Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sweden Grows A Set Of Balls, Refuses To Extradite Danish Neo-Nazi To Germany, While Denmark Rolls Over Like A Puppy Dog And Extradites Two

Sweden's highest legal official has argued that a Danish neo-Nazi can not be extradited from Sweden to face charges in Germany as he has committed no crime under Swedish law. Full stories published by UPI, Euronews, and The Local. This is also discussed in the Balder Blog and on Stormfront.

Swedish Chancellor of Justice Göran Lambertz has refused a German request for the extradition of a Danish citizen who is a resident of Sweden. The individual, who has not been identified, is suspected in being involved in the distribution of racist material in Germany. Specifically, he has been accused of distributing "racist" CDs manufactured in Australia by post and by car. Although transporting the material by car is not protected by Swedish law, Lambertz does not consider the charges sufficient to warrant extradition.

But several of the other offences that the man is suspected of are perfectly legal in Sweden. These include membership in a criminal organisation (criminal according to German standards), the use of symbols such as the swastika and denial of the holocaust. In addition, the hate crimes included in the charge list are now superseded by the Swedish statute of limitations.

The request was triggered by a German prosecutor in Frankfurt am Main who is investigating a distribution chain of so-called white power music with subsidiaries in several countries. The postal order network supplies hundreds of thousands of CDs with neo-Nazi, holocaust-denial and generally racist content. Some of this content has been distributed in Germany, in contravention of strict national laws. The German authorities have sought judicial assistance and extradition of suspects from both Sweden and Denmark, but in Sweden they have met with opposition.

In contrast, Denmark has rolled over like a puppy dog and has been more cooperative and offered legal help to the German authorities. They've also approved the extradition of the other two leading figures within the Scandinavian arm of the neo-Nazi movement to Germany: Stefan Günther and Flemming Christiansen. One is Danish, the other German. This stems from what is called the "Elsinore case", discussed further in this separate post on the Balder Blog.

Thunbs up to Sweden for not kowtowing to political correctness and for defending their sovereignty. Even more impressive is the fact that the Swedes are standing up for a foreigner in their midst.

Thumbs down to Denmark for rolling over. Of course, they might be required by treaty to extradite the two men, but shame on the Danes for signing such an agreement in the first place.

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