Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why ANSWP Commander Bill White's Overthrow Website Is Down Indefinitely: FBI Thugs Seize His Computer Setup On Bogus Tip

Update October 18th: Bill White arrested by the Feds and charged with obstruction of justice. See updated post HERE.

During the past couple of days, I've noticed that all the ANSWP websites have been down. This includes Overthrow, the Overthrow blog, and all the ANSWP state unit blogs. The only exception is the ANSWP Yahoo Group, but you must join the group to view the message traffic.

Now we have an answer. An individual nicknamed Pastor Visser published the following message from Bill White on the Vanguard News Network Forum:

The FBI this morning raided our server facility and seized our servers claiming that they contain evidence that we conspired to commit violent acts against Mark Hoffman, juror in the Matt Hale case.

This assertion is false. The server seized contains no emails or documents other than those available publicly on the web, and I have had no discussions regarding Hoffman with anyone, never mind theatening discussions of any sort.

I did, howeve, receive affidavits from individuals Friday indicating federal agents offered them money to commit violent crimes against people profiled on our website in order to implicate us in those crimes.

I expect we will have a court order returning the machines by the end of the week.

I am out of town. They have also taken a router and other electronic equipment not specified on their warrant, probably because they look like computers. The site will be down until we can get that equipment returned.

We have not theatened anyone nor implied a threat to anyone, and, in the end, all the feds can do is harass us.

Bill White

Note how vindictive the FBI is. They know damn well that a router is NOT a computer, but they deliberately take all the associated equipment just to make it harder and more expensive for him to get a temporary replacement if he chose to do so. As the Shaun Walker Trio found out, and as Alaska Senator Ted Stevens is currently finding out, the FBI is NOT interested in justice. They are only interested in destroying peoples' lives.

The FBI's seizure of this equipment may be connected to the developments discussed in this separate VNN Forum thread, but this cannot be verified at this time.

Update October 12th: Bill White sent out another e-mail, expanding on the previous information. The entire e-mail is posted on Harold Covington's DownWithJugEars website. The pertinent part states, "All of our backup equipment is intact, and a router is being overnighted to us for arrival Monday morning. I expect the site will be back online Tuesday (Oct 14th). I also expect we will receive, this week, a protective order requiring the FBI to copy whatever information they think is relevant to their search warrant and return our equipment to us by no later than the end of the week".


apollonian said...

Anchorage Activist said...
Apollonian - your point about Jew accomplices is spot on.

The Jews draw much of their support from Jew-enablers like the notorious Pastor John Hagee, who once preached against homosexuality, but who transformed himself into a prostitute for Israel. It is the Jew-enablers who have blinded so many of our people to the effects of Jewish supremacism.

BTW, looks like your blog went down with the Overthrow site. You ought to just go ahead and start up a blog on Blogger. As long as you don't use overt racial slurs, you won't get ToS'd. The reason Curt Maynard kept getting shut down is that he kept using overt racial slurs. Your commentary is intellectual enough to keep you from getting ToS'd.
1:53 PM

* * * * *

Bill White: Excellent Example Of How NOT To Be
(Apollonian, 12 Oct 08)

Thanks much AA: Truly--that's the entire ball-game, so-to-speak--not the Jews so much as their accomplices among gentiles. Once we solve that gentile enabler/accomplice problem, game is up for Jews.

What white and gentile patriots need is a common ground in sentiment, not merely intellect, for anti-semitism which isn't merely racial-oriented, but cultural too. Reason fits the bill, of course, but is too limited for the understanding of people; that's why we need Christian aesthetic. Thus we strive for an aesthetic and emotion/sentiment PERFECTLY parallel to the rationalistic/conscious anti-semitic endeavor and mentality.

Thus an anti-Christ like Alex Linder/VNN ( is actually counter-productive, a real agent of Jews, who subverts Christian, anti-semitic unity, despite all his pretended anti-semitism. For by rejecting Christian aesthetic, Linder/VNN rejects thereby most excellent means of relating with useful allies against Jews, white and non-white.

For not to understand Christian anti-semitism is not to understand real nature of Jew, which is necessary and essential, Jews foremost exponents of subjectivism, foundation of lies, lies the crux of their anti-human, anti-gentile efforts and campaigns.

