Monday, October 20, 2008

Georgia Knight Riders Of The Ku Klux Klan Stage Successful Rally In Donalsonville, Georgia; 21 Patriots Offset By 100 Brainwashed Antis

Lots of pro-white activism to report on - always a pleasure to report it. On Saturday October 18th, 2008, a contingent of the Georgia Knight Riders of the Ku Klux Klan held a successful rally in Donalsonville, Georgia. Primary story from the Albany (GA) Herald; additional reports published by the Dothan (AL) Eagle.

Imperial Wizard Jeff Jones and at least 20 other Klansman, clad in traditional garb, assembled on the lawn of the Seminole County Courthouse, and, armed with anti-illegal immigration banners and Klan flags, delivered prepared speeches asking Georgians to “wake up” and deal with what they called an invasion of illegal immigrants into the country.

Wake up Georgia!” Jones shouted from his podium behind three different layers of crime scene tape and armed police. “We’re being invaded by immigrants that are costing us millions each year!” They also spoke out against the proliferation of sex offenders nationwide and also on behalf of restoring prayer in schools.

An estimated 100 anti-racists showed up the counter the Klan, while dozens of Georgia State Troopers and as many as 85 additional local, state, and federal officers were present to keep the peace. Knowing full well that it is anti-racists who usually break the law and stir up violence at such rallies, several of the officers were seconded to mingle unnoticed in the crowd of antis, acording to Sheriff Dale Swanner.

The rally turned out to be peaceful, with no arrests, but Sheriff Swanner was perplexed as to why Jones and the Klansmen — who were all from outside Seminole County and some who came from as far as Tupelo, MS to participate — would choose his county to rally. “None of the people with the Klan who were here today were from Seminole County,” Swanner said. “These were all outsiders that chose to come into our county. Why they chose our county to pick on, I have no idea”.

But while the antis tried to drown out the Klansmen, the Klan message resonated favorably with some locals. Tommy Joe Williams, a Donalsonville resident, said he supports the Klan because he feels whites are getting shafted on job opportunities. “This little town right here, if two people applied for a job, one of them black and the other white, the black would get it,” he said. “Because if he didn’t all he’s got to do is holler discrimination… They’re going to lean toward giving the black person or the Mexican the job instead of the white person.”

Stacy Boston, a Kinsey resident who says she has an open mind about the Klan, said she feels whites are being overshadowed by minorities. Boston missed the rally, but says she wanted to hear what the Klan had to say. “I obviously don’t agree with the physical part that used to be – the old school dragging behind trucks and hanging from trees, but we don’t have anyone fighting for us any more and we need someone to fight for us,” she said.

And the Georgia Knight Riders reject those old practices, as well. They are part of the Southern Alliance of Klans, which discourages the inclusion of misfits who use pro-white activism merely as protective cover for personal hooliganism.

Another counter-rally was held across town at the Macedonia Baptist Church. The NAACP sponsored a “Not In My Town” Unity rally. But WTVY Channel 4 reported that the NAACP soon revealed its true agenda - the promotion of a prospective county ordinance designed to ban future rallies by pro-white groups. The NAACP claims to be for all races, but the "C" stands for "Colored". In addition, the NAACP, sometimes humorously referred to as the National All-African Communist Party, continues to wage a relentless war against the Confederate battle flag, reinforcing honest perceptions that it is a black supremacist organization clothed in a respectable suit of "equality".

Donalsonville, a town of about 2,700, has remained relatively peaceful since the 1970s when it last garnered national headlines. In 1973, the town was rocked when Carl Isaacs and three others massacred the Alday family at their mobile home in Seminole County in what was described at the time as the most gruesome murders in Georgia history. Isaacs was executed in 2003 after spending 30 years on Georgia’s death row.


Anonymous said...

ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh big bad White Men in hooded ghost suits..

when is the White Man going to stop hiding behind mask, stop making excuses, stop operating in defensive mode.. and start an offensive campaign, start to take ownership of America, start to put the Blacks and Hispanics back in their place???

