one-worlders," who had gripped the country. Duke, on the other hand, had, previously, circulated a document, asking his defrauded contributors to never criticize him for being jailed or pilfering their funds. One signatory was Kevin Strom, who later pleaded guilty to child-pornography. Another was April Gaede, who published an appeal for those associated with Hackney and Johnson to be assassinated. Rather than engaging in Duke-diversions, Chris Faulkner, a supporter of "Jena Justice Day", set his agenda as "Overthrow Obama".

Richard Barrett observed that "strong and cogent organization" is the key. He related that efforts to amass lawyers, technicians and spokesmen, to assure pro-majority forces "voice and impact," was the priority. Jake Laskey added that "winning even the smallest battles" was important to bring about ultimate victory. "It is good that we are standing up for ourselves and each other," said Lilli Frees. "We all have to work, little by little, to reclaim America for Americans." Meanwhile, Hackney summoned his supporters to act in a way which "serves America." Duke had, previously, attempted to hold a meeting at the Radisson Hotel in Atlanta, but the management canceled and Duke was left standing in the street. Hackney, however, scheduled a meeting in nearby Cumming, Georgia and, when officials tried to cancel it, won the case in the United States Supreme Court. When asked about the efficacy of pro-majority efforts to use the law to their advantage, Black denounced Nationalists as "outrageous liars" and "lunatics."

Copyright 2008 The Nationalist Movement

apollonian said...

"....So, why not lay off of the employees, and find the REAL reason this conference isn't taking place? Or better yet, why don't you guys get a life and not waste your time.. How about spending time with your families or doing things that actually matter in life?"
7:48 PM

* * * * *

Jew Should Answer His Own Question
(Apollonian, 6 Nov 08)

What kind of brainless psycho would post above-quoted item?--answer: only some idiotic Jew middle-class moron who is lacking something else to be doing, that's all. I really like the one--

"...spending time with your families or doing things that actually matter in life?"

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