Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sweden's National Socialist Front Disbands, Reconstitutes Itself As "Folkfronten" (People's Front); References To Adolf Hitler To Be De-Emphasized

Pictured above, a group of Swedish NSF activists

Following in the footsteps of many White activists who have chosen to distance themselves from traditional national socialism and Adolf Hitler in order to promote a more contemporary approach relevant to the current era, the National Socialist Front in Sweden has disbanded and reconstituted itself as "Folkfronten" (People's Front). Media story published November 25th, 2008 by The Local; announcement posted in Swedish on the NSF website. Provisional English translation of announcement HERE. New Folkfronten website under construction HERE. Stormfront discussion thread HERE.

Here's an excerpt from the group's statement: “On Saturday, November 22nd, the National Socialist Front (NSF) decided to transfer all of its assets to the newly started People’s Front party as we feel this party has the ability to rebuild a Swedish Sweden. This also means a closing of the books for the National Socialist Front,” the group writes on its website.

The party's premise is that ethnic Swedes own the right to the country because they share the same genes and same blood which belonged to people who for thousands of years have worked the same earth. Consequently, the party’s aim is to return to the Swedes their power and their rights. But according to the magazine Expo, the group has done away with all references to Hitler. It has no intention of running candidates like traditional parties at the present time, Since it considers debates of parliamentary democracy to be about the "fleeting, irrelevant, theoretical, splitting of hairs". Nevertheless, it will engage in strictly legal activity.

Folkfronten will be led by two long-time activists in NSF’s national organization, Daniel Höglund and Anders Ärleskog.

The NSF was originally founded in 1994, but has been without a leader since 1999 when Anders Högström, the group’s leader at the time, surprised his colleagues and the country by announcing he was giving up on Nazism.

Analysis: Folkfronten is the latest of a growing body of White activists who are distancing themselves from the traditional German national socialist model, along with its leader, Adolf Hitler, and promoting a version more in keeping with contemporary 21st century mores and the correlation of forces.

Those who distance themselves from traditional German NS have experienced the greatest success and noticeably lesser resistance from the White masses. Dr. David Duke's influence really took off after he was successfully elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives. Don Black's Stormfront forum is the world's largest white nationalist venue. European Americans United has already accomplished far more at the grass roots level than its predecessor, National Vanguard, could ever hope to do. The Nationalist Coalition provides a steady stream of persuasive videos to promote the message, and even ran one of its officials for a state legislative office in Florida. The British National Party started electing people after Nick Griffin steered it away from John Tyndall's hard line racial nationalism and towards a more publicly-digestible racial populism. It is nothing less than the mainstreaming of white nationalism.

Distancing one's self from Adolf Hitler does not mean disrespecting his contributions nor demonizing him. It simply means that we recognize that Adolf Hitler was the product of another time and another place, who arose in response to another unique situation. It also means we recognize that Hitler and German national socialism has been so demonized by the Jewish-dominated establishment that we can make no headway actively using him. The best way to ensure that the memory of Adolf Hitler is properly honored is through the mechanism of Holocaust revisionism. As we show that the accounts of the Holocaust were grossly over-exaggerated, and demonstrate how advocates of revisionism have been incarcerated as prisoners of conscience, it will arouse outrage among fair-minded people and perhaps even prompt them to question whether or not Hitler himself was misrepresented as well. And therein lies our opening. We can tell the truth about Adolf Hitler and German national socialism without engaging in "Hitler-worship".


Orion said...

This is good news. Let's hope other groups can follow their example. Hitler is a part of history now, let's move forward. We can borrow those principles from the National Socialists that worked because they are universal. But dressing up in 1930s Nazi costumes and seig heiling is simply playing into the hands of the enemy. It's time to fight the enemy, not assist his cause.

Same for the KKK.

Tom said...

"It has no intention of running candidates like traditional parties at the present time"

That's BS. The whole point of this change is to become more electable.

apollonian said...

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He of difficult days said...

I reckon the Russians will take you guys out...

Whats your take?


Orion said...

Let's hope so. We need all the help we can get. Send a few fucking nukes this way, preferably at DC, NYC, San Francisco and LA. We'll take care of the rest. Thank you, Ruskies!

He of difficult days said...

these Swedes are probably the same fookers who protested against apartheid.

We had a lot of these blue eyed cunts in SA in the 1970s acting all liberal, screwing blacks and protesting in anti apartheid movements

Anonymous said...

This sounds like some of Nordwave bullcrap.