Saturday, November 15, 2008

Phoenix New Times Does A Hit Piece On Nationalist Coalition's Arizona Unit And Their Stormfront Family Night, Smears Dr. William Pierce

Stephen Lemons, who blogs on the Phoenix New Times under the handle of "Feathered Bastard", has taken a brief time out from his journalistic vendetta against the newly and DECISIVELY re-elected Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to take a whack at "neo-Nazis" once again (his second favorite foil). This time he fires off against the Nationalist Coalition's Arizona Unit and its proposed Stormfront Family Night, being held on November 15th, 2008 in Mesa, Arizona. His full post can be read HERE.

The event kicks off with the unit's regular monthly meeting at the main library in Mesa, Arizona at 3 P.M., then adjourns to Amazing Jake's for the Family Night beginning at 6 P.M. It looks like this unit, under the direction of Jesse Curnow, has been quite busy with some local multimedia/video projects, and they are preparing a video of their Fall Concert held in October.

Of course, once the "Feathered Bastard" found out about these venues, he proceeded to call them up and harass them under the protective cover of "journalism". Here's his account of his discussion with the library staff:

I called the City of Mesa to see if Curnow's group, which longs for a separatist homeland "free of non-Whites," had indeed reserved a room for Saturday. According to Mesa city flack Bob Huhn, the library's boardroom is booked from 1p.m. to 4 p.m. tomorrow under Curnow's name. Huhn stated that as a municipality, Mesa cannot prevent neo-Nazis from reserving a room as long as they follow all of the city's procedures for doing so. At this point, Curnow seems to have complied with all requisite criteria, according to Huhn, so Mesa's library ladies cannot block Curnow or his fellow supremacists, who are reckoned to number around 20 or so by various sources.

Apparently the library was a bit embarassed about it and virtually apologized for it, while weakly defending the Nationalist Coalition's right to free assembly. Contrast that with the more stand-up constitutional attitude demonstrated by Amazing Jake's manager, Dan Sterzinar. Feathered Bastard writes:

Over at Amazing Jake's, manager Dan Sterzinar was not aware of what the Nationalist Coalition is, or that they would be holding their "Stormfront Family Night" at the restaurant he runs. (Stormfront is a reference to the white supremacist message board, to which many neo-Nazis, Klansmen, etc. across the country post.) Sterzinar would neither confirm or deny if Curnow had made a reservation at his restaurant, and did not seem overly concerned about the possible presence of Curnow's crew.

"You may have activities that you do in your own personal time that I may not agree with," Sterzinar told me. "But as long as they're private and you do them on your own, that's none of my business".

Then the hit piece really begins. Feathered Bastard describes the Nationalist Coalition as "suit and tie Nazis" and "uptown Nazis". He further explains how they are an offshoot of the National Alliance founded by the late Dr. William Pierce, who he describes as the "author of the dystopian, neo-Nazi novel The Turner Diaries, which envisions a pure Aryan society brought on by a race war wherein blacks, Jews and others are slaughtered". And, of course, he immediately links Dr. Pierce to the Oklahoma City bombing and the crimes of The Order, even though Dr. Pierce not only had nothing to do with those activities, but always worked hard to keep the "freaks and geeks" out of the National Alliance. As a matter of fact, here is a much more accurate description of Dr. Pierce and the Nationalist Coalition:

"It was the dream of Dr. Pierce, and of many White idealistic philosophers and thinkers before him, that our people would awaken from our slumber and ascend to our rightful throne as masters of this and all other worlds – and we in the Nationalist Coalition dedicate our lives to the fulfillment of their ancient dream."

But the Feathered Bastard can't resist taking one final cheap shot at the Nationalist Coalition, portraying them as "extremists who would put an end to that liberal democracy freedom of assembly, access and speech". Nowhere on their website or in their discourse have they ever implied that they would curtail any constitutional liberties for anyone. But that's a common blood libel spread about the white nationalist community, just like the blood libel about making matzoh balls out of Gentile children's blood.

Feathered Bastard does solicit comments on his blog, and registration is not required. He does allow a surprising variety of comments, so long as they're civil. I suggest following Alex Linder's example; be incisive, but be civil at the same time. Don't load it up with a bunch of f-bombs. But by all means, let's leave comments on his blog and let him know that we don't care for him to be misrepresenting the Cause.


Mr. Schwartz said...

quote: extremists who would put an end to that liberal democracy freedom of assembly, access and speech".

I respond:

So if "whites" did take over, would they allow Jews and blacks to have freedom of assembly, access and free speech?

Answer it honestly.

Anchorage Activist said...

Actually, Mr. Schwartz, if we could achieve a peaceful disengagement of the races, the other races could do what they liked in their own areas so long as they didn't interfere with us.

You ought to quit defaulting to the misfits as typical of the movement. The ADL and the SPLC seize upon the misfits and present them as typical of the movement for the sake of self-perpetuation and to keep the donation spigot cranked wide open. From your repeated exchanges with Chris Drake on Niksnest, you should already know that.

