Friday, November 14, 2008

Gays And Jews Team Up To Attack LDS Church Over California Proposition 8 And Posthumous Baptism Of Holocaust Jews

The last two weeks have been a rather tough time for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. First, the gay rights lobby has launched a full-scale political jihad against the LDS Church in the wake of successful passage of California Proposition 8, which defines marriage strictly as between one man and one woman. Not only have there been raucous demonstrations against the Church in front of some of their temples, most notably in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Oakland, and New York City, but there have been outbreaks of vandalism attacks against LDS chapels in Utah and California. Pro-gay bloggers are calling for an economic boycott of Utah. The Meridian Magazine website was hacked by anti-Prop 8 forces on November 5th. In addition, according to a November 5th article in WorldNetDaily, some gay extremists even posted comments on the Joe.My.God site advocating that LDS temples be "blown up" and the smoking timbers "taxed".

And many Mormons whose testimonies of the Gospel are weak have also sided with the gays, most notably Andrew Callahan of Nebraska, who not only holds the Melchizedek Priesthood, but is ordained to the office of a high priest.

Meanwhile, Jewish supremacists who have had their own issue with the Church were eyeing these developments with growing interest. Suddenly, sensing the preoccupation of the Church with the gay issue and its resultant political vulnerability, the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors struck on November 10th, 2008 when the honorary chairman of the Gathering, Ernest Michel, abruptly declared an end to all "official" communication between the Gathering and the LDS Church over the issue of the Church's practice of posthumous baptism of Holocaust® Jews. The Gathering has been dogging the Mormons about the practice since 1995. Additional reaction posted on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum.

"Bad Jew" had spoken. Now it was time for "Good Jew" to make his appearance on the stage.

And appear he did. The Chairman of the United Jewish Federation of Utah, William Tumpowsky, spoke up on November 11th almost on cue, attempting to dampen the furor by urging that the lines of communication be kept open, claiming that he valued the Jewish relationship with the Utah LDS community. Not that he's any friend of the Mormons, either; he, too, opposes the LDS practice of posthumous baptism of Holocaust survivors. But, compared to Michel, Tumposky is the "voice of reason".

"Bad Jew" vs. "Good Jew". Good for Jews. Bad for Whites and the rest of mainstream society.

A brief explanation of the LDS practice of posthumous baptism is in order here for those who are unfamiliar with it. Unlike other Christian denominations, Mormons do not believe that those who die without ever having been offered the Gospel are "shit out of luck" for eternity. They are offered the Gospel in the spirit world; they can choose to accept it or reject it. Mormons research the names of their ancestors, and if their ancestors weren't LDS, submit those names to the Church. Volunteers are then baptized and confirmed on their behalf in an LDS temple. More background on this practice, including Biblical justification, HERE.

But Holocaust Jews got their panties in a twist over the practice. They believe that Holocaust Jews are special; a form of contemporary Jewish "royalty", if you will. Holocaust Jews believe their Holocaust to have been the penultimate form of genocide; in the words of Abe Foxman, an assault on God Himself. No other genocide can compare or is even worthy of mention, in their opinion. And so they interpreted the LDS practice of posthumous baptism as an assault upon the sacred memory of Holocaust Jews. Finally, in 1995, the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors reached an agreement with the LDS Church in which Church members would only vicariously baptize Jews who were in their personal family trees.

However, the Gathering has never really been satisfied with the agreement, and has been intermittently sniping at the Church from the sidelines ever since. Now, the Gathering is claiming that the Mormons have resumed the practice of unrestricted posthumous baptism of deceased Jews. So Michel sanctimoniously declared the lines of communication closed.

Ironically, it appears that the Gathering is too quick to designate any Jews who died during that period as Holocaust victims. After Michel presented 5,300 more names of "concern" to the Church in 2005, subsequent research, assisted by a Jewish genealogist, showed that many of them had NOT been Holocaust victims. Only the names of those verified to have been Holocaust victims were removed from the LDS database. This of course validates the concern expressed by Holocaust revisionists that the excessively-hyped "six million" figure is likewise inflated. And if the total number of victims is exaggerated, then one must naturally wonder what else may have been exaggerated, such as whether or not gas chambers at Auschwitz were used for the actual murder of Jews, or if they were merely used to delouse clothing and other personal possessions in order to control the spread of typhus.

But the Jews are not letting up. On November 14th, Glen Warchol of the Salt Lake Crawler blog reveals that the Jewish News Weekly of California has launched a fresh attack on the LDS Church over the practice of posthumous baptism. They intend to support the gay-led boycott of the Church and of Utah.

So not only are the gays and the Jews mad at the Church, but are forging a tentative alliance against it. The question is, who's using who? This previous post gives us a clue. Just as Jews controlled the NAACP from 1911-1975, it appears they're attempting to co-opt the gays as well now.

The LDS Church must be doing something right to arouse such great anger among gays and Jewish supremacists. The mission of a church is to expose wickedness, not to crawl into bed with it.


Jar said...

When you say "its time for american to take america back" do you mean that the native american should get the white people out? this is a very advanced approach

Anchorage Activist said...

Anyone born in America is a native American.

apollonian said...

White Christians Are Only "Natives" Of USA

"Jar": get it straight, shit-head--we white folk came here, killed the "Indians" and took their land, which land now belongs to us, by right of conquest.

If red-skins ever think they're strong enough to remove whites, they can make their moves, anytime.

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don said...

@ apollonian
you are tough...

you "white folk" should try to breed like rabbits, cause you already lost the presidency and eventualy will be a minority like the native Americans. Maybe should look for a white country, not sure where you will find it though, maybe Rusia.

CONCLUSION: Such then is the will of God...

Anchorage Activist said...

Don - your point about breeding is unfortunately true. Feminism and homosexuality, most prevalent within the White community, are major obstacles to reproduction.

And Jews have been disproportionately predominant in both the feminist movement and the gay movement. We're not talking about religious Jews, but secular-progressive Jews, the type who staged the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

If you've watched the coverage of any of the gay demonstrations lately, you'll notice they're overwhelmingly white.

Orion said...

hey jar, when you say 'native american", do you mean the immigrant asians, or the Solutrians and pre-clovis Europeans that came before them? This is a very advanced question that you probably can't answer in a coherent manner. But you can try.

Anonymous said...


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Sherwood Smith

apollonian said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm in the San Francisco area, and the homos are absolutely bent on controlling our society and molding it into their sick vision of Sodom and Gomorrah. They're trying to force their deviant behavior on normal people and get us to accept that their activity is acceptable. AIDS was taking care of them for a time but it hasn't done enough to thin their ranks.

George Manuelian
Atherton, CA