Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seventeen-Year-Old Jamie Patterson Speaks Out On Home Invasion, Rape, Assault And Robbery In Johannesburg, South Africa

While visiting the South Africa Sucks blog, I noticed a story about a 17-year-old White girl who was raped when five thugs, believed to be black, invaded her family's Johannesburg home and assaulted and robbed the family. A sixth thug was waiting outside in a getaway car. While the story is from December 2007, it typifies the experience many South Africans have had since the end of apartheid because of the incompetency of the African National Congress government.

Johannesburg is in the province of Gauteng. House robberies occur predominantly in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. Gauteng accounted for nearly half of all house robberies committed between April and September this year: 3568 out of a country-wide total of 6711. Just over a quarter of house robberies — 1648 in total — happened in KwaZulu-Natal. In contrast, each of the other provinces reported fewer than 400 house robberies during the six month period with the Free State recording 75 and the Northern Cape just three.

Seventeen-year-old Jamie Paterson was asleep when five thugs invaded her family’s Johannesburg home. She was dragged out of bed. As four of them terrorized her mother, father and nine-year-old brother, the fifth pulled her into a bathroom and raped her. Then he told her that he was HIV-positive. The rapist then locked the bathroom door, telling Jamie he was doing so to “protect” her from his cohorts who would almost certainly also rape and then kill her.

As a precaution, Jamie began four weeks of retroviral treatments for possible HIV. The cocktail of anti-retroviral drugs made her weak and she could barely walk. She had muscle pain, was constantly nauseous and tired, and also had a rash from head to toe. But so far, two HIV tests have come back negative.

The South Africa Sucks post, which offers more details, can be read HERE. However, they still haven't quite figured out all the tricks of their new blog, and were unable to embed a YouTube video in which Jamie discusses the crimes committed against her family. So I've embedded the video below:


As for the rest of the family, the thugs threw a duvet over Alan Paterson’s head, and beat his wife Bronwyn, a former Pact ballet dancer, into a near coma. The robbers pistol-whipped her and then stabbed her in the back of the head and neck with a pair of scissors, calling her a "fucking white bitch". They broke three of her ribs, smashed her nose and tore off a part of her ear. The robbers fled with the family’s two cars, jewelry, medals, cameras, television sets, a DVD player, speakers and a microwave.

The savagery of the home invasions is appalling. Even if the victims cooperate, and obey the instructions of the robbers, the robbers will at least single out one of the victims for a savage physical attack. Rape of any females is quite common. Most of the black robbers are also motivated by anti-white racism, as well as some degree of class envy.

Although the story didn't specifically mention the race of the attackers, did they really need to? After all, would a white person call a white woman a "fucking white bitch"?


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Reading this post concerning savage nigger crime against whites and the arguements raised in preceding posts comments begs the question - what would our forefathers of years past think if they were transported to the present ? How appalled and aghast would they be ? What would their solutions entail ?

I'd imagine they would see matters quite clearly and suggest solutions that would not take long at all to produce results . But we're too
"enlightened" these days and thus will continue to argue nonsense while the ship goes down .

Sure , there is white against white crime , but not in the magnitude or sheer animal savagery displayed by the black and other alien races . They are breeds apart from us in all respects . Animal behaviour is quite natural for them .

The white man left unrestrained in his own civilisation would naturally cull the white criminal from our ranks . How much more so these damnable beasts that roam and prey virtually unrestricted upon our folk ... in particular the elderly , the women and our children .

Any initial "melting pot" ideal seemingly implied had solely the anglo - saxon in mind with a solid Christian footing espousing morals to match .

We were wrongly tolerant of other races , thinking that to so expose them to our culture would better their people ... but this has not happened . It has served only to drag us down into the third world cesspool .

The manipulators will always use integrated societies to their advantage ... which translates into our detriment . Was not God correct in stating that we should live separately from others ?

Incidents like this happen in SA and Rhodesia daily
( by the hundreds ), world wide by the thousands . It is criminal , and indeed it's a hushed up conspiracy of destruction , that this genocide is not proclaimed from every source of media known . And those responsible will be called into account soon .
Along with all those that enable the process in their own devious ways .

May God hasten that day .


Anchorage Activist said...

Our forefathers would not have tolerated this nonsense for a minute longer than necessary. The death penalty would have been applied to people who invaded homes and brutalized their occupants.

It should be quite obvious that the mark set upon Cain in the Bible is the dark skin, the pug nose, and the nappy hair. The intent was clear - the rest of us were to have nothing to do with them.

Orion said...

I know what Marse Jackson would have said: "kill 'em. Kill 'em all".

We have to ask ourselves, is this worth dying for to prevent this? The answer should dictate one's future course of action: sit on your hands and bitch, or get up and do what needs to be done. To die on your feet should be preferable to living on your knees while the wellspring of your genetic heritage is raped and murdered.

apollonian said...

Strategic Priority Is Mental, Spiritual, Above All
(Apollonian, 20 Nov 08)

Once again, I'm inspired by "Orion." And yes, active measures are necessary option--but didn't we already know that?

Thus what I'm trying to explain to u, comrade "orion," is we must make optimal use for all our possible weapons available. PEACE (such as it is) FAVORS US, presently, as long as we retain this incredible internet weapon of information--like ur blogs--don't under-estimate them and their effects.

So comrade "orion," please try to grasp this:

(a) We want to make it look, MUCH AS POSSIBLE, like Jew Bolsheviks attacking Christian people--WHICH IS THE ACTUAL TRUTH.

(b) Thus we want, most realistically as possible, to make it as difficult WAR CONDITIONS for Jew bolshevik enemy as possible--this in order to kill as many Jews and bolsheviks as possible when time is ripe--which will be soon enough.

(c) Thus we want to ISOLATE Jew bolshevik puke--AGAINST ALL PEOPLE OF ALL RACES, CULTURES, etc.--not just whites, and not even just Christians, either. Again, it's these psychopathic Jew bolsheviks against all humanity, qua human, u dig?

(d) And the way to consolidate, unify, and rally the white people is by Christianity; further, such Christian motif is also effective for other people too, not just whites.

Finally, REASON is what will unite all humanity, of all races whatever, against Jew monsters, psychopaths, and bolsheviks.

See, this isn't a game wherein we spout crap like "living on feet is better than dying on knees"--or whatever stupid, mock-dramatic bullshit.

Rather, it's a DESPERATE STRUGGLE of humanity against psychopaths who think they're smart and righteous with all the money and mass-media and Hollywood hype which puffs them up to thinking they're "moral" and righteous--it's what makes these psychopaths dangerous--their "moralism"-Pharisaism.

We're not stupid, comrade "Orion"--and we've heard all that crap about "fighting on our feet" and shit. Everyone with half a brain already knows that--and u think u have to remind us?--u think we're mere 5 year olds who need such cheap, platitudinous "inspiration"?

THE QUESTION/issue IS RATHER HOW--HOW TO KILL THESE JEWS BEST--How to achieve Jew-expulsion. And Christian mentality is the only way--try to get a grasp--try to get a clue.

Look at history: Christianity is the only--THE ONLY--way Jews have EVER been defeated.

Like it or not, by means of MIGHTY INTERNET and ur blogs, u and AA, among others too, EVERMORE people understand Jews are behind all the terrorism, only Jews, essentially, profiting, only gentiles suffering.

WHAT MORE DO U WANT? Soon enough, given present conditions, we'll have enough allies to be able to simply stand up and deal with these utterly, totally INSANE Jew PSYCHOPATHS.

For psychopaths by themselves are self-defeating; Jew psychopaths are ORGANIZED, and that's the problem.

It's NOT going to be anything glorious, comrade "Orion"--SO GET THAT OUT OF UR HEAD with all this "living on ur feet" balderdash.

It's simply a grim, deadly waiting-game we're playing with Jew PSYCHOPATHS practically now foaming at the mouth, using depleted uranium weapons--who are NOT impressed with ur child's sloganeering.

Thus white patriots must make use of patience and proper Christian-styled PROPAGANDA: it's all humanity against Jews, Jews leading these animals like niggers--and others too. But humanity can well include blacks, blacks who accept Christian, hence white leadership--and that's what we're working on, evermore forming up, setting-up the killing field for Jew psychopaths who are still dangerous and radio-actively poisonous, never forget.

Patience comrades: have confidence our present methods are bearing fruit--there's no doubt about it, as u can see scummy Jews (Talmudists) are now engaged in "limited hangout," pretending it's all fault of "zionists" (or "neo-cons"), for example.

And don't forget CFR-Bilderberg Judeo-conspirators (see TheNewAmerican.com for expo/ref.) pt.-ing finger at "The Zionist Lobby." There's no other credible enemy--"Al Qaeda" is a total joke, and evermore people know it.

At that strategic, culminating moment it will be understood the two opposing sides: all rational humanity, led by Christians, hence whites--AGAINST JEWS, all Jews and their allied animalistic filth, drugged and lobotomized.

Observe this very present moment as these Judaic morons imagine they will impose this burr-headed illegal alien as US Prez. Gun and ammunition sales are very strong--what a needed boost to our economy.

So the strategic pt., once again, is to CONTINUE CONSOLIDATION, this by means of Christian mentality. "It's Jews, stupid"--is the message and motif for all people, not just whites--not even just Christians. But surely among whites, we need to continue Christian-themed consolidation. All Christians must understand the imperative and necessity of anti-semitism. Only if one is anti-semitic can one enter the heavenly kingdom of God.

CONCLUSION: So that's what I want to hear more out of u, "orion," rather than that childish, cheap balderdash--rather, u must be most virtuous for purest anti-semitism--the only way to be a good Christian, such Christians so oppressed by Jew monsters. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Ha ! Orion , looks like you got the warm embrace - how ya doing ol chum , and then the stiletto in between the breast plates . What a pal !

Apollonian , I'd still like to know where I can get me one of those 4 page Bibles you use .

You really ought to buckle into a bus you know how to drive , yer stripping gears outa this one all the way down the road .

" But surely among whites, we need to continue Christian-themed consolidation. All Christians must understand the imperative and necessity of anti-semitism."

How much of a theme can one embrace if only a handful of scripture is raised for consideration ?
How deep an investigation is that ? Solid foundations or fluff ?

""Only if one is anti-semitic can one enter the heavenly kingdom of God."

I can show you where it says if you're not born again you wont enter ...

where you must repent ...

where you must humble yourself ...

Can you show me the scripture for your statement ?

If God just wants us to kill jews to fix our problems , why not just say so ? Why did He allow them to get into this position over us and remain where they are ?

I still think yer simply a saboteur sent to further an image they're creating - the mindless white supremecist , who embraces a christianity that is a hollow image inside that amounts to nothing more than jew hatred .

Sounds like fuel for demonization to me .
Well done comrade , you've earned your shekels for today .

Orion said...

Thanks Jeff, I didn't even read his post, I never do. I'm beginning to think you and the others are right. I really don't think he's bright enough to work for the kikes though. I suspect he's getting computer access at the asylum he's been committed to, somehow.

apollonian said...

"Orion" Needs To Take Strategic Stock, Consideration
(Apollonian, 21 Nov 08)

Wow, "orion," u're a nasty little bastard still, eh? I meant my criticism in generally constructive manner, comrade. I rather agreed w. ur statements, only adding further qualifications.

In view of ur mis-judging Curt Maynard, the mestizo-man, I don't think u're too well qualified to pass upon the "brightness" of people.

I'd say my pt. is ur philosophy/attitude as expressed in ur previous statement (6:25 pm) isn't as good for general strategic, organizational purposes (urs being too platitudinous), and I wanted to demonstrate a larger, general treatment by which to organize the volk for more successful results. And my way isn't complicated, either--like that stupid, babbling white nigger, "Jeff."

And there u are commiserating with that utterly ignorant and moronic "Jeff"?--who wonders where is citation for New Testament anti-semitism (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13)--which citation I've given numerous times in my posts here and even on ur blog.

"Orion," let me tell u, comrade: u pretend to be judge of "brightness," and u choose advice of that brainless, ignorant white nigger, "Jeff," against me and my substantial expo?--u're backing wrong horse, brother--no less than u did w. Curt Maynard. U're just guessing--and u guess wrong too often--u need to THINK--think more, and think better, brother.

"Orion," look, let me be just a little more detailed for u in most stark terms: ur "philosophy," such as it is, is a loser--and I'm talking about how it relates with ur people and comrades who can use able-bodied assistance which u pretend to feature.

U speak mere platitudes (look it up in dictionary) which are useless, un-informative, and meaningless--though I consider u mean well--I rather say u could easily do better. And my last post was meant as demonstration towards that.

"Orion," u're way too LAZY-minded; I'd say u're basically right and correct for ur spirit, again--as u take a "rebel" stand--but u don't do necessary mental work to relate with fellow patriots--which must be done in Christian style as I pt'd out.

Where u're really wrong is taking solace fm that idiot white nigger, "Jeff," whom I've criticised extensively and sufficiently already (ck ur own blog, 8 Nov, on Wm. Pierce). Observe one thing, comrade "orion"--and that is my simplified, rationalist Christianity, versus "Jeff's" mystic babble and idiot's nonsense.

"Jeff" is not merely pointless--he's palpable traitor pretending Christianity is not fundamentally anti-semitic. Note penalty for treason is death. These are not statements to be made lightly, comrade "orion."

"Orion," u should appreciate me, as I pull for u like a comrade should--I try to encourage u. Didn't I compliment u for ur blog, right at the first, even though for other things I attacked savagely, simply making specific points?--specifically regarding Curt Maynard, but also that idiot at "Wolfs Press," too, for example.

Look at how u mis-judged Curt Maynard, the mestizo-man--u're now making same mistake with this "Jeff" piece-of-shit, comrade. "Orion," I suspect u indulge in self-pity when u're criticised. All I wanted to emphasize is the extremely serious phase of struggle we're now in against the kikes, and that ur cheap cliche's aren't going to "cut it," so to speak.

And here's further pt., "orion": even if u still think I'm wrong--it remains a legitimate pt. to be made on blog dialectic, at least for other comrades to argue and consider. If u have respect for ur comrades, then u should at least argue for ur pt. If I'm wrong for something I say, u need to pt. it out and say why and how--this is purpose of blogging and dialectic--that's HOW information is conveyed.

If u can't figure this (aforementioned regarding dialectic) out, u have no business commenting upon "brightness" of people. Again, u were one who thought Curt Maynard was cool--against honest patriot like me, who's not attached to any mud-race filth, who hasn't produced a mud-race soldier offspring against the white volk.

CONCLUSION: "Orion," comrade, u should listen to me--I inform the volk--I do my proper job which u should appreciate. Further, I give u ur due for respect and credit as I pt'd out--u have no righteous complaint against me. Don't be a self-pitying hang-dog of a white nigger who too much resents honest criticism. Ur quality of judgment of character (as Maynard) still needs improvement. U don't have to take my advice, but u should give due consideration. Keep up ur good work, comrade. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

[Here's useful recent expo of mine upon Christian virtue A.]

Christian Virtue Is Honesty, Consistent With Truth (Which Is Anti-Semitic)--And This Includes Virtue Of Racism/Loyalty
(Apollonian, 21 Nov 08)

"B" Movie: Excellent for ur profession (see below-copied fm TheJewishConspiracyExposed.wordpress.com, "The British...," 18 Nov 08, comments). Great expo on masons, too. Remember however Christianity is commemoration of TRUTH and honesty against Jew lies and conspiracy, according especially to Gosp. JOHN, Christ answering the Jews definitively in Gosp.s MATT ch 22, and MARK ch 12, as for generalization of Old Test. law, (a) respect God, and (b) do justice. Christ also definitively decried Jew Talmud, as in Gosp. MARK 7:1-13.

Thus unlike any other philosophy, creed, etc., Christianity is DISTINCTIVELY, emphatically, thematically, absolutely ANTI-SEMITIC. No wonder Jews hate Christianity with special hatred they have for nothing else, including Islam. Thus I'm so proud of Christianity.

Regarding "racism": again, note this is simple matter of HONESTY and reason/logic. Racism is loyalty, period. Loyalty is virtue, pure and simple. Racism is virtue as it is consistent w. reason--as loyalty is virtue as it is consistent w. reason. Racism and loyalty are also no less than 5th of original Ten Commandments, "Honor thy race (parentage)."

CONCLUSION: One cannot NOT be racist--as one is either loyal or not to one race (mixed) or another (non-mixed)--IT'S EITHER-OR for loyalty and race. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

----------above by Ap in response to below-copied-------------

"B" Movie Gangster on November 21, 2008
Others have agendas that seem to go beyond exposing the Zionist conspiracy.
I myself appreciate pure practices of pagan and non-monotheistic religions.
Jesus Christ was not a friend of Jews. His message counters everything we see in modern Zionism and vengeful Judaism. However, in probably a short time, Jews gained access to leadership in the Roman Catholic Church. Today the Catholic Church is loaded with crypto-Freemasons and crypto-Jews who are who work through “soft” Masonic groups like Rotary and Lions etc.
That’s why it’s good to have records of “club” involvement on resumes. It shows higher degree masons that you are a “groupie” rather than individualist.
I was once seduced by Freemasonry in search of ethics and freedom that transcended Christianity, but I never made the move to become a member.
What the “Zio-wrist-ticklers boys’ club” offers is group ethics–virtual self willed enslavement. You do get benefits being a Mason, you can get out of legal trouble easily for example.
Freemasonry was once solidly Christian and did nothing more than build stone cathedrals, but to meet workloads, they opened up to ‘professionals’ who came from the secular and Jewish world.
Zionists arrived at the top and soon changed it all, turning it into a political/intellectual club that was a mask for Zionism.
Most Freemasons don’t know anything about the higher eschelons and secrets, but its obviously allabout Zionism and Rebuilding Solomons Temple, a real occult kind of purpose.
They promise “free religion” and “tolerance” and yes, they include Muslims in their ranks. Muslims like Kings Abdallah and Hussein and Hosni Mubarak.
The so-called radical Islamists are rebelling against the Muslim freemasons, so you see, Muslims are under Zionist Mammonish Occupation too. The radical Islam shit really doesn’t apply to the geographical U.S. or its people except for propaganda stunt purposes.
The US Patriot Act was in part designed to combat “radical anti-semitic Christians” and other groups like White Nationalists or Nativist Militias. Less so for an Islamic threat.
In Freemasonic Deism, Zionists offer the idea of ‘no-strings attached’ free religion, but the real aim is to help Christians and Muslims get rid of their superstition and reluctance to “go against God” so to speak. This helps a lot in financial affairs.
The Zionists however retain their full beliefs and use the others to fight for their causes.
Hence the love of Globalism and reference of any religious person that doesn’t fully endrorse Globalist Capitalist views is labeled “extremist” or “backward.”
The power of Financial Interdependance was finally demonstrated in a quite vulgar way recently last month. “One Market to Crash Them All.”
Myself, I claim agnosticism and readily accept Pagan religious values I feel do adhere to universal moral standards. But, I would rather live in a Christian Theocracy than this damn Judaic one we’ve got now.
I am not a racist either, and don’t judge people based on their color or heredity, but that doesn’t mean I don’t judge based on character and ethics–I do!
My distaste for the widespread and mainstream hatred of and racism against Muslims and Arabs in general led me to discover Jewish Style Hate. And I have learned a lot.
The wave of Islamophobia will likely be shut down by the higher up Masons and Zionists because it will alienate states like Jordan. However, this hatred against Islam is likely reflecting a crucial split in Freemasonry and Zionism. Some Zionists want Muslims out of the circle completely, as it has been one of the hardist relgions to control and de-regulate. Especially Shias, are not likely producing any Masons at all.
Many hardline Zionists like Rob Spencer and Daniel Pipes believe that use of force against Muslims is better than the Clinton/Emmanuel/now Obama style of seduction and subversion to lure the Islamic world into buying Zionist style gov’ts and economies. Hardline Zios don’t feel that such a thing is possible–the muslims will not make “good partners” in globalistic domination. They also feel this way about most Arab Christians too.
So about Paganistic religions, make sure its the Real Deal, not some Zionist influenced garbage meant to demoralize people and cause further social friction.
All I can say is be true to youself, not religious books, priests, and definately not secular globalists and Zionists who put out strange advice and pop-culture that is tearing the youth to pieces.

