Monday, October 13, 2008

TNB New Orleans-Style: Chocolate Crime In The Chocolate City Documented By

From the Vanguard News Network Forum, I've just learned of an outstanding website in New Orleans dedicated to exposing and reporting crime in the city's Eighth District. This district includes the French Quarter, which is billed as the "safest" area with the New Orleans city limits proper.

The website is There doesn't seem to be any other agenda on the website except to report crime more fully and warn the public on how to avoid becoming a victim when visiting New Orleans. There is no evidence of a white nationalist or pro-white "agenda".

However, a review of the crimes cited on the site shows that the perpetrators of crime are disproportionately of a particular race. Here are a few snippets:

For the second time in 3 days, there's been a robbery in the 1300 block of Royal Street (between Barracks Street and Esplanade Avenue). Early yesterday morning (10.10.08), 2 women, both 24, and a man, 27, were held up at gunpoint at about 12:01 a.m. by a man who hopped out of a car. He got away with their 2 purses and a wallet. That information comes courtesy of the Times-Picayune. The 8th District didn't send out a report and won't have details until Monday morning. Hardly comforting news to residents of the French Quarter who'll be walking around for 4 days not knowing there's another dangerous street to avoid. We do know an arrest warrant has been issued for a black man, Taurus Legendre, 26. But, of course, we don't know what he looks like because no picture was released--does that mean we should just fear all black men we encounter in the Quarter?

On Wednesday (10.8.08), 5 black boys on bicycles tried to hold up a white woman walking in he same block at about 6:28 p.m. When the woman realized their weapon was only a cigarette lighter shaped like a gun, she fled. The police managed to arrest 3 of the young thugs, 13, 14, and 15 years of age.

Pursesnatching, Saturday (10.4.08), 4:40 a.m.: A white woman was standing at the corner of Burgundy and Conti streets when a black man rode up on a bicycle and grabbed her purse. Described as wearing a black T-shirt, denim shorts and black sneakers, the robber rode up Conti toward N. Rampart Street.

Pursesnatching, Sunday (10.5.08), 3:40 a.m.: A white woman was standing inside Razzoo Club & Patio, 511 Bourbon St., when a black man came up and grabbed her purse. Police arrested Emery Thompson, 51, 5'7" tall, weighing 145 pounds, and charged him with pursesnatching, public drunkedness, and parole violation. He is being held in OPP on $22,500 bond.

Broad daylight no better: A white woman walking in the 1000 block of St. Philip Street (between Burgundy and N. Rampart streets) on Tuesday (10.7.08) about 6 p.m. was pushed to the ground by a black thug who demanded her money. When she complied, he fled toward N. Rampart. She described him as in his 30's, 5'10" tall, weighing 170 pounds, with short hair, unshaven, and wearing a T-shirt with a skull on it.

Common denominators? Black perp, white victim. A further examination of the website reveals that there are victims of other races, as well. But victims are predominantly white, and nearly all perps are blacks.

Chocolate Crime in the Chocolate City.

And this pattern dovetails almost perfectly with the comparative behavioral patterns of evacuees from various natural disasters around the country. While the mostly-white evacuees from the Iowa floods, the Grand Forks flood, and the San Diego wildfires last year behaved well, the predominately black evacuees from Katrina behaved in a most abominable fashion, transforming the Superdome into the Congodome. That same pattern of black evacuee behavior was once again replicated during Hurricane Gustav; black evacuees housed in Decatur, Alabama tore up the place, as dcoumented HERE, necessitating a cleanup by a biohazard firm. That's right, biohazard.

Whether or not the editor of has any pro-white sympathies, this person is rendering a valuable service. Perhaps it would be worth our while to limit ourselves to merely encouraging this person and promoting the website rather than recruiting the person for the time being.

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