Bill White continues to play coy regarding Christianity, refusing to understand such Christianity with his willful stupidity regarding essence and nature of Christianity, an aesthetic commemorating lonely human battle for truth against Jew lies, conspiracy, etc.

Observe the crass stupidity of Bill White for all his mindless dis-respect for Christians, making fun of me, Apollonian, for example, me trying to make use of his incompetently arranged blog-site, calling me "retard"--and now he suffers this latest incursion/intrusion by FBI. I wonder now if Bill White imagines Christians will relate very much with his difficulties, the damn fool.

For surely, FBI strikes such as Bill White, at least partially, as they know he's so alienated fm the white people/volk with his idiotic contempt for Christianity, White thus rendering himself far more vulnerable than he needs to be. Does White imagine he's best EXAMPLE thereby for white folk?

Issue then for Bill White is he'll surely LEARN NOTHING for the use of relating w. fellow gentiles, who differ only as they're merely Christian-oriented.

Bill White is otherwise smart and heady--BUT TRAGICALLY THICK-SKULLED for utility and virtue of Christianity (hence aesthetic) as means of relating with fellow anti-semitic citizens.

CONCLUSION: So what good is Bill White?--he's one excellent example of HOW NOT TO PROCEED for working upon a broad, common, sympathetic foundation within the people and their mentality for ANTI-SEMITISM. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

awshucks said...

According to Hal Turner, reporting on the William White computer-seizure and impending federal-charges matter:

"My experience with Bill White has has caused me to view him as a sociopath. In my experience, White outright makes up fraudulent claims about anyone he disagrees with, publishes those false claims on his site without regard for the truth or the impact of his lies on others.

"My view is that Bill White is a dishonest and psychiatrically unstable person that others would do well to avoid."

Anonymous said...

"Harold Covington" also says in the same post:

White runs a so-called Nazi Party that has no real existence outside the internet. He apparently has not even met the majority of his "unit leaders" and in some cases his "local units" consist of nothing but an e-mail address. And he wonders why looney stuff like this happens. - HAC

Michael Burks said...

Pastor Visser is not a nickname by the way. He is a good friend of mine and the ANSWP. He runs Covenant People Ministry. As for Bill White being anti-Christian is totally false. He is a close friend of mine; and I hold a degree in Biblical Studies.

Orion said...

While William is certainly a megalomaniac, he's not a fed nor a jew. This is what gets me about VNN: Here we have a POS named justin boyer that testified against White. Yet, this Federal collaborator is allowed to post on VNN. This is why not only people like Boyer should be shunned, but people like Alex Linder should be slapped like a bitch repeatedly while read the riot act.

ANYONE THAT TALKS TO A GRAND JURY SHOULD BE SHUNNED AT THE LEAST! ANYONE THAT TALKS TO THE FEDS SHOULD BE THROW UP AGAINST THE WALL! If one is pissed off enough to want that kind of blood, there are other avenues available.

apollonian said...

Bill White's Place In Large Scheme Of Things: In The End, He Gets What He Deserves
(Apollonian, 13 Oct 08)

To Mike Burks: Note I don't say Bill White is "anti-Christian," certainly not in way of Linder/VNN. But White is patronizing, alienated, stand-offish, and plays coy and hard-to-get--White needs to get over this stupid, brainless crap and learn he must come out four-square as OUTSPOKEN DEFENDER of Christian volk, the white people.

And note this doesn't even necessarily mean he has to be Christian himself, as I've always pt'd out. Defending the people's Christianity is mere matter of reason and common sense, when all is said and done. Defending Christianity is defending the volk; Bill White needs desperately to get a serious clue.

White doesn't hesitate to proclaim he fights for white working-class (which "working-class" he, White, CERTAINLY IS NOT, himself)--why then can't he figure out this means he must be for the Christian people?

For that magnificent Christian literature stands by itself, no less than Homer or any other great literature. New Testament (NT) is outstanding just for its literary value alone--and it merely needs acknowledgement fm White if he wants to be serious about gaining respect of white volk.