Anonymous said...

Mr Scharwtz,

In a White dominated society, why should non-whites have any voice? In a White dominated society there is no need for their voice. They are aliens, they are visitors, and they are second tier citizens at best.

Political resistance should be restricted towards all non-whites in America as the Black Man, the Jew, the Mexican, the Chinese Man has no interests in the commonwealth of the White Man.

Think how much safer our country would be today, if the Black Man, the Mexican and the Jew did not have the right to force affirmative action, restrict the White Mans freedom of association, corrupt our Banking System, enslave minorities with Usury, and corrupt the White Minds with Jew Porno.

Of course, the White Ruling Elite who control American would not allow that as then they would lose power, and would then be the focus of our attention instead of their pet Blacks and Mexicans.

Sherwood Smith

Mr. Schwartz said...

Anchorage Activist,

The problem is, with your side, is that the misfits have totally hijacked and taken over the "white movement". Oh I'm not complaining but......

Let's go back to let's say 1995. Your movement actually had leaders who had a resume to them. William Pierce and Richard Butler came to mind. Matt Hale I'll throw in there also as a person with credentials.

Then the internet came around which allowed all the misfits to become "nationalist" from the comfort of their airchairs. Then Pierce and Butler died and all sorts of infighting and division happened. Hale was imprisoned (I think he got too much prison time) and quickly forgotten about. Then those groups divided again, and then divided again, and then divided again...

Edit: I forgot David Duke, but almost on every forum outside of Stormfront in the WN forums, he's considered to be a jew, not nazi enough, a criminal...... you get the picture.

You can't blame Jews for this either, you have to blame yourselves for all of this infighting, division, and kooks. Your movement has no loyalty, people are constantly quitting and rejoining organizations.

NiksNest just shows you how low your movement has gotten....

Another way to look at it, Billy Roper's rally in Washington drew 100's to the streets in Washington. What was the biggest rally this year? perhaps a dozen sitting behind chicken wire and fences like wild animals.

And since you brought up Chris Drake, that's exactly what is wrong with your movement.

I'll repeat, the internet has lead to the demise of the pro-white movement.



How much safer would America be without blacks? Considering that almost all violent is either black on black or white on white, if all the blacks disappeared, the violent crime rate against whites could barely drop. While you worry about the black man raping your white daughter, statistics show, if your daughter were to be raped, more than 8 out of 10 times, it's a white man who is doing it. And I'll ask again, how do you tell a white man? I got hazel eyes by the way and brown hair.

Anonymous said...

To interested in Black Crime against White please read as a start:

Then live in the South and try to remember who has raped, murdered, and robbed more Whites you know, Black or Whites.

Sherwood Smith

Anonymous said...

Orion said...

"Considering that almost all violent is either black on black or white on white, if all the blacks disappeared, the violent crime rate against whites could barely drop. While you worry about the black man raping your white daughter, statistics show, if your daughter were to be raped, more than 8 out of 10 times, it's a white man who is doing it."

Hahaha you shit and fell back into it, kike. Why do you try to bullshit on a site like this? If nonwhites and jews were to disappear overnight, the crime rate would drop by ORDERS of magnitude. Shut your lying fucking mouth. Rape would be as rare as murder.

Mr. Schwartz said...

But that website only covers white on black or black on white crime. It ignores all the crimes that are white on white or black on black. Using the exact same source as that link you provided, here's the real murder statistics.


Although slightly less true now than before, most murders are intraracial

From 1976 to 2005 --

* 86% of white victims were killed by whites
* 94% of black victims were killed by blacks

Basically if you got rid of all the blacks, the white murder rate would drop by 14 percent. Now if you were thinking correctly, you should be worried about the 86% of the population who is murdering whites and that is the white race itself.

More than 6.6 million violent crimes are reported in the US, out of those, over 80 percent are white-on-white or black-on-black. Why does the "color of crime" ignore that one basic statistic?

Like I said, statistics show that if you have a white daughter, the odds of a white man raping her are much, much higher than a black man raping her. A much higher rate if she gets murdered, it's probably going to be a white guy murdering her.

Funny how much white on white crime gets ignored by those who are "pro-white". You would think it doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

Orion and Mr. Schwartz,

That is a very useful page you linked.

I think a 20% drop in crime against Whites by eliminating Blacks is a very, very good start.

But let’s put it in real perspective: Blacks are less than14% of the population and commit over 50% of all homicides. The billions saved, by less police, less lawyers, smaller judicial system, is certainly enough to energize all Whites to throw the Blacks Out. How can any society tolerate such a homicide rate from such animals???

Also, since our prisons are full of Blacks from Black on Black crime our prison population would decline and thus the billions we spend feeding niggers in prison could be used to ship Blacks back to Africa and give them some pocket money for a new start.

