Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ten Members Of The National Socialist Movement Rally In Tyler, Texas; Offset By 100 Counter-Protestors And ARA Scum

While 50 National Socialist Movement cadre were rallying in Jefferson City, Missouri, ten members of the organization staged a rally in Tyler, Texas on November 8th, 2008. Full story published by the Tyler Morning Telegraph and KYTX Channel 19 in Tyler. Discussion available on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Click HERE to view the Telegraph's photo gallery of the rally.

The two-hour rally, timed to coincide with the Missouri rally, was intended to focus primarily on illegal immigration. But approximately 100 counter-protesters showed up to confront the NSM, closing Spring Avenue from Ferguson to East Erwin Streets. Many of the counter-protestors were Anti-Racist Action (ARA) anarchist scum, considered the sworn enemies of White activists. These cowards cover their faces with bandannas during rallies, although it's more for image rather than identity protection. [Ed. Note: Or perhaps they're trying to avoid asphyxiating anyone with their bad breath.]. Podblanc video embedded below:

And there's evidence that ARA expended considerable time and effort coordinating their planned opposition. They issued an initial call to action on Infoshop on October 30th. And they showed up in force, despite pleas from the local cops to stay away. Some came from as far away as Austin. But perhaps another reason so many antifa showed up was because there was a report of racist graffitti sprayed at Kilgore High School, just 20 miles east of Tyler, earlier in the week. Most likely this was done by misfits who use white nationalism as nothing more than protective cover for personal hooliganism, but you can see how that type of nonsense would make it more difficult for legitimate activists like the NSM to get their message across. [Ed. Note: I wonder if undercover anti-racists sprayed the graffitti on the school in order to discredit the NSM?]

Nevertheless, despite the presence of so many antifa, the rally proved to be peaceful. Police gave several verbal warnings to protesters who leaned too far into the police tape or who shouted obscenities, but there were no arrests.

Outfitted in black pants button up shirts and high laced boots, the NSM contingent stood on the back steps of the Smith County Courthouse shouting their message from a megaphone. “We fight for our race - we fight for our nation. We are not un-American; you are un-American. You are the problem,” Sgt. Jeffcoat, unit leader of the Southwest Texas NSM shouted.

Randy Oliver of Tyler who came to watch the rally said that he was disappointed that the NSM chose Tyler as a place for their rally. “I know it’s freedom of speech, but you can see that no one wants them to be here,” he said. “Maybe they will see that and not come back.” [Ed. Note: I wonder if Randy is just as disappointed in the illegals who come to take jobs and benefits from us.]

Analysis: The decision to hold two rallies on one day reflects the growing strength of the NSM. In particular, the ten who stood up to 100 antis in Tyler should be commended for their courage.

However, getting only 10 people to a rally can marginalize a group, particularly when queers and queer-enablers can put 2,000 on the street in Los Angeles, or 3,500 on the street in Salt Lake City. We can get away with 50 people at a pro-White rally, but even though they get good media publicity, ten is just too few and the antis will laugh at us. Perhaps the NSM should concentrate on one rally at a time until it builds its strength up more.



I went to see the rally hoping to hear some good stuff, but it was sad to see that the NSM could only muster 10 people while there had to be 200 college students in bright clothes yelling for what they believed in. After five minutes of not being able to hear you (and of seeing one ofthe younger members crying you know the larger kind of pink guy on the far right) I realized that what you stand for is pointless and went to chant "DIE NAZI SCUM" with tthe rest of em. Seriously...ya'll need some better PR if a rag-tag group of college students can upstage you at your own rally...Of course I wouldn't call it a rally. It was more like they slaughtered you with peaceful words and common sense. Even Hitler, Hemmler, and Menegle were shaking their heads yesterday and ya'll just need to give up. People don't want to hear hatespeech anymore.

Anchorage Activist said...

Sutcliffe - your input is useful, even if you are a critic. If the main point you got from it is that "the war (WWII) is over", then the means of delivering the message has to be re-visited.

Anonymous said...

"ya'll need some better PR"

You don't know the background story.

"I realized that what you stand for is pointless and went to chant "DIE NAZI SCUM" with tthe rest of em."



What war? This is not a war, but an ideology. The ARA guys wave their red stars, red flags. Don't you want to tell them, there is no more Soviet Union? Don't you want to tell the anarchists their ideology was defeated?

Anyway, the NSM is against the war, crime, illegal immigration, drugs. Do you support the war? Do you support the crime? Do you support the illegal activities?

You lost the debate, so get over it!

apollonian said...

Jew Scum "Protesteth Too Much"
(Apollonian, 9 Nov 08)

Indeed, "Sutcliffe" is interesting and laughable--he tries so hard--and he's nothing but Jew filth himself or Jew-tolerant puke, same difference. Jew "Sutcliffe" then wants to pretend he's somewhat "impartial" and to be delivering "un-biased" reporting of what took place. But essence of Jew is lies.

Note psychotic nature of "Sutcliffe's" "report": he says he "realized" "pointlessness" of NSM--and then went to "chant"--so what kind of behavior, really, is that?--it's pure Jew, that's all.