For example, take the spiel he gave in one of his latest blogs, "I am God," about how, according to him, Christianity demands sinful humanity requires "salvation," which then he uses as excuse to reject Christian virtue in favor of something else. White gives no references or citations in his absurd, affected diatribe, and babbles on and on pretending he understands Christianity--WHEN HE CLEARLY DOESN'T.

Observe no one, white or non-white, respects such Jew-like phoniness--pretending to understand something when he really doesn't.

And what an idiot he looks like--calling me "retard"--in view of what subsequently happens to him by FBI. Believe me, I'm not happy about it (FBI harassment) at all, though I must say it DOES bear out what I say about his utterly brainless smugness and pretended security. Just what is it that makes him pretend he has nothing to worry about, hectoring others?--the stupid bastard.

"Julius Evola"?--give me a break--no one gives a shit about Evola--why can't Bill White figure that out? If Evola has anything of value to offer white people, then Bill White should say plainly what it is--don't tell us to "read" Evola--White needs to just SPIT IT OUT, speaking in his own words. And if Bill White can't say what Evola is all about, in White's own words, then it simply means there's NOTHING THERE--White needs to finally begin to figuring this basic stuff out.

But the pt. is White could go ahead and keep all that idiot's bullshit about Evola and Devi, and all the paganist bullshit--we Christian soldiers don't give a rat's ass--we just want to kill Jews. And it's just Bill White ought to have basic wisdom to know (a) Jews ABSOLUTELY HATE Christianity, and (b) THERE'S A GOOD REASON WHY THEY DO SO. (c) Thus there's good reason why Bill White and ANSWP SHOULD FORTHRIGHTLY DEFEND SUCH CHRISTIANITY of the people.

There's something about Bill White that just isn't working. I personally find him to be extremely smug--he distinctly acts like he's got cards he doesn't want to show.

And Bill White needs to understand the people have limited patience with guys like him--HE DOESN'T LEARN, with that thick-skull of his.

For example, we know pretty well the "famous" Dr. William L. Pierce had to have connections to mysterious "powers" in the murky back-ground. I remember Pierce's being written-up sympathetically in no less than "People" magazine. Adolf Hitler himself was favored by certain of the money-powers, including Jews, who wanted to use Hitler in starting another world war (see "Wall Street..." series of works of Antony C. Sutton).

So is it inconceivable Bill White is just another of these cultivated, contrived ersatz "leaders" created and sponsored by the Jew money-power?--not at all, I submit. Money power WOULD verily choose just such a clever, smug young fellow like Billy boy White. Forgive me, at age 55, if I sound cynical, but I perceive there's something that stinks about Bill White.

Thus it looks increasingly like Bill White is mere "stalking horse"--someone, like W.L. Pierce, who preaches and serves as superficial "leader" for mass-consumption--as long as he pushes a "party-line" consisting of what the "powers" want most of all.

And all the bad signs are there: (a) Bill White is non-Christian--that's bad enough. (b) Bill White pushes "socialism" and bad-mouths this evermore nonsensical abstraction known as "capitalism." So the suspicion simply builds inexorably against Bill White: HE'S JUST PUSHING AN AGENDA, much like W.L. Pierce, again, serving the interests of the "powers" behind the scenes.

An interesting thing is Bill White doesn't talk much about the Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam (see for expo/ref.), rather pushing this stupid shit about "capitalism"--do u notice?

But does Bill White serve a purpose?--indubitably--he shows what positive things can be done, yes, BUT HE ALSO SHOWS HOW NOT TO BE, and how NOT to doing things--as for his idiotic coyness for failing to embrace (not in being Christian, necessarily, again), and being willing to defend Christianity of the volk, and continued pushing of antipathetic "socialism" and anti-capitalism (the problem again being "capitalism" is such a meaningless abstraction, platitude, and buzzword).

Hence Mike, my pt. is the patience of the people is close to being exhausted, and the times are passing by Bill White for any credibility he might have or gain--he pushes a strained and evermore discredited AGENDA, and he DOES NOT RESPECT THE PEOPLE. The people tire of such as Bill White, clever as he genuinely is. Hal Turner ( is just as clever; he only lacks similar resources as White has.

