Wednesday, October 22, 2008

National Socialist Movement (NSM) Plans Rally Doubleheader On November 8th In Jefferson City, Missouri And Tyler, Texas

As another symbol of the growing power of the pro-White movement in the United States, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) is planning two rallies in two separate locations on the same day. This is also a natural opportunity to remind people that the NSM is running their own Presidential candidate this year, Brian Holland (Holland's VoteSmart page HERE).

The first rally will be held in Jefferson City, Missouri. Originally planned for Columbia (where they previously rallied), the NSM agreed to relocate the rally to Jefferson City out of consideration for the possible logistical burden on Columbia's police force in light of the fact that the University of Missouri is playing a home football game on the same day, November 8th. The NSM is a law-abiding organization which works hard to develop a professional relationship with police wherever they go.

According to the NSM's official announcement, on Saturday, November 8th, they will march and rally in Jefferson City. Afterwards, they will relocate to private land for a book burning and to hold ceremonies to honour the sixteen men who gave their lives for freedom 85 years ago (the sixteen men who died in Adolf Hitler's attempted putsch in Munich on November 9th, 1923). This will also include a Swastika, Cross, and Life Rune lighting. Then on Sunday, they will have a feast of ham, turkey, and all the trimmings to honour the Blood Martyrs. Camping is available on site. Local lodging also available; transportation can be provided from the St. Louis airport, the Columbia bus station, and the Jefferson City train station to comrades coming from out of town. NSM members and friends are encouraged to come in on Friday as Saturday will be busy. Visit the NSM site for contact information.

Already some of the locals are whining about the event. KRCG Channel 13 reports on October 22nd that Jefferson City police are urging locals to stay away from the rally. There's talk of an NAACP-led opposition gathering at McClung Park in another part of town. But undoubtedly there are a number of patriots in town who are tired of mass immigration and all its ill effects, as well as Hollywood's cultural pollution, and they're likely to show up to find out how the NSM would handle such issues.

The second rally will be held in Tyler, Texas on Saturday November 8th. According to the NSM's official announcement, the National Socialist Movement will commence with a legal and peaceful walking picket demonstration due to the lack of proper civil assistance from county and city officials. Mass immigration and its host of ill effects will be the primary issue. The event will be held between 2-4 P.M. in Tyler's downtown square. All standing members of the NSM and other various White Nationalist groups along with their families and children are welcome. Visit the NSM site for contact information.

The NSM was also discussed in a recent article in the Chicago Sun-Times about the pro-White movement. They quoted Jeff Schoep as saying that the government classifies his group as a domestic group of interest, not domestic terrorists. Schoep also asserted that interest in the group "has really spiked up", as a result of times getting tougher due to the unraveling economy. Schoep also characterized the immigration issue as the biggest problem because it's literally changing the face of the country, to include bilingualism and "ghettoization".


Tatt said...

First your siding with Bill white and now Jeff Schoep? What the fuck is your problem?

Anchorage Activist said...

Tatt - I am promoting ACTIVISM. The NSM is engaging in ACTIVISM, and their upcoming event is newsworthy. It lets the general public know that there is a visible opposition and resistance to the multicultural agenda.

With the Bill White situation, I am promoting awareness of the Federal assault on free speech. The general public needs to know about that as well. Two separate and important issues.

What the fuck is YOUR problem?

Anonymous said...

His problem is that this is the type of "activism" these Michael Blevins and "Jim Ramm" types are all about, when they're not fantasizing about others being "some big black studs little girl in the pen".

If I were one of these foulmouthed overgrown children passing myself off as a WN leader I'd probably hate Bill White with an obsession too.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to marching the streets of Tyler,Tx.

Hail the NSM

Anonymous said...

Good news everybody! I marched against the NSM and wow, was I impressed. The NSM chose to show their whopping numbers(ten strong) and had their words thrwon on deaf ears. But you are right, purity will come once the people of this great nation finally get past your neo-facist bullshit. Thank god for free will and interacial breeding huh? You guys sure made and impact on Tyler texas...

Oh and by the way, follow your leader, what kind of gun did Adolf, the number one homie G to the H, shoot himself with again?