The good thing about the rally is people are still out there trying to doing something. And very success of rally is it got whatever publicity. Jews are on their way out, and big Jews are and will sell-out the lower-level Jews, the kind who go in for such "counter-demonstrations."

But the real lesson/observation for myself is MESSAGE MUST BE CHRISTIAN against Jew liars. And this Christian msg is best directed towards "Christians" who don't quite yet understand anti-semitic purpose of Christianity.

Remember something most important, most significant: THE MONEY POWER IS BEHIND the anti-nazis--they're NOT "rag-tag" at all, not in the slightest--rather, they're highly organized and heavily funded/supported, without the slightest doubt. "Sutcliffe" is NOTHING but dedicated Jew liar, nothing more nor less.

"[P]eaceful words and common sense"--right, Jew liar. Here's the real truth, evermore apparent to evermore volk: "it's Jews, stupid"--Jews are behind all the terrorism and world turmoil, and Jews are the only ones to profit, excepting maybe a few gentile suckalongs, slightly, and only gentiles suffer.

And Jews--if u really "won the war," then WHAT ARE U REALLY WORRIED ABOUT? In fact, people are desperate to hear the truth--which is what Jew liars call "hate-speech."

And observe the real socio-biologic (see truth: Jews are a parasitic disease-of-opportunity--such disease failing if/when it destroys hubristic gentile host it feeds upon. This simple socio-biologic CYCLE, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, is why Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) are presently falling-out, CFR's Walt-Mearsheimer pointing "finger" at "The Israel Lobby."

CONCLUSION: Thus I and patriots say defiantly, Death to the Jews, and now the only thing gentiles need to do is to CONSOLIDATE--more explicitly as Christian warriors and avowed, outright Jew-killers and anti-semites working for cleansing, refreshing Jew-expulsion. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Pointless said...

You angered the hippies. You got a punch of potheads to leave their parents' basements for 2 whole hours. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

200 college students?
lmao It was under a 100 NOT 200

Anonymous said...

These groups must be infiltrated. It's easy. Just don't bathe for a week and spout nigger love, and you're in like flynn. Once infiltrated and a list of names drawn, the appropriate action can be taken.

Anonymous said...

The NSM has really lost credibility since they ousted their first 2008 Presidential candidate John Bowles and their second 2008 Presidential candidate Brian Holland promised to get on state ballot (and didn't), plus their high ranking officers leaving because of Jeff Schoeps bad character.

John Taylor Bowles said...

When I was the 2008 Presidential candidate of the National Socilaist Movement, my staff and I went to Texas to campaign and inspect and tour the Texas/Mexican border (Laredo) in mid-2007. I thought this was a good idea since there are still a lot of good White people in Texas, the illegal immigration issue was hot, and the NSM had four units in Texas and support in the Midwest. This was going to be done on a weekend. Anyhow, when my staff and I arrived there on Friday I was informed that 3 of the 4 NSM Units had resigned and no support was going to be available from the remaining last Unit. WTF!!! Anyhow, the border inspection went as planned with no assistance from any NSM whatsoever. In fact, we caught illegal aliens swimming across the river into Texas from Mexico and the Miniutemen sleeping in their cars as it was happening.

I guess getting dressed up and having rallies in Texas is more important than getting elected to the White House.

Vignir1488 said...

Noticed Bowles as usual for himself left a most profoundly farse statement of the Texas Div. of the NSM!!
Bowles loves to jump the Gun, he of course made no plans with Texas Units for his trip and did the trip on a seconds notice...then leaves the NSM shortly after what a big loss..NOT!!
As for the Tyler Rally {few against Many} shined brighter than a bunch of mindless cattle!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit. Next time instead of sitting around a room drinking cheap beer and giving each other tattoos try practicing your camera work. I think I could have gotten better footage by throwing a camera in the air and randomly taking pictures.

Anonymous said...

Notice how any criticism or truth of the NSM is attacked by its members. Bowles should be glad to get away from those misfits.

Anonymous said...

Apparently it is obvious those who speak for the agitators against truth and against those that stand against Tyranny are in themselves the enemy of our Race and our Nation.

Bowles spreads lies and those that assist in his false testimonies of others are in fact his minions against the greater struggle...hince why both of you are exiled from the struggle.

S. Grant said...

It looks like NS Presidential candidate Bowles is back:

Anonymous said...

Good work NSM Comrades. Bowels is back from where, the gutter? He comes onto this blog under 3 different names to throw sh*t at his former Comrades. Can we say traitor! The reason Bowels was thrown out of the NSM was for being a gossip monger, and egotist. Even at his age he still has not learned and cannot help himself but to cast himself as a swine before the feet of Racialists Marching in the streets of Texas and Missouri. How freaking pathetic. Bowles perhaps you should salute your old Comrades for their efforts, or just shut your mouth all together.

Anonymous said...

I won't take sides in this matter; but if you search on the web there is a description of what happened when the NSM split written by Mr. Bowles.

Anonymous said...

Never seen Bowlesdoing anything positive lately since his departure from the NSM, just doing anything but supporting and slander other factions fighting the corrupt system against Whites .

