Saturday, October 18, 2008

White Racial Activists From League Of American Patriots Distribute "Racist" Flyers In Bethlehem, PA; Usual Suspects Cry About "White Supremacists"

The increasing anti-white tone of the Barack Obama is creating race-consciousness amongst Whites nationwide, seemingly despite their best efforts to keep their heads buried in the sand.

And innovative White racial activists have responded to the increased demand for inspiration and wisdom. Activists unleashed a series of literature drops nationwide during the past week. And one of those distributions occurred in Pennsylvania.

On October 14th, 2008, activists from the League of American Patriots distributed single-sheet flyers wrapped in a plastic bag to hundreds of households from Homestead Avenue to Ridgelawn Avenue throughout West Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The black-and-white flier, illustrated with "distorted" pictures of Obama, asked, "Do you really want a Black President?" It described Obama, who is half black and half white, as being anti-white and a Marxist, and characterized nations led by nonwhites as corrupt, violent and disease-ridden. A facsimile of the flyer is displayed above.

And the Easton Express-Times (Lehigh Valley Live) predictably went out and rounded up the usual suspects who ritualistically condemned the flyer. Local notables also just as ritualistically wrung their hands in choreographed disgust while paying lip service to "free speech" rights of the distributors. It's almost as if there is a standard script which is passed from one city to the next to be used whenever the next town is hit with a literature drop.

Bethlehem police received three calls complaining about the fliers, but don't plan on taking any action, since they consider it a valid expression of free speech.

The Express-Times documented the event in two separate stories both dated October 15th; "White supremacist group distributes racist fliers targeting Barack Obama in Bethlehem", and "Racist flier distributed in West Bethlehem, smears minorities and Barack Obama". The event was also discussed on Stormfront.

The League of American Patriots has been active since its inception. Back on September 21st, they distributed the same flyer to a number of households in Roxbury, NJ. The flyer is well done, initially capturing attention with a mainstream subject, then zeroing in with a pro-white message. These people are starting to impress me.

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