New times, new tactics, new age, new weapons, ... Have we learned nothing from the successes of the Black, Hispanic and Jewish movements operating in the US??

The Klan is useless, like a 100 year man on a respirator who is unconsicious and in a coma for five years.. someone needs to pull the plug and we all move forward..

Sherwood Smith

apollonian said...

Christians Must Heed Honesty Exigency Of Cyclic History
(Apollonian, 20 Oct 08)

Actually "Sherwood," it's even simpler than what u indicate in ur brainless fashion which doesn't really make any sense. After all, Jews succeed with overwhelming funds and aid of stupid gentiles; white patriots are working against that very stupidity and without the funding.

Note masks of the Klan derive originally fm time when South was under heel of Northern Jew-funded lickspittles known as "carpet-baggers" and "scalawags," enforced by overwhelming military force. It isn't essentially different today, the world suffering fm ZOG-Mammon dictatorship ever-consolidating.

But history is CYCLIC, and Christian host will re-group and resurge against Jew satanic henchmen. We only need emulate ANSWP heroes of Tulsa, Ok, last 16 Apr 07 (see archives when site comes back up).

CONCLUSION: Who is benefitting and lording it over everyone else?--Jews. Who is suffering?--gentiles. It isn't "rocket-science." We just need most refined, streamlined anti-semitism, and people just need reminder it isn't "Christian" UNLESS it's anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), and the more anti-semitic, the more God likes it, indubitably. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Orion said...

I agree with anonymous. The Klan is FBI central and serves no purpose other than to get a headcount of activists in the area. Only the kikes and slimy feds think the movement consists of hooded klansmen and Hollywood nazis.

Your skin is your uniform.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Ku Kux Klan, thats the most stupid, nonsense orgainization, if we were to go back to history White People came from Europe , which means they dont belong here, they came to USA and killed all the Indians and took their land. I have nothing against white but they have to realize this land dont belong to them, we are all humans and equal...

Orion said...

excuse me, you ignorant bitch. Whites were here before the asian immigrants and were killed off/absorbed by them. Get an education for once in your sorry fucking life.

Good person said...

Orion- Red Indians were here first look at the fucking history. If you hate non-whites your ancestors are from Europe so go back to Europe. Only Red Indians were here first before you. Why don't you go to Finland they are all whites there? I know you don't know what european country your ancestors from. So go to Finland.

Anonymous said...


Frank70 said...

Im tired of this mis-perceived accusations that the Ku Klux Klan is racist, white supremacists, and hate mongers. When in fact, they are the only white representation the white people have to protect their identity. They are the only ones who are willing to humiliate themselves for a very righteous and equal cause. They just come accross ( are intentionally interpreted/perceived) as hateful and paranoid. And still, this does not sway them.
The Ku Klux Klan is not hateful. However, it is highly offended and highly disgusted by the melting potter agenda so prevailently promoted via a biased government legislation/mandate; a biased/regulated news media (propaganda machine); and a biased/mandated/funded state university system. government, media, and college are brainwashing tools for a melting potter agenda. Whens the last time you saw david duke allowed the same media time as Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson? Exactly When's the last time you hear equal consideration given to an anti-bestialitist in a mandated multiculturalism class at college? Exactly When's the last time government agreed with the fact that anti-bestialitist present a superior reasoning than the melting potter agenda it embraces? exactly NEVER
I firmly believe that a hater of a perceived hater is a hater just the same. No matter what they are hating for. The Jena 6 are guilty of a serious hate crime...because they hated a hater so much, they physically beat him. But they are let go scott free because they are blacks who cant stand the free speech (offensive and disgusting) symbol of a noose. Well, Ku Klux Klan members are equally offended and disgusted by a mixed race couple walking down the street and procreating mix breed children. Same high offense and disgust, yet bestiality is allowed while anti-bestialitists are hateful. That don't fly in America.
Acknowledge the fact that White and Black people are different animals. Agree?? Now look up the definition of bestiality in the dictionary. That definition doesn't include human animals because it is politically incorrect, however the concept applies equally to our own animals. Dogs, donkeys, and horses can procreate with each other...because they are not reasoning animals...they don't know any better. We know better, and have to be more disciplined and loyal to preserve our own.
Look at the Hawaiian people. There were 500,000 of them when we first arrived, and today the fewer than 5,000 of them have to live on a secluded island just to preserve their unique race and culture. Look at the drastic reduction in numbers of the African American numbers in this country today...they are being bred out far more quickly and far more successfully than any hate group could ever hope to achieve.
We need to be more disciplined and loyal to our own. We can do this, and still love and respect those souls posessing a different animal than our own. It's called Platonic love, and thats where the love between the two stops. We are all equal, because our Constitution mandates it. So I know I can work with a black man, I can fight next to one, I can have one over for bbq and football. But it gets too sick, wrong, disgusting, and naturally freakish if I ever ponder having sexual relations with a black woman. Just wont happen "because she's a different animal", and bestiality is downright illegal in most states.
In closing, you understand what breeds the perceived hatred ( a highly offensive and disgusting act of bestiality and betrayal) then you will understand why that hatred exists in people who can not handle the offense and disgust...the people who are so weak as to "hate".
Thank you for reading, and have a pleasant day.

Frank Post, Kansas

Frank70 said...

Don't Hate... Debate! Anti-bestialitists have the supreme reasoning as for why we should keep to our own. With a platonic love for the others...


kkk all the way said...

thank you frank o7 long live the klan.

Bill IKA 33/6 said...

Who cares if Whites took this country from the Indians? They wern't strong enough to keep it and we took it by out fighting them, like we have done throughout history. You infantile non whites are not seeking to take our country by fighting for it, you weak little babies do nothing but sit on your lazy asses and bellyache that everything should be handed to you. Hiding behind daddy ZOG like a bunch of cowardly children is not going to bring you victory, do you inferior pieces of garbage honestly believe that jews will grant you true equality if they take over? You morons are being used as cannon fodder by the Zionists, who will flush you turds down the same toilet they found you floating in when they no longer need you.

Anonymous said...

I am only posting anonymous because I do not have an account here...

Hey Anonymous... the white man will stop hiding behind his 'traditional' mask when you stop hiding behind your COWARDLY "anonymous" title when you make post with big talk in them! What's the matter, you loud-mouthed, shit-talkin' fucker?!? Scared to post your name, "BOY"?!?

As for who was in America first... ALL of you need an education, because ALL LIFE ON THE PLANET came from the middle east! Therefore, NOBODY is "natively' from the US. Look up something called the CRADLE OF CIVILIXZATION and get educated on the matter! Additionally, all THREE of the genetically different bloodlines on the planet today came from NOAH (yeah, the man who built the ark)! And to further your educations even more, the native american indians are SHEMITIC (incorrectly pronounced Semitic)... just like the JEWS! Take some time and look up something called the TABLE OF NATIONS on the web someday and educate yourselves on the matter!

Anti-Anonymous Loudmouths!

Anonymous said...

fuck kkk!u motherfuckers are some scared ass bitches hiding in that fuckin robe.

Anonymous said...

To the idiot above... I ain't scared, BITCH! So listen up...

Spoken like a true, cursed HAMITE with a Public School, History-Revisionist education... assuming you have an education at all. (Being fluent in EBONICS does NOT count)

Hey, "BOY"... "fucking" is what got you and your dumb-ass race (and a number of other races) in so much trouble with God in the fist place! Since I know you don't have enough education or intelligence to know what I mean, let me explain... it was your earliest, biblical ancestor (a guy named HAM (hence the term, Hamite)) who "fucked" his own father (Noah) up the ass and got a curse put on you! I see now by your comment about "fucking" that you morons still haven't learned your lesson...!

As for all the rest of you... go ahead and play STUPID and mess with the Jews if you want, and see what happens. GOD, himself, is protecting them (the "remnant"), so you'd be wise not to cross them.

And for the record... I do not wear a hood of any color. I have no use for what the vast majority of the KKK cells have become today - a lousy, worthless group of neo-nazi white supremacists!

White American of Irish Descent
Anti-STUPID People!