CONCLUSION: I think White should be defended as long as it's convenient and expedient for us white folk to defend Bill White. White isn't a Jew, surely, but question is, does he work for them?--or for those who do work for Jews? And we don't owe Bill White jack-shit--HE'S GOT LOTS OF IMPROVING to do, indubitably--he really does need to "get a clue." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

Anti-Semitic Patriots Cannot Be Too Careful, Patient, Perceptive
(Apollonian, 13 Oct 08)

Orion: I sympathize w. ur emotion--but u overlook it's often useful to get Boyer's info, such as it is--that's the virtue of Linder/VNN.

Linder/VNN is a special case all his own; he's surely getting funds fm Jews, at least indirectly, indubitably. But there's still interesting idea Linder/VNN is genuinely also anti-semitic enough to be entertained for his own info. Linder is a flake, unquestionably. Linder/VNN is genuine talent, and he needs and deserves proper appreciation--he works hard, after all.

Such are the necessary circumstances of (a) the ruling oligarchs, composed of different gangs and factions, never doubt, VERSUS (b) EVERYONE ELSE, like us poor souls among the people, with as many varied scum and psychos therein as it's possible for the culture to support--look at the Hindus with over a billion people now in India.

Never doubt the free market will always favor the most rational people (given circumstances), and it's always interesting and useful to get as much info, fm as many variant sources.

Remember, ultimately, there are two active, opposite forces among all the others in between: (1) at one end (objectivity) of cultural spectrum there's that ultra rationalist force, featuring most perfect Western reason, logic and science--but which isn't necessarily attractive to over-populated weaklings of the large volk.

For in purest reason/logic, note, there's NO "good-evil," that most horrible snare for weaklings and inferiors--this is our main problem. "Good-evil" conceit/delusion then is how Pharisees capture imagination of inferiors/weaklings.

(2) And at the other end of the spectrum, of course, are those hook-nosed monstrosities and abominations, drooling blood fm their filthy mouths, those ultimate collectivistic subjectivists of Talmud, the Jews, masters of lies, etc.

So remember comrade Orion, the ART, socio-biologic (see, is HOW TO TREAT these inferiors and weaklings in the middle between two most opposed factions, as I submit to present to u by way of analysis (as above). Such then is the great merit and virtue of Christian aesthetic, etc. Spengler ("Decline of the West") is right: history is CYCLIC, and we merely need to calculate and observe accurately and precisely.

Jews wax when gentile inferiors and weaklings are plentiful and over-populated in the great CYCLE of things socio-biologic. But now Jews have been so successful, they begin to become over-populated themselves, even starting to fall-out against one another, Walt-Mearsheimer, CFR-Bilderberg conspirators (see for expo/ref.), pointing proverbial "finger" at "The Israel Lobby."

CONCLUSION: So, we patriots must be willing to being PATIENT if we really want to survive and hope for victory over these Jew monsters, not failing to perceive and calculate accurately and with requisite care and appreciation. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Michael Burks said...

Apollo, what have you done for our movement? Nothing. Case closed.

apollonian said...

Mike Burks: Exposed Lickspittle
(Apollonian, 13 Oct 08)

Mike: What do I do?--I do best I can, what do u expect? I speak truth best I can--that right there is huge. What do u do but to suck up to Billy boy?

But since u brought it all up--what exactly do u imagine u've done, or Bill White has done, for the "movement"? What do u think "movement" is all about, anyway?--does truth and honesty have anything to do with it? Are Jews the problem?--What then do Jews do?--do they lie and defraud the people?--tell us all about it, comrade.

Is there action to be taken?--is planning then necessary?--is analysis then appropriate? Tell us all about it.

Why hasn't Bill White followed up the ANSWP demo at Tulsa, Ok of 16 Apr 07? (--see ANSWP/ archives)--Is it because Bill White was informed by higher-ups that it was too effective exposing the phony Christians?--too informative for Christians?

Hey Mikey--tell me--are u actually all the way white? Do u think u pretend to being white by sucking up to Bill White?

See Mike: I like to smoke out puke like u with in-depth analysis and heavy-duty, intensive truth, as I present especially in this neat blog, u scummy little bastard who can't stand truth or honesty. What do I do?--I detect phony little shits like urself, for one thing.

