Monday, October 13, 2008

Update On The Campaign Of Pro-White Independent Candidate John Ubele For Florida House District 46, Representing The New Port Richey Area

Just received an e-mail from Florida House District 46 Independent candidate John Ubele, who is also the operations manager of the Nationalist Coalition, to alert me to a new YouTube campaign video out on the streets. He seems to believe my previous coverage of his campaign on this blog was helpful, so am glad to help him out one more time. Maybe this blog packs more of a punch than I realize.

First, you can tell by watching this video that the time he's spent on the campaign has clearly and favorably affected his style. While he was reasonably well-organized from the beginning, John Ubele's style has become extremely polished, much more so than Democratic opponent and Big Mac aficionado Ron Rice, and even more polished than Republican incumbent John Legg.

And the moderator wastes no time in turning on the heat. The very first question was about white separatism. Watch how skillfully John Ubele handles it.

You can access Ubele's other campaign videos HERE.

Very smart responses. He immediately cites the existence of non-white racially-oriented groups like the NAACP and the legislative black caucuses, and rhetorically asks why should we Whites be any different. However, he avoids getting bogged down in any minutiae, like defining "who is white" and other such nitnoid questions which consume endless bandwidth on the WN discussion forums. He understands that such questions are better addressed in a less formal environment. And he got a fairly vigorous round of applause.

Regarding the other candidates, while the Democrat Ron Rice disagreed with Ubele, he didn't seem to be particularly personal or vindictive. Perhaps Rice was actually thinking more about his next Big Mac. But it was the Republican John Legg who really set my teeth on edge. When asked how he felt about sharing a podium with a white separatist, Legg launched into a sanctimonious diatribe about how there was "no place for such thinking in the state house or the outhouse". Oooh, well exc-u-u-u-se me! Aren't you sick and tired of these Republican hypocrites trying to distance themselves from us, when they're the first ones to buy their way out of diversity and run for the virgin suburbs the first time a black moves into their neighborhood?

The Democrats have never pretended to be our friends, but at least their enmity is out in the open. The Republicans talk out both sides of their mouths. When the Republicans owned both houses of Congress, they had the chance to end affirmative action - and they didn't. They had the chance to stop immigration and get rid of illegals - and they didn't. They had the chance to balance the budget - and they didn't. In short, they had the chance to act like Republicans - and they didn't.

So now it's time to turn to the constitutionalists and independents. For President, that means Chuck Baldwin.

And for House District 46 in Florida, that means John Ubele. He needs your help; the media's certainly not helping him. Read this major hit piece published October 9th by the Tampa Tribune; gutter journalism at its worst.


Orion said...

When the moderator said 300lb gorilla in the room, I thought he was talking about Rice.

John said...

Thank you for posting the video.

You can see the full 51 minute long debate at my campaign homepage at:

Thank you for your support!

John Ubele

apollonian said...

Ubele Is Success For Encouragement Of Fellows
(Apollonian, 14 Oct 08)

I went to Ubele's site and watched the entire debate in question. Of course I'm quite prejudiced, a regular fan/reader now of WhiteReference, and quite a radical even then.

I thought Ubele came off very well, the Republican guy putridly smug, and the Democrat guy a little dis-connected.

We've all got our different styles, Ubele could have been much more combative, but still I think he did okay.

It turns out the Republican, according to the Democrat guy, is working with no less than 100,000 dollars!--that's incredible. And one can well understand the Republican's scummy attitude as he babbled about how there's "no place" for white separatism, etc.--of course he'd say that, reflecting the money he gets fm his paymasters, eh? Gad, but I hate Jews, the filth.

But I must say, as I continue to look around me, there are still so many--most people, I'm afraid--who think this putrid system, so Jew-dominated and -centered, is just going to go on.

So I'd say Ubele has built a good reputation for those few--but growing in number--of white folk who choose to pay attention. I'd send Ubele some funds if I could, though unfortunately I can't.

CONCLUSION: I think I may well have more to add to these observations, but I gotta go for now. Great story/topic/subject-matter by WhiteReference. Ubele is basis for continued hope and encouragement--I think that's best thing for him--not thinking he can win, necessarily, but rather he is such vigorous, healthy white patriot who gives encouragement to fellow whites like me. Take good care. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian