Monday, October 20, 2008

Rebutting The Lies: ANSWP Georgia State Leader Christopher Drake Speaks Out About The Real Bill White On The Vanguard News Network Forum

On October 20th, 2008, in a post on the Vanguard News Network Forum, the American National Socialist Worker Party's (ANSWP) Georgia State Leader Christopher Drake spoke out on the real Bill White. White has been savaged and misrepresented not only by the anti-racist lobby and much of the media, but also by those who bill themselves "white nationalists". Some of the in-house criticism has been constructive, focusing on specific issues rather than on White himself, but much more of it has been hysterical flaming. One of Bill White's most vitriolic critics turned out to be an apparent race-mixer himself.

Bill White's next court date is Wednesday October 22nd. At that time, it'll be determined whether or not he can be bailed out, and if this case will proceed. Any trial will be held in Chicago. Click HERE for all previous posts on Bill White's arrest, with the most recent appearing first. Click HERE for the active VNN Forum thread discussing this case.

Christopher Drake points out that not only is he NOT Bill White's second-in-command within the ANSWP, but is also specifically excluding himself in advance from consideration should circumstances warrant the replacement of Bill White as its Commander. This further increases the credibility of his discourse.

While I have never personally met Christopher Drake, I have observed his discourse on various forums during the past three years and find that he is basically a standup guy who can be trusted. I didn't like the way he pounded on Vonbluvens (Mike Blevins) on VNN Forum a while back, but obviously I will never know all the facts behind that issue, and probably don't need to know all the facts. Nevertheless, I look upon that episode as a fluke, not representative of what Drake's really all about. Drake is a longtime national socialist who's committed to the Cause, but who avoids the negative stereotypes by which our enemies and the lemmings judge us.

And now, here's Drake's statement in full, as extracted from this post on VNN Forum:

I just got back from the country and I was browsing over some anti-white and pseudo-racialist sites. I'm seeing a lot of antis and finks saying that I'm either the new Commander or I will wind up being. I'm not and I don't want the position. If things go badly for Bill today, then the boys can decide whom they want in charge minus my name in the hat. Besides the fact I am not qualified for the position, I've only been with the party for a few months. Anything I do at this point to help out Bill and his family is out of friendship and loyalty to the cause, not because of any political obligation.

I do want to thank all the ANSWP members who either came out of the woodwork or came back to the party. I also want to thank everyone who has already sent money in to help out Bill's family. If you want to angry the antis and rats more at this point, support Bill's family. The ones that are cheering his imprisonment the loudest are very anti-white family and anti-white children. They are gloating over the fact that within hours of his arrest, there were no fund raising campaigns already started. Well, there is now...several.

Bill has angered a lot of people. Lots of white leaders have done the same thing. Bill was a little different because he went after the white trash of the movement. He felt they shouldn't be here. He was right. Sometimes he got the wrong folks, most of the time he got the right ones. Sometimes he made the mistake of associating with the dysfunctional and the mentally ill. It seemed like he wanted to go after one and feel sorry for another. I told him a year or so before I joined the party that he should dump all the mental cases and dysfunctional. I could have told him a lot more but I didn't. That got him investigated but not what got him jailed.

Bill White was jailed for fighting the jew. His harshest critics have never spent a day in prison or a mental institution for fighting anyone (themselves, if that counts), much less the enemies of the white race. Bill was a lightening rod and fought the jew head on. His Obama assassination myth issue is the reason he got nabbed. I'm not even sure of what he did exactly for them to make a case against him (I don't think he or the courts are totally sure either).

So here we sit on arraignment day. I doubt Bill will walk. They have an opportunity to pull out a thorn in their side and they aren't likely to pass it up. I am sitting back remembering years ago what it was like when they grabbed Chester Doles. Plenty of people ran for the hills. A few rolled up their sleeves and a few got out checkbooks. Bill White and Marc Moran organized a charity drive and raised around $86,000 for Chester's legal defense. That was the first act of kindness I had heard from Bill White, someone who I had resented for his treatment of the National Alliance's leadership. Over the years, I saw Bill do much to help individuals not just in the movement but also in the community.

Ironically, the first time I found myself highly respecting Bill White was when he chased away a reporter who was camped out in front of the home owned by Mike Blevins’s wife. The reporter was doing a cream-puff story on what he called the "Nazi daycare." Mike was distraught, not really so worried about his wife's business but terrified that she was going to kick him out. Bill found the reporters number and told him to leave Mike Blevins alone or he'd write an article about him, much in the same manner that the reporter was writing about Blevins. The reporter took off with barely half a story and never bothered Mike Blevins again. A quick search through the Overthrow achieves showed Bill taking up for Mike many times.

Bill was always quick to snap when someone bothered any of his friends. Bill also was very free with his money. He was quick to pay for someone's room at a rally, pay someone's bail or pay for someone's gas going to an event. Anyone in the active movement can attest to how tight people are with their money normally. Bill wasn't. This wasn't just something Bill did in the movement either. He was very generous in the community as well. Nobody knows the number of people who would tell Bill that they were late on rent and could they get it to him in a week or two. I counted about 5 on the day I went around with him collecting from his tenants.

Bill was not a slumlord either. I went inside nearly every property he owned and rented. All of them reminded me of Old Town in Augusta, Georgia. They were grand old houses that had fallen into disrepair and been ravaged by the growing ghetto. Bill took great pride in restoring those old places into what would be considered swanky young yuppie territory if they had been in a better part of town. You could ride down the street and pick out which houses Bill owned by their appearance. Anyone else would have been praised by every historical home publication on the East Coast. He was so proud of those old places. His problem was that he rented them too cheap and a lot of scumbags took advantage of that. When I say "a lot", I mean more than what was desirable. 90% of the people who lived in Bill's apartments and houses were just honest, working class people. Sometimes they had money problems and Bill understood.

Bill kept a good eye on his renters too. It wasn't uncommon for someone to call Bill in the middle of the night and tell him that there were bad people threatening them on one of his properties. Bill would call the cops but most of the time, he had it straightened out before the cops got there. He also went out of his way to check on his older residents as well. Not many landlords would feel like it was their duty to check up on an old lady who hadn't been feeling well lately and had no family. Bill did. He went up to bat for his renters too. If the power company was screwing around with them or holding up on repairs, Bill called them and raised hell. I think he might have even taken them to court once. All of his renters I met seemed to really like Bill a lot too. Not often does the whole family come to the door to see the landlord to whom they owe money.

Bill was a great father too. He carried his daughter everywhere with him and not because he had to. I myself was a bit worried about how I'd raise a little daughter of my own. Bill made it look not just easy but fun. I bet Bill nearly wore out the handle on his baby basket carrying his daughter around. I think children who start out with that amount of attention always grow up to be more functional adults. I can just imagine the pain Bill must be going through right now spending even a few days away from his daughter, who you could always hear laughing and making baby sounds each time Bill called.

Bill was a good husband too. Megan was a perfect choice for Bill and the two complemented each other perfectly. Both are highly intellectual people and most anyone could sit and listen to the two of them talk for hours. I never heard Bill raise his voice at her or her nag him. They were best friends first, I could tell. Megan reflected Bill's caring personality perfectly too. She always understood when Bill would stick his neck out for someone, often when it was someone who would never help Bill out in return. A lot of folks thought they might run Megan off and hurt Bill that way. The scumbag in the movement as well as the antis (who are no different) went out of their way to smear Megan in any way that they could. They ratted out her employment info, posted her pictures everywhere and spread horrible rumors about her. She didn't waiver from Bill's side.

As you can see, the portrait of Bill White painted by Christopher Drake is considerably different - and significantly more balanced and favorable - than the hysterical garbage pumped out by the antis and thoughtlessly regurgitated by the captive elite media.

Apparently Bill White is in genuine need of funds for his legal defense as well, despite his reputation as the "millionaire of the movement". Those who are so inclined to assist are invited to contribute according to the following instructions:

Donations may be sent to:

P.O. Box 8601
Roanoke, Va. 24014

Important note: Well-concealed cash is preferred; money orders and checks must be made out to Cash or Meghan White and not to Bill White or the ANSWP, as Bill's family does not have access to the ANSWP bank account.

Bill White has basically been arrested for his Internet postings. If the Feds can get away with taking him down, any of us become more vulnerable. Let's put the Cause first.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Now we're all suppose to feel sorry for Bill White? He didn't feel sorry for any other White Nationalist that he was slandering! If he had the chance he would do it all over again.

apollonian said...

Jews Evermore, Inexorably Isolated
(Apollonian, 20 Oct 08)

Well "anon," u scum: it won't be for too long, as ur ZOG-Mammon master is self-destructing in face of mighty internet and blog dialectic.

People are tremendously informed nowadays--look: ONLY JEWS and their suckalongs, like u, profit; everyone else suffers. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

No, Anon 12:01, we're not supposed to feel sorry for Bill White. Instead, we ought to be recognizing a common threat to the free speech of ALL of us.

Your remark is a reflection of the antiquated parochialism infesting the Cause.

Hitman said...

Bill White's boytoy Chris Drake (the next asswipe commander) is promoting jailed Willie as the next WN Martyr. Chris is lying about those he hates while asks for donations for Billdo.

Our question: Just exactly what does this self-proclaimed millionaire need public donations for?