Now, one thing interesting about Black on White Crime: the ultimate test. Pick one hundred white communities and one hundred black communities and send a black man walking though the white communities after dark. At the same time let a White Man walk through the Black communities after dark, then let’s compare the results. What do you think will be re results?

To anyone who questions the expense, the problems with a black population, try to find ANY successful country, city, county that has Blacks in power and is not ten times more corrupt, unsafe, and nearly like a third world country. How long has it taken for Black Leadership to destroy countries in Africa that were handed to them? How many cities, towns and counties in America with Black Leadership are quickly turning to third world hell holes?

Everyway you look at it, the ONLY hope for the Black Man is to get the crumbs from the White Man’s table or go back to Africa and live off his women and chunking spears at wild animals.

Sherwood Smith

Anonymous said...

What Whites NEED to know:

For those who think Black and Hispanic Crime doesn’t matter or is insignificant:

In America:
Blacks are 12% of population
Hispanics are 14% of population
Whites are about 70% of population

Combined Blacks and Hispanics are 28% of the population but are 59% of the prison population in America.

In the US prison system the total males are 2 million. The White total is 755K. the Black total is 800K. The Hispanic total is 400K.

Whites who make up 70% of America are 36% of the prison population

Blacks who make up 12% of America are 39% of the prison population.

Hispanics who make up 14% of the population are 20% of the prison population

IF Blacks had the same Criminal culture and prison population as Whites the Blacks number would be 6%.

If Hispanics had the same criminal culture and prison population as Whites the Hispanic number would be about 7%.

From Link posted earlier: Table 9: Estimated percentage of persons held in state or federal prisons or local jails, by gender, race, Hispanic origin, and age, June 30, 2007

With no Blacks and Mexicans in America the prison population would be quickly reduced by 58% percent or over 1,000,000 men. At over $18,000 a pop for each person each year, are they worth it???

Enough said?

Sherwood Smith

apollonian said...

[I just posted below-copied; I'm sure it WILL NOT be approved to be posted--due to too much truth and honesty. A.]

It's Same Old Christian Truth Vs. Jew Lies--And Nazis Were And Are Patriots
(Apollonian, 16 Nov 08)

I submit real thing going on is same old basic Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy.

Nationalist Coalition then is just latest emanation in reaction to same old Jew conspiracy--like the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT fraud--see for expo/ref.

So Stevie-steve Lemons just seeks to titillate his basic homosexual-Jew market with news about the latest irruption of Christian patriots--for that's basically all Nationalist Coalition really are.

Hey Steve!--USA was made by white Christians for white Christians--did u know that? And yes, things get corrupted in this TRAGIC existence, according to the Greeks, don't they?

And so now white Christians look and observe there's all this infestation of u "feathered" type queers and such taking advantage of that free society established by original Christian founders, upon which u presently suck off of.

And u queers and Jew-friendly -types are the ones trying to turn USA into dictatorship, this on pretense of socialism and welfare state, that's all. And "Hate-crime"--that's a total Jew-invention isn't it?--by Jews who hate the truth.

After all, truth told against Jew criminals naturally causes law-abiding folk to "hate" Jews, doesn't it? And "hatred" of Jew murderers is perfectly natural and justified, isn't it?

Look who's head of "Homeland Security" fascist agency, Stevie--it's ur bolsheviki Jew buddy, Mike Chertoff--same guy who let the "dancing Israeli MOSSAD agents, caught filming the 9-11 hits, go back to Israel.

Thus "nationalists," the true inheritors of original Christian tradition, want to figure out what to do about u non-white, non-Christian, and queer scum--isn't that something only to be expected?

If u don't like such Nationalist Christian and patriot activity--GET OUT OF USA. But u won't leave USA because it's too good for u, STILL, to be sucking-off of, isn't it?--this is the real truth to things, isn't it?

Yes, ur Jew-masters have all the money, but that doesn't mean whites and Christians have to let u anti-Christ scum take-over, not without a fight--that's what SECOND Amendment is for, isn't it?

So Stevie, I submit u're presently on "wrong" side of history: Tim McVeigh was mere patsy and fall-guy for a MOSSAD false-flag operation (see for expo/ref.); 9-11 was also done by ur Jew-MOSSAD buddies--which JEWS are now desperately trying to cover-up--see for expo/ref.

People see evermore it's Jews behind all the terrorist activity--including recent financial terrorism--only Jews profiting, essentially, and only gentiles suffering.

CONCLUSION: And "nazis"?--they were simply German patriots who opposed Jew terrorists of a couple generations ago. Thus u fool less and less people, in all truth, Stevie, u cheap little, lying, propaganda artist. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Pringle are you still kissing the ASSWIPE butt? Still sucking Schoep's ass?

Anonymous said...

No, that's Jeffcoat that does that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post explaining the math to Mr.Shwartz. You saved me the trouble.
Math is hard!
So is logic!