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Dr. David Duke Assisting Derek Black In His Fight To Keep His Republican Executive Committee Seat In Palm Beach, Florida

Update December 4th: Derek Black disqualified from his elected position at the December 3rd meeting. Updated post HERE.

Derek Black (pictured at left), the 19-year-old son of Stormfront webmaster Don Black, is continuing his fight to be seated as a member of Palm Beach County's Republican Executive Committee, a position to which he was freely elected back in August 2008. And he's picked up a powerful ally in the fight - former Louisiana State Rep. Dr. David Duke. Full story published November 30th, 2008 by the Palm Beach Post. Discussion thread on Stormfront. Also read my August 28th, 2008 post for more background.

While Dr. Duke will not attend the critical meeting scheduled on Wednesday December 3rd for new members of Palm Beach County's Republican Executive Committee, he has been spotted in town huddling with Derek Black and his father Don Black. They were spotted last week in a restaurant off Southern Boulevard. And Dr. Duke weighed in. "We're going to fight," Duke said. "I know Derek Black is going to fight for his constitutional liberties. That's why I'm here, because I want to assist Derek". Dr. Duke, who lives in Louisiana, also said he won't be in West Palm Beach for the Wednesday meeting, but he conducted an Internet broadcast with Don Black from the restaurant. During the broadcast, the men took Dinerstein to task, claiming that he has "chutzpah" to take an "anti-democratic" position. You can access the 11-26-08 broadcast HERE in MP3 format.

But the Jewish Palm Beach Republican County Chairman Sid Dinerstein remains unmoved. Dinerstein rejects Derek Black for two reasons. First, he claims Black did not sign and return a loyalty oath statement due during the qualifying period in June, although this didn't become an issue until AFTER Black was elected. At the time, Black explained, “My understanding is that the oath had to be signed by the first meeting of the new committeemen, and that’s by December 1st". But second, Dinerstein claims Derek Black is a "white supremacist". "He participates in white supremacist activities," Dinerstein said. "We're the party of Lincoln. We're the party that says we don't judge anybody by the color of their skin."

[Ed. Note: Interesting that Dinerstein would mention the party of Lincoln. Perhaps he forgot about the following statement issued by Lincoln in 1858: "I have no purpose to introduce political and social equality between the white and black races. There is a physical difference between the two, which, in my judgment, will probably forever forbid their living together upon the footing of perfect equality; and inasmuch as it becomes a necessity that there must be a difference, I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in the favor of the race to which I belong having the superior position. I have never said anything to the contrary." -- Abraham Lincoln, "Lincoln's Reply to Douglas, Ottawa, Illinois, August 21, 1858," in "Abraham Lincoln: His Speeches and Writings, ed. Roy P. Basler (New York: Da Capo Press, 1990), p. 445]

Derek Black's response: "I've told (Dinerstein) I'm not a white supremacist; that's an insult. I would describe myself as a white person who is concerned about discrimination against white people."

A community college student who was home-schooled in West Palm Beach, Black once contributed a kids page to his father's Stormfront Internet forum around the time he was 12. The page included puzzles, games, animated Confederate flags and white-pride songs. He has since helped with his father's Internet audio broadcasts.

Black says he campaigned around the district for the seat. Executive committee members elect the county party chairman and help determine where the party spends its money. He said he answered any questions voters asked, but mostly talked about issues.

"I talked about immigration," he said. "I talked about the presidential campaign. That was the biggest issue. This was back in August, July. Most of them weren't happy with (Sen. John) McCain turning out to be their candidate. It did come up a few times that I didn't like McCain." And Black continued, "A large part of the district, the Republican part of the district, is Hispanic, Cubans. They're the ones I've gotten the most public support from. Walking down the street, going to Publix, it was old Cuban men who slapped me on the back and told me to fight the system." And he was elected with 58 percent of the vote.

Both Dr. Duke and Don Black also discussed the effect of Barack Obama's election on Stormfront. Black says that Obama's election has helped drive up Stormfront traffic to record levels. Dr. Duke explained that the historic election has helped galvanize support for the causes he believes in: "Obama enables people to see more clearly. It makes it clear we're losing control of our country."

But Don Black said press reports of threats against Obama on the Stormfront forums have been exaggerated. He said he suspects one contributor, who hadn't posted in six years, was deliberately trying to stir up trouble for the site recently. He said he does not condone violence and wants a "peaceful revolution" that ends racial preferences for minorities and promotes the civil liberties of whites.