CONCLUSION: U're Christian?--u little punk--u're about as Christian (hence honest) as u are "white," I'd say. U should have kept ur little lickspittle's mouth shut, dumb-ass. Tell us more about urself, by all means. This blog sure turned into neatest dialectic. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Sigfred said...

It is obvious that Bill White is a Federal Informant, however he is also extremely mentallly ill. The feds have decided that he isn't worth protecting anymore. They get little intelligence from this pariah of the movement that no real Nazi associates with. Bill Whites decided to print the Kill this nigger Magazine with out the blessing of his handlers in the FBI, They are mad and after his ass. Hopefully, the FEDS will finally get him and put him out of our misery.

Anonymous said...

Saying the man is mentally ill might sound like name-calling without facts supplied. So, here is some stuff from the Internet, attributed directly to Bill White. White has supposedly admitted to having "behavioral problems" from a very early age, for which he received some sort of "treatment." He has a lengthy rap-sheet, including violent confrontation with the cops. He has boasted about "beating up the cops" on more than one occasion. In one incident, he threatened to kill himself and was "hospitalized," presumably in some mental-ward. When he decided that he was going to shift from "Communist" to "Nazi," he published repeated denials that he had ever been a mental-patient and kept repeating such denials. As for his bizarre and grandiose claims, in general, they are pretty much out there for others to assess for themselves.

apollonian said...

Bill White Isn't Bad At All--He Only Needs "Epiphany"
(Apollonian, 15 Oct 08)

Rather, I say one should "Judge by the fruits."

Note Bill White ( is still young, and given his youth, he's done extremely well, everything considered.

B. White is extremely talented and heady--he ain't no fool, by any means. B. White needs only to get Christian inspiration ("epiphany")--which specifically would consist of championing Christianity for Christian volk who are looking for a modern-day version of St. Constantine the Great to lead them, USA, and world to decisive, resurgent, reviving JEW-EXPULSION. Halliluyah.

Thus B. White doesn't even himself have to become Christian necessarily--again, he only needs more vigorously defend and champion the people for their right to practice such Christian virtue which is so absolutely ANTI-SEMITIC (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

CONCLUSION: And one doesn't even need to be Christian to acknowledge the horror of heresy--like those phony Jew-friendly "Christians" who pretend "Jesus was Jew" (hence Talmudist), for example. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Orion said...

Sigfried, it is not at all obvious that White is a fed. If he were a fed, why all this grand jury stuff and constant harassment from them? I've been visiting Overthrow from the time he was a snotnosed anarchist, so I've basically watched him evolve. If you go on the way back machine you can see it for yourself. He's simply full of himself, and to tell you the truth, everything he's said about the losers and freaks in the movement have come true, no?

Anonymous said...

We have no evidence of any grand Jury or any federal investigation. White refuses to scan and post the material online that would prove everything. However I believe it's real and the feds are clamping down on one of their informants who turned into a loose cannon. When you go against your ZOG handlers their will be hell to pay...

Philip Anderson said...

Search warrant

And btw apollonian you are the reason why people such as myself have kicked Christianity to the curb. You don't know when then the fuck to leave the subject alone.

And regarding the ANSWP Tulsa Demo, do you not follow the ANSWP at all? DO you not see that we hold small street actions like that all time? Your a moron.

We had one last month in Chicago for example.

apollonian said...

[Phil Anderson: u're the moron who doesn't "follow" things. I ck daily--when it was up, and I made numerous notations, postings, and entries, but for those which were CENSORED by Bill White who merely pretends to being a white man. For example, I posted below-copied, on subject of ur Wiesel demo, which I'm pretty sure White censored. Phil, u need to ck my outstanding expo at under "commentary" before u go running ur brainless mouth. A.]

ANSWP Continues To Dither As Rome "Burns" Steadily
(Apollonian, 20 Sep 08)

I submit this (Wiesel travesty--see, Anti-Wiesel...," 19 Sep 08) is all fairly wasted activity, effort, time, and funds, when ANSWP could far better, at far less expense and trouble, be demonstrating in front of Christian places (nearly anywhere--just pick ur favorite, most convenient), gaining recruits and informing the volk, reminding them of simplest, but necessary things:

(a) Christ WAS NOT a Jew (Talmudist).

(b) Christ most forthrightly condemned Jews and Talmud (as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13, MATT entire chapt. 23).

(c) Christian Church and churches have been grossly co-opted by Jew money and finances. Christians should better heed to their own understanding of New Testament (NT).

(d) Jews hate Christ according to their Talmud.

(e) Jew Bankers are selling gentiles into debt slavery.

(f) Israel is worst enemy of all mankind, a gross horrible embarrassment to USA, Jews having infiltrated USA politics, culture, etc., conniving, involving USA in mass-murder of over 1 MILLION people now in Mid-East over just last few yrs.

And all this idiotic demonstration for Jew fraud like Wiesel will do is to provide most brilliant entertainment and justification for Wiesel and Jews, confirming Jews, esp. the lower-level -types, for their sense of self-righteous persecution and intimidation by "mean white people," etc. It's almost as if u're working deliberately to giving Wiesel legitimacy and substance.

Don't get me wrong--it's not necessarily too bad for any kind of demonstration against such Jew frauds, criminals, and murderers, but ANSWP IS NEGLECTING grossly, and horribly far more important matters in way of recruitment and message to the public as I pt. out, above.

And this proposed demo is just MORE diddling and dithering to no positive, most pertinent purpose--all this, when u have most excellent, exemplary instance in ur own archives for 16 Apr 07 at Tulsa, Ok.

This is very depressing to know about ANSWP; u people are becoming just evermore irrelevant and waste of time and attention--doing what's needed for and most wanted by Jews, failing the white volk who desperately need to be rallied and encouraged more positively for their anti-semitic, inspirational strength.

Thus u make Curt Maynard ( seem justified for his lickspittle criticism, ANSWP playing to tune of Jew, ignoring needs of the white volk for rallying according to pertinent anti-semitic (Christian) principles which all volk, even non-white, can appreciate most and best.

So Bill White ends consistently "blowing it," playing "hard-to-get" for proper leadership of white volk WHO ARE CHRISTIAN for their cultural and mental orientation through no fault of their own, Bill White grossly, contemptuously ignoring plain realities as if he expects white people to be struck w. idea ANSWP is their only hope and to come crawling to ANSWP.

Thus Bill White forgets Hitler's principle that volk are to be treated as female -type entity which must be sedulously courted by male leadership, that leadership speaking in terms and idiomatic best understood by the volk--Christian aesthetic--all this while troubling and depressing hectic actiivity is going down economically and financially even as we speak.

So Bill, I say u're failing, despite ur excellent scholarship upon up-coming Obama edition, and u need to get ANSWP act together in compassion for the volk in their Christian condition--they DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER, but u do, and u can do much more.

CONCLUSION: All u're succeeding in doing, I submit, is just continuing to fading away for relevance and effect upon people's psyche when u could be doing much better with easy, more straight-forward effort. This Wiesel sham and ploy is just flashy excuse and substitute for most serious, more important work which sorely needs doing. ANSWP should be ashamed for opportunities consistently, deliberately missed. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

[There's more speculation/info regarding Bill White at, "Report: Bill White...," 17 Oct 08. A.]

* * * * *

Bill White Being Made Martyr
(Apollonian, 18 Oct 08)

"Anon," at 10:05 AM, u're such an obvious, brainless Jew moron, who thinks u're funny.

It's absolutely imperative to communicate w. fellow citizens to let them know how we patriots must achieve cleansing, reviving, glorious Jew-expulsion.

Obvious question is whether there's actual law banning publication of simplest juror's info--obviously, either there isn't, or if there is, it's un-Constitutional.

A juror is no essentially different fm judge--so if Hal Turner can publish Judge's info, there's obviously no reason he can't publish juror's info too, for same reasons.

CONCLUSION: Bill White is simply being made martyr, and there's speculation as to whether his handlers are taking revenge on Bill White for not following out all their instructions, etc.--ck, "Why ANSWP...," 11 Oct 08. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian