Saturday, November 08, 2008

Photos And Initial Reports From The 2008 International EURO Conference In The Memphis, Tennessee Area

Update November 8th 9:35 P.M. Alaska time: Two media stories about the EURO Conference now available.

The 2008 International European-American Unity & Rights Organization (EURO) Conference is in progress at the Memphis Plaza Hotel. Disclosure of the location was originally intended to be delayed until after the conference in order to prevent antifa disruption, but the media ferreted it out. Media stories published by WMC Channel 5 and WPTY Channel 24, both in Memphis.

When asked about it by reporters, the hotel's owner, Shiraz Hassaneli, said he didn't know what the conference was about, and that the employee who booked the conference was told that it would be a "family meeting".

The event is being live-blogged somewhat on this Stormfront thread, beginning on page 49. An unofficial headcount shows 140 people showed up, below the 300 originally expected. Jamie Kelso, one of the primary moderators of Stormfront, has taken and posted photos of the event so far. Kelso has generously agreed not to copyright the photos; you may distribute them freely. I have cross-posted three of them below:

Dr. David Duke addressing the conference

A shot of the audience

Russian presentation - the state of White rights in Russia

To listen to the conference, go to the main Stormfront page and follow the instructions provided on the top left. Live-streaming is available while the conference itself is in session.

On his website, Dr. Duke posted a letter he received from an unnamed journalist who was present at his November 6th press conference and who was appalled at the media bias shown against Dr. Duke. The journalist writes for a local newspaper in the Memphis area, but cannot identify himself for fear of losing his job. It is absolutely appalling that in the "land of the free", a person can lose his job for telling the truth. This cannot all be blamed on government; cowardly and avaricious employers must share a large part of the blame. The private sector has been co-opted into being used as proxy enforcers of political correctness. This is what makes Soviet America worse than Soviet Russia ever was; at least Soviet Russia didn't pretend to be free.


Anonymous said...


During "Obamanation", opponents of the Africanization of America
are challenged to come across as digging in and preparing for the
Obama-overthrow. Perception that such forces are in retreat or have
succumbed to cultist-behavior undercuts prospects of a massive
upsurge of the people and a triumphal march to resurrection of an
"America for Americans". Two personages have received public-scrutiny,
offering considerable contrast in techniques and views. David Duke,
who received notoriety two decades ago as a pro-white candidate,
has tried to re-assemble the remnants of William L. Pierce, an
atheist, whose successor, Shaun Walker, is imprisoned for "hate."
Barry Hackney, on the other hand, has parlayed pro-majority figures,
such as David Johnson, Richard Czubinski and Rob Dorgan, into
a movement which wins in court, as well as in the streets.

Duke had won a few court cases, early on, but, then, was hounded
by a string of failed cases and successful prosecutions against him. He,
eventually pleaded guilty to mail-fraud and tax-evasion and went to
prison. Hackney, on the other hand, was sued repeatedly, but emerged
victorious, every time. Duke had a lawyer, Jim McPherson, who was,
at best, marginally-competent, who failed, when the pressure was on,
and who, eventually, dumped Duke over Duke's gambling-addiction.
Hackney, on the other hand, had assembled a notable cadre of first-rate
lawyers, who were dedicated to the pro-majority cause and successful
in court. After Duke's various organizations were shut down, for
trademark-infringement or tax-violations, Duke began rejecting the
term "American," opting for "Aryan" or "Euro," whereas Hackney has
persisted in using "American" and "Nationalist."

In his latest foray, Duke scheduled a meeting in Olive Branch,
Mississippi, but was booted out of a local hotel, whereupon the
municipality enacted a permit-restriction against meetings, which
Duke lacked ability to challenge. He, eventually, conducted a
scaled-down get-together in neighboring Memphis, but only after
being kicked out of another hotel, there, as well. His numbers were
a quarter of his predictions and his theme was "equality for whites."
Hackney, on the other hand, held a rally at Louisville, Mississippi,
in which the local Sheriff banned use of the courthouse rest-rooms,
refused to block off streets and insisted that participants be searched.
Hackney had all such restrictions invalidated, in reliance on his York,
Pennsylvania court-order, attracting four times as many as Duke.
Public-perception of the two remains markedly different.

David Duke

Sued by John Treen for winning election to Louisiana House of
Representatives and wins case.

Sued by "No-Fear" Clothing Company for trademark-infringement and
loses case.

Sends lawyer Jim McPherson to defend David Broome, accused of
keeping a Negro out of a white neighborhood, and loses case.

Sued by Internal Revenue Service for illegally-pocketing
contributors' money. Settles case by shutting down and forfeiting

Prosecuted for bilking donors and evading taxes. Pleads guilty and
goes to jail.

Represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, secures a
court-order to hold a meeting in a Baton-Rouge High School. Damages
go to the ACLU.

Arrested in Georgia for blocking a highway, in holding an aborted
get-together, he pleads guilty, pays a fine and accepts a ban from
returning for one year.

Booted out of Atlanta hotel, he cancels meeting and complains of

When he is booted out of an Olive Branch, Mississippi hotel, the
municipality enacts a meeting-ban, which requires a permit for

Sued for election-law violations, he settles by paying a fine.

Associates convicted of bomb-making, conspiracy, murder,
neutrality-violation and weapons-violations.

Newspaper disbanded, when he goes to prison and is not republished.

Associate William L. Pierce sued by pro-minority-activist Morris
Dees, found guilty of fraud and paid out large judgment and damages.

Barry Hackney

Sued by Texas Human Rights Commission for holding a meeting against
the Forced Housing Bill and wins case.

Sued by Morris County, New Jersey to prevent holding a meeting at
George Washington's headquarters and wins case.

Sues Forsyth County, Georgia for requiring a permit to meet at the
local-courthouse and has all such permits invalidated in the United
States Supreme Court.

Secures court-orders against cities in Massachusetts, Texas, New
Jersey, Mississippi, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Damages go to The
Nationalist Movement.

Sends lawyer Richard Barrett to defend Murry Hocutt, accused of
keeping a Negro out of a white neighborhood, and wins the case.

Deprived of an assembly at the Liberty Bell, he secures repeal of the
ban by the federal Park Service, including invalidation of all fees,
insurance-charges and restrictions.

When municipalities in Oregon, California, Arizona, Iowa, South
Carolina and New York interpose restrictions on his meetings, he
negotiates invalidation of the restrictions.

Challenged by the Internal Revenue Service for "violating
public-policy," he secures a court-ruling in opposition, whereupon
the IRS drops the allegation.

Associates charged with desecration, trespass, disturbing the peace,
parading without a permit, contempt of court and rioting, but all
acquitted or charges dismissed.

Prohibited from conducting a symposium at the Mississippi Old
Capitol, he secures an Attorney-General's ruling that the
restrictions violate the First Amendment.

Prohibiting from conducting an exhibition at the Mississippi State
Fair, he secures an Attorney-General's ruling that the restrictions
violate the First Amendment.

Obtains ruling from the Maryland Attorney-General overturning a
prison-ban on his newspaper. Bans are, consequently, lifted in a
dozen other states.

Sued by pro-minority-activist Morris Dees for violating the
civil-rights bill and for "hate," but wins the case.
Copyright 2008 The Nationalist Movement

apollonian said...

Jew-Expulsion, Hence Christian Consolidation--To Save People's Very Lives, Comrades
(Apollonian, 9 Nov 08)

AA, I don't at all see pt. to first post-entry, above, but regarding the latest Duke/EURO meeting (see, I hope it's not just more of the same.

For what needs be done is Jew-Expulsion, whites united specifically by means of Christian aesthetic, this Christianity understood as TWO THINGS, (a) anti-semitic, and (b) perfectly rationalist and consistent therewith.

For those are the two primary things on which Christianity has heretofore been weak and so horribly, grossly lacking.

Thus by means of this Christian CONSOLIDATION we achieve Jew-expulsion which entails REMOVAL of "false-prophets" (actually traitors) who deny Christian anti-semitism (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

CONCLUSION: Thus, in general terms, again, we need and must advocate such Christian consolidation/rationalization towards glorious purpose of Jew-expulsion. Jew-expulsion is absolutely necessary, pilgrim, TO SAVE UR VERY LIFE. Christian OR Jew; it's either-or. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian