Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dr. David Duke Holds Memphis News Conference, Asserts That The International EURO Conference Is Still On From November 7-9 Despite Antifa Threats

Update November 8th: EURO Conference now in session. Updated post HERE.

On November 6th, 2008, Dr. David Duke (pictured at left) held a news conference in Memphis where he asserted that the International EURO Conference, originally scheduled from November 7-9, will still take place as planned. Those who've signed up will be notified of the location at the last minute, and attendees will meet at an initial staging area and then carpool to the conference location. The location will be kept secret until the last minute in order to deter antifa disruption. Mainstream media coverage from WPTY Channel 24 in Memphis; they assigned a Black reporter to cover the story, and the reporter conducted himself professionally. WPTY news video embedded below:

Continuing discussion and updated information will be posted on a designated Stormfront thread. Discussion also available on the Vanguard News Network Forum. WPTY news video embedded below:

The International Euro Conference was originally scheduled to take place at the Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center in Olive Brach, Mississippi. Because of physical threats directed against the hotel and its staff, DeSoto County officials issued a state of emergency to prepare for the event. The threats escalated to the point where the manager found it necessary to resign his position. On his website, Dr. Duke reveals that actual bomb threats were directed against the hotel. Shortly thereafter, unable to cope with the growing number of threats, the hotel cancelled the reservations for the conference. In a statement, officials said the hotel was, "committed to the safety and well being of our customers, guests and employees."

Despite the gauntlet of challenges, Dr. Duke still expects a big turnout, including some followers in the Mid-South. An impressive list of guest speakers, to include Lady Michele Renouf, who has been involved in efforts to free political prisoner Dr. Fredrick Toben, can be viewed HERE. Dr. Duke also talked about President-Elect Barack Obama. He says under Obama’s leadership, the rights of European Americans will be in jeopardy.

We’ve had to really fight for our basic freedom’s here. And this is a real shock to me and it should be a shock to the community that European American’s now have to fight for our rights, in I guess Obama’s ‘New America.’” Duke went on to ask, “In Obama’s America, do whites have rights?” He followed by saying, “That’s a good question. You know, I don’t see him as our President. I see him as their President.” [Ed. Note: A growing number of Whites hold similar concerns, which is why Stormfront's traffic is six times higher than normal, and even the Vanguard News Network Forum has doubled its traffic. Every day since Obama's election, I see at least 3-5 new members registered and posting on VNN Forum.]

Officials say there will be deputies from DeSoto and Shelby Counties standing by in case things get out of hand, if the conference is held in Olive Branch. But Dr. Duke says he does not expect any problems. The most active antifa group in the area is the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center, but they profess to eschew violence.


apollonian said...

Jews Evermore Isolated
(Apollonian, 6 Nov 08)

Very interesting--obviously it is Jews--WHO ELSE?--who are behind this gross, outrageous harassment of Duke (

Thus it is good publicity as there is evermore publicity, no matter how huffy the reporting fm Jews-media (as blog-topic video).

CONCLUSION: Note it's Jews who are being most effectively ISOLATED by means of this harassment and publicity. Keep up the good work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

jack ellis said...

The Black reporters did a reasonably fair job of presenting this story, the White anchorman was terribly biased - he presents the lie that the hotels expelled David Duke and cancelled the conference because they didn't want to have anything to do with White racial supremacy group.

The hotels cancelled the even under death threats to hotel employees and their families.

David Duke is not a White racial supremecist, he works for White civil rights, the same rights all other racial groups enjoy.

The MSM mainstream media is so biases!

KillTheEnemyNow! said...

This should be a wake up call to Whites everywhere. You have no rights in 21st century post-white America. Understand? There is a reason why the 2nd amendment follows the first. You've already lost your 1st amendment rights, so use your 2nd or lose it, too.