What's particularly irritating is that Derek Black carefully avoided any overt associations with the more controversial aspects of white nationalism, and yet the Jewish-led establishment in Palm Beach rejects him and is trying to overturn the results of a free and fair election. The account of this political hijacking will undoubtedly show more people that there is a deliberate effort to politically disenfranchise whites in America. The exposure of this duplicity will bring more whites around to the Cause.


apollonian said...

Issue Is Now Verified: CONSPIRACY--Against People And Law--And It's Un-Deniable, In-Disputable
(Apollonian, 1 Dec 08)

Well AA, the problem with this little episode regarding D. Black is merely Republican party is so irrelevant--though, to be sure, there's indubitable issue of D. Black's equal "civil rights," regardless whether he's "white supremacist," excuse used by Jews, Jews the real problem, never doubt. So it's good issue by which to expose Jew criminals and conspirators, unquestionably.

But the big issue for today, Dec 1st, 2008, is of course it's deadline date set by US Supreme Ct. for B. Obama to submit his Birth Certificate (see and for expo/ref.)--AA, this is the absolutely incredible, tremendous, revolutionary issue--why?

It's revolutionary because WITHOUT MIGHTY INTERNET and blogs like urs this gross travesty would have most easily GOTTEN PAST w. the collusion of mass corporate Jews-media--which Jews-media is indeed willing, acting, functioning part of conspiracy happening as we speak, right this very minute.

For make no mistake, this is an absolutely incredible, gross, miserable conspiracy--a putrid, blatant, in-yr-face type of conspiracy perpetrated by these incredible Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) who can now only be described as absolutely POWER-MAD, convinced as they are, obviously, they will push this travesty in the face of the people and citizenry of USA. Death to these scummy Jews and conspirators.

And now we see one very plausible purpose for the recent Terror strike in Mumbai, India--DISTRACTION for this amazing CONSPIRACY against US Constitution by B. Obama and cohorts.

For the obvious OBJECT of Judeo-conspirators is to impose an ILLEGAL ALIEN, no less, upon people of USA, this in gross, deliberate contravention of US Constitution--the most contemptuous type of spitting-in-the-face of US Constitution, and the people of USA, again, never forget.

Continuing problem, of course, for the people is US Supreme Ct. is no doubt committed to colluding with this incredible conspiracy. For otherwise, the continuation of this fraud, farce, and travesty wouldn't itself have extended so brazenly by Jews-media, even to this day, the big news on Jews-media being the pending announcement of Obama's choice for Sec. State, Clinton--what a stinking farce.

So what's the up-shot, regardless of everything else?--it's simply fact that CONSPIRACY IS NOW OUT-OF-THE-BAG, no longer a secret. Now when the mass corporate Jews-media speaks of "conspiracy theory," they'll now say, "SO WHAT, SUCKER?--what's it to u?--do u pretend u can or will do anything about it?"

And the question truly is, what now is to be done?--and it's this, AA: again, CONSPIRACY IS OUT-OF-THE-BAG--it's an explicit admission by Judeo-conspirators at this pt. "Conspiracy theory" is now the demonstrated, admitted (for practical purposes) truth, fact, issue, what-have-u?

All "conspiracy theorists" are now proven to be right, correct, well-founded, and justified. So what does it (effectively admitted conspiracy) mean?--simply that we have a bunch of people, conspirators, traitors, who say to HECK WITH RULE-OF-LAW (hence US Constitution).

And this is where/how these insane scum, Judeo-conspirators, have screwed-up for themselves, AA--BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE WILL ADMIT RATIONAL HUMANS NEED RULE-OF-LAW--this is something which is non-controversial among the people, upon which people can't, won't be fooled.

So what will happen now at this pt.?--for remember, Sup. Ct. must rule today, in some fashion, one way or another.

Judging by way issue has been treated so far, Obama and co-conspirators will attempt to get some kind of continuance, extending their cowardly, yet still brazen, course of USURPATION, rather than outright violent overthrow. Now we see why active Army and military units were withdrawn fm Iraq and put on duty here in USA. Make no mistake: G. Bush is active and fully-conscious co-conspirator, without the slightest doubt.

For myself, I'm only gratified the proverbial "cat" of an issue, CONSPIRACY, is so much "out" of proverbial "bag." It means a tremendous VINDICATION of patriots and Christian soldiers like u and I, AA. People are required to acknowledge we were right all along.

