Saturday, October 11, 2008

Portuguese Nationalist And Hammerskin Leader Mário Machado Sentenced To Prison For "Racial Discrimination" And "Related Crimes" In Lisbon

October 2008 has been a bad month for nationalists and patriots in Europe. First, Fredrick Töben was nabbed at Heathrow Airport on a EU warrant for "Holocaust denial" while boarding an outbound aircraft. Then Horst Mahler went on trial in Germany for "Holocaust denial". And just on October 11th, Austrian nationalist Jörg Haider died in a suspicious car crash in Austria.

But lost in the shuffle of these marquee players is a much less prominent patriot, Portuguese nationalist Mário Machado (pictured above left). He, along with 35 other Portuguese nationalists, has been convicted of various crimes relating to "racism", kidnapping, aggression, and possessing illegal weapons, following an investigation carried out by police. The final sentencing resulted in six prison sentences, five acquittals, and 17 suspended sentences, the remaining suspects being ordered to pay fines. Full stories published by The Portugal News Online and The Resident. This is also being discussed on the New Nation News forum and on Stormfront, albeit mostly in Portuguese.

An April 9th article on Ipsnews provides some detailed background on this case.

Machado himself, who has also been identified as the leader of the Hammerskins in Portugal, has been sentenced by the Monsanto Court in Lisbon to four years and 10 months in prison for racial discrimination, serious coercion, owning an illegal weapon, intimidation, damage and assault with the intent to cause serious bodily harm. Machado’s lawyer has confirmed he will appeal the sentence. Here is a brief YouTube video describing Machado's struggle:

Other leaders of the movement targeted most heavily include Paulo Maia, who was found guilty of racial discrimination, kidnapping, aggravated incitement, actual bodily harm and holding illegal arms. It was Maia who, two years ago in Amadora, allegedly shot and injured two men for "racial reasons". Judge João Felgar also handed down a five-year prison sentence to defendant Pedro Isaque and four years to and Vasco Leitão, for reasons not addressed by the media sources. Machado and Leitão have also been linked to the Partido Nacional Renovador (PNR), described as an "extreme right party".

During the investigation, which began in 2007 and which entailed various house searches, fire weapons, ammunition, clubs, baseball bats and a range of other xenophobic and anti-Semitic paraphernalia was seized.

Mário Machado spoke to the media. After rendering a traditional Roman salute to keep his supporters motivated, Machado said that “blacks and gypsies were the ones that should go to prison”. But even before the sentences were formally pronounced, Machado said that even if he were to be condemned, he would continue to defend “nationalist ideas” and accused the Prosecutor Cândida Vilar of being part of a “Masonic mafia” which also included the Minister of Internal Administration, Rui Pereira, of whom he called its “Grand Master”. Mass immigration into Portugal is fueling popular discontent with the existing regime; in 2004, it was estimated that approximatly seven percent of the country's residents are immigrants, both legal and illegal. Immigration disproportionately originates in Africa and Brazil, with some Eastern European immigration as well.

Outside the court, the president of the PNR, José Pinto Coelho, called the court case a “political show trial”. “What can you expect from a regime such as this which is corrupt, Masonic and Marxist,” he said.

SOS Racismo, a leading local anti-racist organisation which helps support racial minorities from racism, congratulated the judges on their decision. “For the first time in Portuguese history, inciting hate against others because of race is seen as a crime, one which cannot be concealed behind the argument of freedom of expression,” said a spokesman.

There are strong indications that Machado and his cohorts were proscuted much more for their politics than for their actions. Consequently, they consider themselves POWs, and have probably earned that title. More information about the struggle of Machado and his cohorts can be found on the PortugalBehindBars blog. Read Machado's letter of a political prisoner HERE, and another letter HERE.


apollonian said...

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Anchorage Activist said...

Apollonian - your point about Jew accomplices is spot on.

The Jews draw much of their support from Jew-enablers like the notorious Pastor John Hagee, who once preached against homosexuality, but who transformed himself into a prostitute for Israel. It is the Jew-enablers who have blinded so many of our people to the effects of Jewish supremacism.

BTW, looks like your blog went down with the Overthrow site. You ought to just go ahead and start up a blog on Blogger. As long as you don't use overt racial slurs, you won't get ToS'd. The reason Curt Maynard kept getting shut down is that he kept using overt racial slurs. Your commentary is intellectual enough to keep you from getting ToS'd.

Dayrell said...

A pena foi dura, mas espero que o movimento em Portugal ganhe força com as adversidades. O que não nos mata nos deixa mais fortes. Esse é o desejo desse camarada brasileiro.

Dayrell said...

My blog:

Anonymous said...

Freedom for POW
Heil Portugal!

Anonymous said...

Porcos, camara de gaz para vocês... Ardam no inferno!

Anonymous said...

Galera vocês os nazis ou neo nazis são irrespeitosos. O racismo é burrice. Viva o mundo de diferentes. Um mundo no qual todos nós possamos viver tranqüilos sabendo que existem as diferenças: racias, culturais, etc..

VOcês querem uma prova do que eu digo: olem na história. Os africanos foram os primeiros em chegar no mundo. Depois surgiram as outras raças. Então para quê o preconceito de vocês hoje??? Não presta com certeza absoluta.

Mas se querem brigar com uma faca contra uma parede de concreto tá bom. É decisão de vocês, só que vão ficar aí, até que um dia o mundo inteiro vai cair encima das suas cabeças que não querem entender. Quer dizer que é porque não conhecem bem a dinâmico do mundo.

E se vocês conseguem derrubar a parede, esse muro do qual eu falei.... aí está a sociedade esperando para lhes ensinarles que estão errados. E se não querem aprender pelas boas maneiras... digo hoje: vocês vão ter que sofrer bastante.

Pensem nisso.

A interculturalidade traz muitas avantagens.