Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vermont Teenager Larry Pratt Jr. Agrees To Plea Bargain Over Racial Incident In Brattleboro, But Must Undergo Soviet-Style "Diversity Re-Education"

A white Brattleboro-area teenager accused of shouting racial epithets and showing a gun to a group of high school students, some of who were black, during a June 2008 confrontation will avoid hate-crime enhanced charges, but must undergo Soviet-style diversity re-education as part of the process. Full story published November 13th, 2008 in the Barre Times-Argus. See previous post dated June 21st, 2008 for more background.

Eighteen-year-old Larry Pratt, Jr. of Guilford pleaded guilty on Wednesday November 12th to reduced charges of disorderly conduct, giving false information to police and reckless endangerment. As part of the plea agreement, hate crime-enhanced charges of aggravated stalking and disorderly conduct were dropped. Had Pratt been tried and convicted of all charges, he could have faced a maximum of nine years in prison and a $9,000 fine.

According to previous reports, Pratt did initiate the actual confrontation when he reportedly yelled some racial epithets at some black students. One black student then spat at Pratt. Later on, Pratt was remorseful and attempted to contact the black teenager to make things right, but the incident had already entered the justice system.

Pratt must serve five to six days on a prison work crew, speak publicly about his actions and participate in a diversity education program. The sharp contrast between this prescribed punishment and the maximum punishment outlined earlier strongly implies that the locals saw this as an opportunity to create another anti-racist poster child to use in the promotion of forced diversity and multiculturalism. An anti-white combined minority coalition called ALANA was also involved in this process. Since ALANA is an acronym meaning "African-American, Latino, Asian-American, and Native American", this implies that Whites are not welcome in their organization.


apollonian said...

Jews: Utterly Insane Psychopaths Evermore Reduced To Absurd
(Apollonian, 13 Nov 08)

Yes AA, this sort of stuff as u so well and aptly feature on this next excellent blog-topic of urs now is de rigeur also in England, where, I understand, every class now will have holohoax witch-doctor doing a whirling dervish dance for the kidsoes.

But we have to take a practical attitude towards this insanity, after all--it isn't something that hasn't been seen before for basic principle, u know.

For we're literally being indoctrinated with a foreign, alien, and anti-Christ RELIGION, nothing more nor less.

But AA, u and we gotta consider things in all context, esp. in this age of MIGHTY INTERNET, whence we STILL retain free internet and communications.

For as History is CYCLIC, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, as I always pt. out, at a certain pt. the proverbial law of diminishing returns must set in for our anti-Christ opponents--who, never forget, we've always said are NOTHING LESS, ultimately, than totally, utterly INSANE and psychopathic.

And after a certain pt. our Judaic enemies' actions will speak for themselves, quite apart fm what we might say by way of characterization, outrage, etc. For again, SUCH IS THE VERY NATURE OF CYCLIC HISTORY--which works practically by itself, we merely having to go along, riding such "wave," so to speak, much like a surfer.

AA, I seriously submit to u, our Judaic enemies are, at this pt., literally insane, living in their own little world--to the pt. of comedy. And as I say about above-mentioned "diminishing returns," their actions at this pt. are veritably COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE to their imagined ends--which is worship of Jews, I submit.

So real question is WHAT EXACTLY now we can and should do.

And I submit to u we should work on the MOST visceral, sublime, and emotional level--unlike Bill White, for example--and concentrate on those MOST LIKELY to relate with our real, and truest cause--that of dear old, basic Christianity, this then for straight-forward purpose of good old JEW-EXPULSION, once and for all.

Thus we proceed, I say and recommend most heartily, with most basic Christian program, the prosecution of simplest truth, BEGINNING WITH CHRISTIANITY ITSELF--which is meant, never forget, to be ANTI-SEMITIC (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

For note at this pt., being anti-semitic is simply being anti-insanity, as we see evermore. OUR REAL JOB GETS EASIER, in all truth. We just need to be ARTISTS at this pt. of patriot struggle for knowing what to do and how best to do it.

Enough people--NOT JUST WHITE--understand what's going on for USA and West, which is simple Jew/bolshevik take-over--not unlike Russia of 1917-18, everything considered. Rahm Emanuel, for example, proposed Obama admin chief-of-staff, is KNOWN MOSSAD asset who was outed back during the Clinton administration, for gosh sakes.

Observe then we're literally passing evermore fm sublime to ridiculous, and historical cyclic phase is NOT in favor of Jew monsters. Jews are left then with ONLY ONE OPTION--the "Samson option." Death to the Jews.

CONCLUSION: AA, are u aware of the lawsuit now pending in US Supreme Ct. whereby Obama is REQUIRED to present his birth certification, etc.? Ck there's not a word fm Jews-media. Nonetheless millions of people, by now, are already aware OBAMA IS NOTHING LESS THAN ILLEGAL ALIEN, literally. Gad, but it's almost funny. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian.


Public self-critisizm is the worst of all worlds,but he is a young man with his life ahead of him,and he does not know what he is fighting.