CONCLUSION: The solution now to conspiracy problem is much easier, but still subject to possible MUDDLE along the way. Presently it's enough to simply bring this now OVERT issue of CONSPIRACY before the people, beginning at the very basic, levels of government of the people, at the most LOCAL levels possible--even in various Churches. And again, that basic fundamental issue is RULE-OF-LAW, yes or no? Keep up all ur good work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

[I just posted below-copied at Ron Paul site,, "See You In Texas," 1 Dec 08. It's addressed to blog's author, Thomas Woods. A.]

Is Obama In Gross Contempt Of US Constitution?
(Apollonian, 1 Dec 08)

Mr. Woods--I believe I read one of ur books on the Roman Catholic Church during Progressive Era--was re-draft of a college paper u did, according to ur intro. Book wasn't too terrible, but I don't think it was too exciting, either. I liked how u compared/contrasted Pragmatism philosophic fashion of the day against Church--how then u compared sociologies and activities.

I'd like to ask ur opinion on an important event (actually either non-event or not-yet-reported-upon event) regarding Barack Obama's legal requirement to report to Supreme Ct. on his birth certification (see, also, deadline today, first of Dec., this regarding suit of lawyer, Phil Berg of Pennsylvania.

I'm rather surprised Ron Paul isn't commenting--or at least someone else--or for example, the other web-site,, on this Constitutional issue.

It looks as if CONSPIRITORIAL powers want to DELIBERATELY ignore the US Constitution for Obama's qualifications as Natural Born Citizen. One Judge even ruled it would be "invasion of privacy." Can this attitude or legal position prevail with police officers demanding proof of insurance reg. and driver's license?--or IRS demand for receipts?

CONCLUSION: Aren't Obama's activities regarding this birth certification gross usurpation, even crime--hence conspiracy? Thanks much for ur observations. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

Petition, Ultimatum, Declaration
(Apollonian, 1 Dec 08)

Judges, Justices, and Legislators are employees and servants of the People of the USA and must cooperate in the un-covering, exposing, and un-raveling of present blatant and outrageous conspiracy and TREASON on part of Barack Obama and Democratic Party to defraud the People of USA and their Constitution and Laws of USA, to wit, on issue of Obama's qualification(s) as Natural Born Citizen of USA for occupation of office of US Presidency.

Lately, to wit, in Pennsylvania Federal district ct., a Judge Surrick (see, "News," for expo/ref.) has dismissed lawsuit of Phillip Berg on grounds Berg, a citizen of USA, lacks "standing"; this is obviously an outrage as Surrick holds US Congress can determine whether citizens have standing.

The obvious pt. is Congress is a body only constituted and authorized by right and will of the people in first place, and hence cannot possibly deny the "standing" of the people to inquire and verify the qualification of a candidate for office--as such a holding would render irrelevant the very legally required qualifications in the first place if such qualifications could not be verified by citizens upon due legal claim as through the court system/process.

If Justices and Legislators fail to so cooperate with the People of USA, then they thereby INCRIMINATE themselves as parties to such aforementioned CONSPIRACY and treason against people of USA, US Constitution, and Laws of USA.

Instance and occasion for this petition is the late discovery of gross fraud of documentation of Certificate of Live Birth for Obama (see, also for relevant video). Further note Obama and cohorts, including the Democratic Party and others, have essentially admitted to the non-qualification of Obama, by Obama's non-answer to queries duly put by attorney P Berg in legal interrogatories.

Authorities are hereby enjoined to commence proceedings immediately regarding such Constitutional qualification issue upon receipt of this document of Petition and the reading of its text.

Beware the justice and vengeance of an outraged and already much aggrieved citizenry regarding continuing and on-going fraud of conspirators, Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, the mass corporate Jews-media, and now at least two judges who have ruled against the people in this case.

apollonian said...

Brazen Conspirators Need To Have Bluff Called--In Hal Turner Style
(Apollonian, 2 Dec 08)

I thought Hal Turner's exposition (see, "US Supreme...," 2 Dec 08) was quite good for this extremely important case--which amounts to an on-going conspiracy to overthrow US Constitution by Obama, Dem. party, Jews-media, and Judges, among others.

Question is will US Supreme Ct. act to stop this conspiracy?--answer is probably not. Note Obama and Dem.s have already missed one deadline for submitting proper birth certification, due yesterday (see, "news").