Willie owns 17 houses he could always sell a few to easily pay for his lawyer fees. What nerve Drake has to ask the poor of this movement to give what little they have to help Bill get out of the legal trouble that he caused himself!

Bill is no Martyr, he's a sociopathic, self-absorbed, freak who lost control and is now facing the music. By siding with dishonorable vermin like Bill, Drake is no better than white. If you sleep with dogs you get fleas and Chris Drake is scratching big time.

Philip Anderson said...

I have brought back our public e-list. This list is open for all answp supporters+members to join.
We have been locked out of our old group so we have decided to start a new one to keep up Party activities.

apollonian said...

Jews Desperate To Distract, Divert Inevitable Christian Resurgence In History
(Apollonian, 20 Oct 08)

"Hitman," we all face proverbial "music" sooner or later. If B. White is not martyr, then he planned it all, eh?--it might be true, but rather doubtful, I'd say.

And don't forget, this is all because B. White courageously and righteously "outed" the kike queer who pretended he wasn't biased against patriot Matt Hale--that's what puke like u keep trying to distract away from.

And it was another kike in the jury responsible for Jim Traficant's false conviction on trumped-up charges, don't forget.

And as things economic continue to worsen, people evermore see who the ONLY ONES are who ever benefit--filthy, scummy, stinking, hook-nosed Jew puke like u.

So "hitman," the dip-shit, u hook-noses and scum better get rid of MIGHTY INTERNET ASAP, I'd say--and even then it won't do u any good, as people see Jews getting fatter and fatter. First on target list is "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) leadership, removing ur little guard-dogs; then what will u do? I'll tell u--Big Jews will throw little kikes like u to gentile wolves--as usual in history during cyclic Jew-expulsions. Do u filth think God will do a miracle and stop history?

CONCLUSION: Christian resurgence to Spenglerian "Decline of the West" is inevitable--even topmost Jews can't keep it together, CFR-Bilderberg Walt-Mearsheimer pointing "finger" at "The Israel Lobby." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I have no respect for Chis Drake. He is calling people traitors and anti's if you don't support Bill White. Oh yes is favorite target of the moment is Ramm. Why you ask? He is friends with Von. He has also posted a anti Bill White article on his website. A lot of people hate Bill white in this movement. I suppose April Gaede is a traitor also since she said she will not stick up for a man who threaten her family.

I also loved how Chris added that he would never let zog have his enemies. Bill didn't care when he tried to sue Ramm in Zog's house right?

Jim Ramm said...

No more Bill! Now I will photo shop pictures of Drake and masturbate.

JIm Ramm said...

Drake you are a deluded fool. You self-proclaimed "commander" is a homocidial, psychopathic madman with delusions of godhood.

The Asswipes are the history. Bill White is going away for a very long time and I suggest you get used to it. Your lies on the internet won't impress the judge.

As for helping out his baby, are you fucking crazy? Just sell 10 houses and they will have plenty of available greenbacks. Or Bill can always drain his offshore accounts. Megham and the kid will be provided for, shit Bill's family is stinking rich!

And Bill will be provided for with three hots, a cot all the nigger dick he can enjoy... All that ASSWIPE crap won't save your ass Billy boy.

apollonian said...

ZOG-Mammon Desperate, Exposing Gross Weakness, Queer-Orientation Evermore Pathetically
(Apollonian, 21 Oct 08)

"Jim Ramm": comrade, do u think maybe u're pushing ur luck and credibility a little far? Do u think u gloat like a Jew a bit much?

I suspect Bill White will be out fairly quick as he's guilty of absolutely nothing, though this episode was great entertainment for ur Jew queer comrades at SPLC.

CONCLUSION: ZOG-Mammon merely exposes itself for its gross weakness evermore. I only hope Bill White will emphasize that Christian-oriented activity as demonstrated at Tulsa, Ok, last 16 Apr 07. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Factual said...

Hitman, I have to agree with you and you are to be commended to stating "just the facts, ma'am." From what I have discerned, Mr. White was a self-confessed anarchist and Communist — the exact opposite of a "Nazi" or "neo-Nazi." He had been a reporter for "Pravda" and writer for "In These Times." Yes, it is good that he was shut down and arrested, but he was dressing up in a Hitler costume in order to "overthrow" the "ruling classes," so he said. A decidedly anarchist, albeit deranged, notion. He supposedly also had mental problems.

Anonymous said...

Pringle your a piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

I was in a understanding that Bill White was scum of the earth. By what I read it Zogs NightMare along time back ago. Plus to add at OverThrow website, Bill White him self attacting other "whites" I see I was wrong, and I will set a meeting up with the board of community. To raise some money in his defense.

"The time is yours. What happens with it depends on You."


Anonymous said...

Is'nt National Alliance held by jewish interests?