Divided he seems to want us

United he seems to prevent us

Anonymous said...

"The NSM has really lost credibility"

1 and half year ago the NSM had rally in Missouri, 24 members showed up.
Now - 63 members showed up.

And this means to you, the NSM lost credibility? Yeah, right...

Anonymous said...

Many will doubt because....

If you are not part of the sollution you are part of the problem

Anything worth while never be easy [period}

Anonymous said...

NSM split? Ha ha ha ha, yeah our detractors keep saying that but we nearly tripled our numbers between this year and last. The split was a couple guys quitting and a couple guys getting thrown out, all played it up like drama queens screaming the group would suffer or fail without them (the same thing misfits and egotists always do). Those that quit and the others that were thrown out were replaced by new people within a week or 2, so the split is a thing of fairy tales. Isn't it interesting the work of the NSM continues, its troops in the streets triple (see Missouri march, not to mention the Texas guys out on the same day, and another 20 at our Wisconsin meeting that same day), hmmmmm, and our detractors sit back on the net talking trash? Well at least some of us are still in the streets while our ex members watch us on tv or the net from their easy chairs. Hail the NSM from us here in Detroit NSM

Anonymous said...

If you are afraid to speak against Tyranny, then you are already a slave

He who refuses to be involved in politics must endure being ruled by inferior people

Who ever can conquer the street , will one day conquer the State, for every form of Power Politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots inthe street
- J. Goebbels -

Anonymous said...

The NSM did have a big split. Amazing how NSM members are in denial about Jeff Schoep's incompetence that led to the split. It wasn't a few disgruntled members that left. It was like over a hundred. Want me to start naming names? Also, the numbers haven't rebounded. Maybe close to being even like before the split.

Anonymous said...

show everyone how anti-white you really are?
Scheop at least can go into public and stand against corruption and Tyranny and all here is , Bowles under guise with his cronnies bashing others actualy doing and not talking
If you are not part of the sollution you part of the problem {period}

Anonymous said...

While Schoep was working ruthlessly to promote the NSM, he was otherwise unemployed and committing a string of the sort of petty crimes he typically ascribes to niggers, according to Minnesota court records. In 1998, for example, Schoep was arrested for helping the mother of his daughter steal $4,000 in computer equipment. He later pleaded guilty and got off with probation, but not before the sentencing judge pointed out Schoep's obvious hypocrisy. The NSM, she said, "does not condone fathering children around the countryside and taking no financial responsibility. And it does not condone the commission of crimes. I also know that your organization believes that there are various minority groups in this country who do that on a regular basis."

The truth was out: Jeff Schoep regularly acts like a nigger and has god knows how many kids spread around Minnesota which he abandoned to marry a mixed bred in Detroit, Michigan..

Anonymous said...

LOL More problem causers rather than sollution finders
Ok so we say we believe your anti-NSM jargon I guess we should all just give up because someone does not like Scheop personally over false information eewww your a real sollutiohn go getter arent you {NOT}Hey lets Join Bowles and his band of money grubbing misfits that take take and do nothing that sounds alot better {NOT} or we can follow Bil non- White to Jail with the rest of his so called NSrs

I bet you are full of more anti-white than pro-white sollutions

Anonymous said...

Heys i say lets all waste more time and effort and follow the Great Harold Covington to the Norteast Reservation of scarred white runna ways
And then theres Prof., Hardy Loydd that wants every one to be Aryan Jihadists and realy do stupid things

This is great lets continue the more white on white bashing...Jews love it when whites do this and they dont have too

Anonymous said...

Been following, reading and learning about the Anti's now for quite awhile.
What is interesting is the level of illegality they are willing to use to get 'personal information' about anyone they want to destroy.
Their jobs, homes/residences, neighborhoods is how they expose anyone that is pro-White and not anti-White hate.
They continue to draw attention to themselves thru their efforts to seek out information of people and organizations, events they don't like and their bold exposure of themselves will truely destroy them.
This pathetic thing closes his bragard post with this mentally ill statement: "M.Treloar is a White guy who will live to see the destruction of Whiteness."
He cannot wait to see every relative he has including himself and every White person alive or yet to be born, destroyed. Pretty mentally ill.
Then they go and advertise where to find them, where they hang out here:
I got this is a used book store they recommended: Anarchist Yellow Pages 2004 edition over 2000 entries (infoshops, squats, 'zines, coffeehouses, etc)
Info from International Anarchist & Movement Allies.
Most are teenagers and college students.
Spoiled rich kids.
They believe in a crazy ideology as long as their rich parents in Beverly Hills continue to pay for them and allow rich Celebrities that agree with them like Jane Fonda, yet they procrastinate and are hypocrits for allowing these rich Celebrities and their rich families to live in luxurious splendor.
Nothing like exposing themselves and their so-called secrets, I got em' all.
Know many of them too and have mega-tons of their information it was easy.
So if it was easy for me to find out all about where they will be next guess the Cops they protest know too, and will be waiting for them to make a mistake and join their pals in prisons!

Anonymous said...