Note then we citizens still have effective measures we can take: for example, we can and must go to our most accessible local governments and demand they make most forthright resolutions against this outrageous overthrow/usurpation of US Constitution. And the activity must proceed fm there--all the way on up the hierarchy of local and state governments to the Fed level. Start now, for it's already proven conspiracy, travesty, and scandal; this all needs urgent investigation, soon as possible.

Most of all, we citizens must be most active in our various churches; this is extremely critical issue for our Constitution and rule-of-law.

I'll only note that excellent as good old Hal Turner's expo really is, he overlooks some important pt.s:

(a) for one extremely significant thing, note technically Obama HAS ADMITTED HE'S NOT "Natural born citizen" regarding the interrogatories submitted in the case of Phil Berg, a Jew lawyer fm Pennsylvania--see, and click on "News" for the story. See also

(b) Obama's own grandmother admits and testifies she was witness as Obama was born in Kenya, this admission captured on video, no less.

(c) Present Kenyan Ambassador to US in Wash. DC has admitted, in recorded telephone conversation, it is well-known and common-knowledge in Kenya Obama was born in Kenya (again, see

Thus it's plain and EVIDENT there is on-going conspiracy to impose an illegal alien, Obama, as Prez, and question is will Supreme Ct. go along?--it looks like they will. Citizens must act.

Note this gross, putrid conspiracy takes place because oligarchs KNOW they can't change law and Constitution by straight-forward Constitutional process--so they resort to this outrageous, disgusting travesty of a usurpation farce.

THE GOOD THING for patriots is this horrific CONSPIRACY IS NOW "OUT" OF PROVERBIAL "BAG" for the deliberate, in-yr-face usurpation and effective overthrow of Constitution and rule-of-law--No one can seriously deny it at this pt.

And now we see how conspirator George Bush II hopes to get-away--by handing things off to designated flunky and front-man, Obama, the willing house-nigger who will continue the cover-ups.

CONCLUSION: And this is most important pt., good patriot comrades, FOR ALL RATIONAL PEOPLE, of all races and cultures, WOULD AGREE we must keep and retain our basic rule-of-law, and not submit to such filthy, stinking upsurpation/overthrow and descent into anarchic chaos--which can and will only result and conduce to harm and destroy the people. Keep up all ur good work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

[Below-copied is my response to great blog essay on general topic at A.]

Latest "Usurpation" Upon US Constitution People Are Made To Suffer--NOT "Theory" Anymore
(Apollonian, 3 Dec 08)

Very good essay, "Give No Quarter" (see, 3 Dec 08), for a good blog, thanks very much. I actually have an essay myself on ur subject, already written and submitted, as matter of fact.

So we have today a genuine "Constitutional Crisis"--actually, another one. Today's is about Barack Obama "dis-respecting" the white man's "Constitutional requirement" of "natural born" citizenship, which the nigger doesn't have--but which yet his Jew-masters have ordered him to IGNORE.

So what it (Obama's ignoring) amounts to is classic "USURPATION"--which is a DELIBERATE dis-respect, "snubbing," ignorance of, and CONTEMPT upon--neat word, "usurpation."

But as I pt'd out we can and will much use it (such usurpation), no matter what else, MUCH to our advantage--HOW?--and why?

And it's because it drives home even more and best of all, just what CONSPIRACY THERE IS--IT'S NOT JUST "THEORY" any more. Conspiracy then will be (and actually IS) as BLATANT and OUTRIGHT as it could possibly be. Hence it's truly GROSS "usurpation" we're talking about--OUTRAGEOUS.

To wind up this, my own latest essay, on subject ("usurpation"), I'll just note this latest one is EXTREMELY USEFUL as pt. to be made.

For I imagine most people of all races WOULD AGREE we need RULE-OF-LAW, and hence US Constitution SHOULD AND MUST be observed, respected, and most of all, ENFORCED. Surely all Christians--and even Muslims would agree about necessity of basic RULE-OF-LAW, again.

CONCLUSION: So thanks much again for ur extremely timely and well-conceived essay, "Give No Quarter." I think I agree w. u we'll need to use some FORCE, but presently with MIGHTY INTERNET and BLOGS LIKE URS (for info of the people), we have most excellent chances to WIN--again, as EVERMORE people are made to ADMIT CONSPIRACY--it ain't no "theory" anymore, surely. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian