Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hispanic News Producer Ramon Galindo From KGTV Channel 10 In San Diego Sets Up Fake New Saxon Profile To Entrap White Nationalists In The Military

News producer Ramon Galindo, who works for KGTV Channel 10 in San Diego, launched an investigative report to uncover white nationalists serving in the military. To facilitate the investigation, he set up fake profiles on both MySpace and New Saxon, impersonating a member of the military. Full story from Because of the station's highly restrictive fair use policy, I cannot copy any part of their post, although I can summarize it.

At the link, there is also a link to a video entitled "I-Team Exposes Racists In Military". During the video, they showed a screen shot of the fake New Saxon profile that Galindo set up. The name of the profile is "mmgrunt6".

I can't tell if this profile is still active, but I would ask anyone reading this who has an account at New Saxon to get this information to their webmaster. I have also cross-posted this information to the Vanguard News Network Forum.

10News indicates that the operation is continuing, so this implies they are still running fake profiles on MySpace and New Saxon. White nationalists uncovered within the military are subject to a wide variety of sanctions, including non-judicial punishment, administrative discharge, and in extreme cases, courts-martial. Read the account of PFC Jeremy Wilcox, previously posted April 12th, 2008 and July 16th, 2008 to get an idea of the lengths to which the military will go to suppress white nationalist acitivity within their ranks, even if it is strictly off duty.


apollonian said...

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(Apollonian, 31 Oct 08)

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Anonymous said...

Let me give you an example of Jeremy Wilcox. A young fellow, you might have read about him in the newspaper. He was a Skinhead, who was in the army, from Idaho. And, when he was home, he sent a message out on the Internet saying that he was a Skinhead and that integration in the army was wrong and was hurting the army. Well, I wrote an article, "Integration, Cancer in Our Army," when I came back from Vietnam, which kind of started my political-career. Anyway, he was brought up on charges, he served six months in jail, was kicked out of the army, forfeited all of his pay, all of his military-benefits. Well, six years later, the highest military-court said, "Oh, wait a minute. Excuse us, but he has freedom-of-speech." I can see why someone like that might think that there is injustice and repression in this country.
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