Friday, November 21, 2008

Michigan Republicans Give Elected Midland County Delegate And Klan Associate Randy Gray The "Derek Black" Treatment, Secretly Remove Him From His Post

Randy Gray in the center at the Knoxville Rally Against Black Crime on June 16th, 2007

Remember the Derek Black case? On August 26th, 2008, Derek Black was elected a Republican Party committee member in Palm Beach, Florida, and just days later, the local Jewish Republican boss Sid Dinerstein refused to allow Black to take his post - only because Derek is the son of Stormfront webmaster Don Black. Review the specifics of this case HERE.

Now the process has been repeated in Midland County, Michigan. In an announcement posted only on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum so far, the Midland County Republican Executive Committee arbitrarily and secretly removed an elected delegate, Randy Gray, from his post. Gray was never invited to appear before any hearing to defend himself and contest the decision - he found out about it only when he showed up for a county precinct meeting on November 20th, and instead was barred from entry and given a written copy of the decision.

Update: Since this post was published, the Saginaw News has published their own story.

Here's a copy of the notification sent to Gray to attend the meeting. Absolutely no hint that Gray's status as a precinct delegate had been called into question:

Midland County Republicans

Official Call to the Midland County Convention. There shall be a meeting of the duly elected Precinct Delegates and the At-Large Delegates to the County Convention at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, November at 20, 2008, at the Midland County Building, Commissioners Room.

The purpose of this meeting shall be to elect members of the county executive committee.

Only Precinct Delegates elected at the August 5, 2008 Primary Election and the last recent Republican nominees for the County and State Legislative offices and Precinct Delegates seated on a permanent basis will be seated at this convention.

Diane Bristol
Chair, Midland County Republican Executive Committee

But upon arrival at the November 20th meeting, Randy Gray reports that he was met at the front door and was denied access to his elected position and was given a letter stating that the party has removed him. Here is a text copy of that letter:

Midland County Republican Executive Committee

WHEREAS the platform of the Republican National Committee states that: "From the time of Lincoln, equality of individuals has been a cornerstone of the Republican Party. Our commitment to equal opportunity extends from landmark school-choice legislation for the students of Washington D.C. to historic appointments at the highest levels of government. We consider discrimination based on sex, race, age, religion, creed, disability, or national origin to be immoral, and we will strongly enforce anti-discrimination statutes. We ask all to join us in rejecting the forces of hatred and bigotry and in denouncing all who practice or promote racism, anti-Semitism, ethnic prejudice, or religious intolerance",

WHEREAS the Midland County Party fully supports this platform, adopting it as its own.

WHEREAS the actions of Mr. Gray are in direct conflict with the basic tenants of this platform, and therefore the ideals and beliefs of the Republican Party, and are strongly condemned by this organzation.

And WHEREAS now is time for our country to come together to solve the many important issues that face our nation and our party.

IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED, on this day, November 20th, 2008, the executive committee of the Midland County Republican Party, hereby removes and no longer recognizes Randy Gray as a Precinct Delegate, or in any way a member of the Midland Republican Party.

Todd M. Gambrell
Vice Chair
Midland County Republican Party

According to the Saginaw News story, the Midland County Republicans also claimed that Randy Gray had engaged in no political activity on their behalf since his election as a delegate, and that their legal counsel assured them the move would withstand legal scrutiny. In response, Gray is considering engaging the ACLU for possible legal action against the party.

But this whole sequence immediately begs a number of questions. First, was Randy Gray offered an opportunity to appear before the executive committee and contest this decision? It appears not; it looks like he was blindsided. And if he was blindsided, under what authority does a committee remove an elected official arbitrarily and secretly?

Another question. By his own admission, Randy Gray has always been open and unapologetic about his activism on behalf of White civil rights. Yet although he was elected as a delegate back in August, and the November election is now history, the executive committee waited until now to take this action. If his status as a delegate was so questionable, why did they wait three-and-a-half months before taking this action?

If you want answers to these questions, and are outraged by the executive committee's secret and arbitrary behavior, visit the Midland County Republican contact page HERE. You might want to e-mail them at the following address:

Physical address is 125 Ashman Street, Suite 4 in Midland (48640). The phone number is 989-832-2633, and the office is staffed on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. Central Time.

One possible reason for the committee's sudden urgency may be an incident involving Gray which took place on November 5th. On that date, Gray mounted a legal one-man protest, marching in front of a local auto dealership in North Saginaw attired in full Klan regalia (he is associated with the Knights Party) and equipped with a sidearm for personal protection. Police admitted Gray's actions were legal and stated that it was the passers-by who were disturbing the peace. Gray was neither cited nor arrested for his conduct. This incident is further discussed in this other Stormfront thread.

Now just put yourself briefly in the position of the Midland County Republicans for a moment. One of your elected party delegates has just made the news by demonstrating in full Klan attire and packing a sidearm. A black man has just been elected President. Your first instinct would be to call up this guy and ask him what the hell he thinks he's doing. Of course; that's understandable.

But that's not what the Midland County Republicans did. Instead, they secretly and arbitrarily removed Gray without even giving him a chance to explain his actions, and then notified him by barring him entry to a meeting. The methodology's the problem - those are police state tactics.

And that's what makes the Midland County Republicans such cowards.

