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How Libertarian Presidential Candidate Bob Barr Threw Former National Alliance Activist Chester Doles Under The Bus; Teresa Doles Speaks Out

In this previous post on June 2nd, 2008, I exposed the opportunism and sheer duplicity of Bob Barr, who, when his career as a Republican U.S. House member foundered and subsequently ended, cynically reinvented himself as a "libertarian" and used his marquee name recognition to convince the star-struck Libertarian Party to award him their Presidential nomination. Then, after James Buchanan wrote an article urging people to consider supporting his candidacy, even referring to Barr as a "patriot", the Barr campaign repaid him by sanctimonously demanding that all so-called "white supremacists" get the hell out of the campaign and not "let the door hit them on the ass".

I also disclosed how, although Bob Barr professes to hate "white supremacists", he was not at all reluctant to accept thousands of dollars of "white supremacist" money to defend former National Alliance activist Chester Doles.

At least I thought it was a defense. But someone who knows the case much better, from an insider perspective, says it wasn't much of a defense. That insider, by the way, just happens to be Chester Doles' wife, Teresa Doles. In this post on the Vanguard News Network Forum, Teresa, who posts under the name of "treedoles", disclosed the truth about the situation:

Mr. Barr was paid $25,000 for his services! Mr. Barr was recommended to me by fellow WN's! Everyone thought that he would do a wonderful job, since he fought for gun rights!

Long story short, Mr. Barr was not present at Chester's sentencing hearing. He only made two court appearances. Chester filed ineffective council and won, but it was too late to bring him home earlier. Ches was actually sentenced in the wrong sentencing guidelines! He did extra time, because Marger and Barr took Chester's requests as non-sense. They thought that he was grasping at straws.

Mr. David Trainer was paid $15,000 and had a $5,000 retainer! Trainer worked his ass off. He did his best to leave no stone unturned. He received some harrassment over taking Chester's case. That's one of the reasons we tried bringing in the big dogs. Mr. Marger didn't lose very many cases.

Mr. Ed Marger and Mr. Bob Barr were paid $25,000 each and had a $15,000 retainer! Do you really think they'd return money?

They did try to put up a fight at first. When they realized the case could not be won, they recommended Chester take the plea to save him from receiving up to 60 years. We did what was best for our family. I just wish they would of worked a lot harder to get him home sooner.

They didn't deserve the money they received! They did argue with the sentencing. They at least got it down to where they took the low end of the sentencing guidelines. The prosecution wanted him to receive the max. That's about the only thing that I can give them credit for.

As for voting for Bob Barr, THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL!!! Chester wouldn't either.

Libra wanted Chester to write a short message on why no one should vote for Barr, but unfortunately he's not allowed make any statements while he's still under government control. He can't post on any sites, etc.

Teresa Doles does clear up one important misconception. Contrary to what the Southern Poverty Law Center put out, Barr did NOT receive the entire $65,000 himself, but only $25,000 for his services; the rest of the money went to other lawyers. But the SPLC is infamous for exaggerating white "racism" for the sake of its own self-perpetuation.

But $25,000 for two court appearances? And then they pushed Chester Doles into a plea bargain? Apparently Teresa Doles herself believes Chester would not have won the case, but I agree that Barr could have fought a bit harder. So it seems to me that Bob Barr just sort of threw Chester Doles under the bus. Those who want to know more about the history of the case can read this 2006 account by former National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker.

In 2007, just prior to Chester Doles' release from prison, the late James "Yankee Jim" Leshkevich organized and led a Chester Doles Truck Fund campaign on the Vanguard News Network Forum, with some assistance from Stormfront, which netted $4,617.82 in contributions so Doles would have a grubstake to jump-start his life economically after his release. This helped defray some of the holdover legal costs as well. Chester Doles is highly respected among committed white nationalists because of his reputation as a boots-on-the-ground activist.

Libertarians who doubt Bob Barr's libertarian credentials and who find his opportunism and duplicity disgusting do have an alternative. They can support Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin. While Baldwin may be a bit too socially conservative for libertarian taste, he does want to stop the rampant growth of government, draw down our worldwide military empire, and believes the free market ought to be allowed to take the lead in most economic solutions. These are clearly liberatarian values, and I believe most libertarians could support Chuck Baldwin with a clean conscience. All the information needed on Chuck Baldwin can be found at the links posted below:

- Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party: Official campaign website HERE.
-- VoteSmart Page HERE.
-- Chuck Baldwin's YouTube channel HERE.

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