Orion said...

Holy shit Apo, WTF are you talking about?! This is why I don't read your posts, because they are unreadable.

I'm not going to get in a tit for tat here, that seems to be your MO, and it really distracts from the post message. Just look at this one. Either stay on topic or STFU.

apollonian said...

Honesty, Information, Reason: Correct Formula For White Victory
(Apollonian, 22 Nov 08)

"Orion," I'm surprised u even replied. Again, to make myself more clear, restating what I've already said: U'RE A LAZY, SELF-PITYING HANG-DOG who feels sorry for himself. AND UR ATTITUDE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED WITHIN THE RANKS of white patriots.

In other words, comrade "orion," btwn u and me, I'm boss--and I'll enforce this, u may be sure. If I have to, I'll BASH UR STUPID FACE--and worse.

"Orion," u pretend, as I pt'd out, to pass upon whether and how someone is "bright" or not. "Orion," comrade, I'm here TELLING u, u're the one who's slow, and u'd BETTER get ur stuff together--or like I say, u're going to be dealt with.

It's not so much I'm saying u're a traitor--as u're just a stupid, shiftless, lazy, self-pitying hang-dog of a lout--u're very much an ignorant -type white nigger, the sort who desperately needs to be shaken-up--and I'm perfectly willing to do it.

"Orion," let me now tell u exactly, precisely just what a stupid white nigger u are. I already told u about Curt Maynard, mestizo man, whom u thought was such dear patriot. And I already told u about ur buddy here, "Jeff." But now Observe ur own blog. On ur blog is the 15 Nov "I'm a Good Ole Rebel" selection.

In that white nigger's song is the line, "I hate the Declaration of Independence." And I already explained the exact problem to u on ur own blog. For again, Dec. of Independence simply makes the very case for Southern sovereignty, etc.

This is now the THIRD posting on this same blog I've made regarding u, personally, in explicit fashion--u HAVE ALL THE INFO U NEED TO KNOW. Get it straight--I'm not going to waste much more time on u.

Note I'm 55 yrs old--I'm not pretending I'm physically capable of brawling with stupid shits like u. Still I guarantee, what I say goes--and u're going to take heed.

Note at age of 55 the human is at optimum age of viciousness and treachery, stealth, and guile. I've explained and explained in detail, over and over. U don't get too many chances in life, comrade "orion."

And don't tell me my posts are "unreadable"--if there's problem give specification. Observe there's simple difference btwn myself and "Jeff," for example, regarding theologic expo: I'm simple, rational, clear, whereas "Jeff" likes to keep it mystic and complex, babbling on and on to no conclusion--ck ur own blog, 8 Nov., "The Big Picture...," by Pierce.

So there u have it--all the info u need, made with crystal clarity. I guess the motif is what one expects for white and Western humanity--REASON, hence intellect with HONESTY. And that's purpose of blogging then, analysis and dialectic.

"Orion," be careful, comrade: ur buddy "Jeff" is not going to be around too much longer. "Wolfs Press" guy is hanging by a thread. Ck ur blog, aforementioned, again, and note how "Wolfs Press" and "Jeff" can't even begin to get together--same goes for u. U pretend to judge others "brightness" when it's u who's lacking for it, comrade. And I'm just being HONEST with u.

The South lost because, for one thing, there were too many white niggers like u people--u almost had right spirit, but u just lacked intellect. Try to be more like a true hero, N.B. Forrest--there was a great guy whom South needed more of.

Robt. E. Lee was good on defense, as were a lot of good Southern men--they just lacked that true insight for the necessary offence--like, they should have taken Wash. DC at first battle of Bull Run, for example.

At this pt. in the game, CYCLIC phase is moving ever faster towards culmination; I KNOW best of all what's going on, comrades; u should listen to me, and cut ur stupid bullshit, u ignorant white niggers.

One of the greatest things for blog art is DIALECTIC, and I'll say one thing: we're lucky we get to watch people like this "Jeff" creature--like how he babbles. "Orion," don't u see "Jeff's" "MO"?--mysticism and complexity--am I right or wrong?

So I can tell u, in general, white folks must lose a few more weaklings, inferiors, and losers, and things are more quickly coming to a proverbial "head." Solution to problems is simpler than a lot of people presently imagine: Jew-expulsion will decapitate immediately the large Criminal Conspiracy which presently rules. And catching the gentile accomplices isn't difficult either, as things follow a simple analysis as I've given, regarding objective vs. subjective.

CONCLUSION: So "orion," again, heed my words: being a resentful, hang-dog of a white nigger is not the way to being HONEST. I'm the one who's honest, as well as informative, and u'd better get wise. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Well now , that explains the stench in the air and the slime on the floor over at my digs . His Majesty has graced me with his presence . Did you notice your news links posted , oh wisened one - been posted for some time .
I know yer story .

THAT part yer good at . Nigger crime and such . Stick to what you know .

So yer gonna bash in Orion's face now , but at the same time you admit yer really a puss to start with .
So yer basically just blowing off hot , fetid air ?

As far as Wolf's Press goes , you'll not put bad blood between us . We are racial brethren and respect the searching mind of one another . We are not drones but individuals called to different fields of function , and our paths will cross again in peaceful manner .

Yeah , I believe yer a sneaky ol bastard who would stab someone in the back , a "friend" even . Tell ya something though , you old warted cretin ... you aint got the market cornered on down 'n dirty dealings .

Our/my "likes" wouldn't have fought long under Lee . A very Christian man indeed but serious warfare requires steps be taken that at times are deemed uncivilized . We understand total commitment to a cause . It's never been more needed than now .

You want me to go on record I will - you can wipe yer ass with that constitution as far as I'm concerned .
When we hold that up as a holy document that is above question or investigation , it occupies a space only the Word ( Bible ) rightly deserves .

And even that is not above rebuke , ridiculed most often by those who will not even seriously study it .

But if you were indeed an ambassador for Christ , I would not need tell you this , would I ? Which one do you exalt as your standard ? What would you define an idol as nowadays ?

I've told you before , I'll not attempt to lay out my beliefs in encyclopedic volumes like you seem to so enjoy . I guess you get lonely and bitter .
You're quite welcome to label it mysticism and such if it suits ya , for to you I'm sure it thus appears .

As far as my blog getting the ax or me
"disappearing" - you put no fear in my heart , you drooling carpet bagger .
You're not the first nor will be the last to fluff yer feathers at me - take a fuc@ing number and get in line .

Go whine to google like the withered up ol toad you are . Tell 'em all about how you got mean mistreated .


Orion said...

Jeff, just ignore him. Nobody reads his 20+ paragraph lunatic rantings anyway. If you reply to him, it simply encourages him. Ever try to argue with a mentally ill person? Try it sometime, it's the same as dealings with Apo.

I mean, here was a great opening post you made to the story, followed by other relevant comments, then Apo shows up. From there it was all downhill. How many other boards has he done this to?

He has taken way too much space on racialist boards with incoherent babblings about nothing. He's only good to throw at the opposition where he distracts them and gets them going on different tangents. Just look at what he's done to this story.

apollonian said...

Apollonian Definitively Sets Patriot Dialectic
(Apollonian, 23 Nov 08)

At this pt. of dialectic it's time indeed for Apollonian to be brief regarding response to repetitive "orion," who was duly warned in no uncertain terms, "orion," who has so little to say, poor little baby.

Note someone who is mentally un-balanced will have difficulty communicating in coherent manner; thus "orion" keeps his responses so brief, he having so little to say (as usual). I responded to "orion" in substantial, detailed way which the little girl rejects--"orion," the little baby who rejects any criticism of himself as "madness."

Nonetheless, I'll observe I've set up excellent dialectic, and as "Jeff" false prophet has responded, I'll take opportunity here to re-state the anti-theses we two pose:

Thus basically, I'm Christian rationalist who features simplicity and clarity. "Jeff" is the typical, lying mystic who obfuscates and wants to keep things complex, confused, and muddled.

(a) Observe "Jeff" doesn't understand Christian anti-semitism and requires citation--which I've given over and again (Gosp. MARK 7:1-13). "Jeff," the endlessly ignorant white nigger doesn't acknowledge or express gratitude, brainless, ignorant, white nigger scum.

(b) "Jeff" babbles about my supposed "4 page Bible"--and I want to affirm it's indeed even simpler. For "Jeff" pretends disappointment my theologic analysis isn't complex or mysterious enough. On the contrary: note I simply cite Christ at Gosp.s MATT 22:37-9 and MARK 12:29-31.

(c) The ignorant scum ("Jeff") pretends I seriously complain about his, "Jeff's" exposition as being mysterious in substance, UTTERLY MISSING THE PT. For I merely mock the stupid son-of-a-bitch white-nigger's mysterious, utterly brainless, babbling style, that's all. For otherwise there's nothing really "mysterious" about such an ignorant white nigger as "Jeffy-Jeff."

(d) Finally, I want to affirm in all seriousness the ABSOLUTELY ANTI-SEMITIC PURPOSE AND SUBSTANCE OF CHRISTIANITY: PURPOSE OF CHRISTIANITY IS TO KILL JEWS, let there be no doubt.

(e) Of course there's a little more to it (but not that much, and it isn't that complicated either)--as one must kill Jews in purposeful manner, indubitably. For purpose of killing Jews is defense of what one holds dear, and Christ does not fail to remind us.

So there the DIALECTIC stands, mighty and virtuous Apollonian against the white niggers, including the little girl, "orion," and his big bro., the false-prophet, "Jeff."

Of course it doesn't occur to the little, self-pitying hang-dog of a sad-sack female, "orion," this blog's dialectic has turned out to being so brilliantly substantial--regardless of "orion's" petulant opinion.

What's problem with white resistance, "movement"?--thus we see, as in old Confederate South, it is so fraught with hangers-on and sheer white-niggers--who don't think--and can't appreciate clarity of Apollonian expo.

CONCLUSION: Thus white race needs/requires JEW-EXPULSION, and this can come only with clear, un-mistakable Christian rationalism for the masses--demonstrated so virtuously by mighty Apollonian, as in this most excellent blog. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the best hope for Nelson Mandela's lofty ideal of a true melting pot comes in the words of Bronwyn Patterson's daughter, Jamie.

She was born in 1990, the year Mr Mandela was released from 27 years behind bars, and says her black rapists were definitely full of "hatred".

"But to be angry at black people would be stupid," she says, remembering how black church members from Soweto gave her an award after overcoming her ordeal.

"When they prayed for us, it brought tears to my eyes because it was with such sincerity.

"For me, racism has never been something that I've even contemplated."