The bottom line - those who are open White activists will have a difficult time becoming functionaries within the established parties. In the case of Derek Black, his family background alone was enough to get him removed from his elected position, even though he wore no uniform or any other politically-incorrect regalia. As for Randy Gray, his status as an elected delegate did not become an issue until the media showed him in a public demonstration in full Klan regalia. Undeniably, Randy Gray has cast-iron balls for being willing to show himself in public in full Klan regalia, with no backup, but sometimes discretion can be the better part of valor.

This means that if you are a White activist, and want to participate in mainstream politics, you need to follow the examples of Dr. David Duke and John Ubele and leave the uniforms and symbols at home. If you must use uniforms and symbols, go independent or write-in.

Randy Gray has an extensive record of pro-White activism. He was an official with the Ron Paul campaign until the campaign severed him. He also appeared at the Kalamazoo Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism on August 4th, 2007. And he also played a major role in the Knoxville Rally Against Black Crime on June 16th, 2007. He currently operates the MidlandTV website, where he produces pro-White programming for a local public-access television station.


apollonian said...

Criminals And Conspirators Browbeat And Intimidate A Cowardly People
(Apollonian, 21 Nov 08)

This incident involving Randy Gray and Republicans is just another instance of official establishment--Republicans--rejecting the white Christian people who made and built USA.

Thus the question/issue is, once again, that of who's kidding who?

And answer is surely this whipped, intimidated, and beaten people, called "whites," will only begin to coalesce more naturally as they're further shocked by successive up-coming disasters which will evermore befall economy of USA. Real recession is only just beginning, I understand.

And it's important to identify the real victims as not merely white people--BUT WHITE CHRISTIANS--this is the real thing going on, suppression of Christians and Christianity, as well as white folk.

And that's how then the people will best be enabled to get something done that's useful--by identifying and coalescing most explicitly as Christians

After re-connecting for this Christian affirmation and identity it will then be easier to oppose the Jews more uprightly and more vigorously. For make no mistake--"it's Jews, stupid" which is obvious problem.

Problem now is who will speak for Randy Gray?--white people?--most probably not, as we see and have seen now for years and years. But Christians?--that's another matter.

Gosh, but I wish I could talk to Randy Gray; he seems really excellent man both for his sheer stand-up activism as well as his insight for seeing Ron Paul( virtues on the issues.

For the problems of USA are SIMPLE: we're up against a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY, beginning then with that COUNTERFEIT SCAM (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud), and the Jews are those MAGIC people who make it all go--AS COWARDLY MORONS for citizens ARE AFRAID TO CALL THEM (Jews) DOWN for simple criminals they really and truly are in all the scary and horrifying simplicity.

CONCLUSION: Thus this stinking "politically correct," so-called "culture" of ours is literally stood on its proverbial head, as Jew criminals face-down and brow-beat the people too cowardly to accuse criminals--for the circumstance that criminals are Jews, and if one accuses them, one is called "immoral," "racist," and "anti-semitic," for "hate" speech. Surely now only the hard bite of reality will be able to amend things, unfortunately. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Orion said...

This has been happening for quite a while. Tom Metzger won the Democratic Primary in 1980 in California and was denied a seat at the convention by none other than Nancy Pelosi.

Running for office has been denied. The courts are not available. Anyone know what is?

apollonian said...

"Orion" Acts Stupid, But Expects Everyone Else Not To
(Apollonian, 22 Nov 08)

"Orion," why do u bother posting unless u read the blog and the blog commentary? If u ignore things, how do u expect people to pay attn to u? In order to get a clue about things, u gotta quit being stupid, u know. U act like a female. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Republican Party Platform

Ensuring Equal Treatment for All

Individual rights – and the responsibilities that go with them – are the foundation of a free society. From the time of Lincoln, equality of individuals has been a cornerstone of the Republican Party. Our commitment to equal opportunity extends from landmark school-choice legislation for the students of Washington D.C. to historic appointments at the highest levels of government. We consider discrimination based on sex, race, age, religion, creed, disability, or national origin to be immoral, and we will strongly enforce anti-discrimination statutes. We ask all to join us in rejecting the forces of hatred and bigotry and in denouncing all who practice or promote racism, anti-Semitism, ethnic prejudice, or religious intolerance. As a matter of principle, Republicans oppose any attempts to create race-based governments within the United States, as well as any domestic governments not bound by the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

Precisely because we oppose discrimination, we reject preferences, quotas, and set-asides, whether in education or in corporate boardrooms. The government should not make contracts on this basis, and neither should corporations. We support efforts to help low-income individuals get a fair shot based on their potential and merit, and we affirm the common-sense approach of the Chief Justice of the United States: that the way to stop discriminating on the basis of race is to stop discriminating.

Anonymous said...

Randy Gray is a high school dropout. Good for Midland. Randy is not only a disgrace to white people, but all humans.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying only the college educated are worthy of holding political office? Puh-leeeze. Most college educated - esp. liberal arts degrees - are fully indoctrinated into leftist thinking. So what if he's a high school drop-out? God help us if the criteria upon which we choose our most respected "volk" is dictated by the liberal left. Methinks you might need a bit of brain "un-washing".

Orion said...

What was it that Mark Twain once said? "Never let your schooling interfere with your education" meaning you can be well schooled but still be fool, like 95% of college grades are.

If that really is the platform of the republican party, then it's simply more proof that we have no representation. What do you do when you have no voice in the process? Make your voice heard through other means.