Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Felony Hate Crime Charge Against DPW Worker James Curtis Dismissed In Niagara Falls, New York; Misdemeanor Harassment Charge Still Pending

Update posted on November 23rd: On November 10th, James Curtis pleaded guilty to second-degree aggravated harassment, a class A misdemeanor. He will be sentenced on January 7th. He remains suspended from his job, and the city is still seeking to terminate him.

In a partial return to sanity in Niagara Falls, New York, a class E felony hate crime charge was dismissed in City Court on October 14th, 2008 against a longtime city public works employee who has admitted putting a "whites only" sign on a drinking fountain while on the job. But James R. Curtis, 52, of 80th Street, remains charged with misdemeanor second degree aggravated harassment, according to the Niagara County District Attorney's office. Full story published October 14th by the Buffalo News. Follow-up reports now posted by the Niagara Gazette and WIVB Channel 4 in Buffalo.

After carefully reviewing the case and conducting numerous interviews with Department of Public Works (DPW) employees, including Curtis himself, prosecutors realized that a felony charge for a simple inflammatory sign was gross overkill, and decided to ask for the reduction in charges. It was granted by City Judge Mark A. Violante. The felony hate crime charge could have resulted in state prison time, while the misdemeanor harassment charge carries only county jail time. Curtis had earlier pleaded not guilty.

Harvey F. Siegel, the defense lawyer representing Curtis, called it a "whole different case" without the felony charge. He said the aggravated harassment count is similar to making a harassing phone call. Siegel characterized the sign as an "off-color joke, normal shop talk," and said dozens of letters from from employees, including minority workers who supported Curtis, helped reduce the charges. Siegel discusses the case in the WIVB news video embedded below:

One factor working in Curtis' favor is the fact that he actually sought to minimize exposure to the sign. After posting the sign, a co-worker told Curtis that it was a bad idea, after which Curtis promptly removed and disposed of the sign. But a militant black co-worker fished the sign out of the trash can and decided to make a legal issue of it. A group of militant black DPW workers called the "Niagara Falls Six", who have launched a civil rights suit against the city, have used the sign as grist for their propaganda mill. More background on this in my September 3rd post.

Curtis, who has been suspended from his job, remains free on bail and is scheduled to return to court November 10th. Initially, it was an unpaid suspension, but now has been changed to a paid suspension. However, the white mayor of the city, Paul Dyster, instead of taking a balanced point of view and allowing the justice system the opportunity to deal with it, has further politicized the situation by leading a personal vendetta against Curtis, threatening to fire him from his DPW job, even before justice has been served. Mayor Dyster has behaved shamelessly and opportunistically throughout this situation. Anti-racist whites (many of who are actually Jews) and minority race hustlers would have little power over us if it weren't for enablers like Paul Dyster.

But it does appear that some semblance of sanity is returning to Niagara Falls, although one local resident, Rebekah Price, wants to use this incident as an excuse to strengthen the Human Rights Commission so it can more effectively witch-hunt those who sin against political correctness. Perhaps she should talk to Niagara Falls' Canadian neighbors; they know first hand how "Human Rights Commissions" work. The Canadian Human Right Commission, with the associated Human Rights Tribunals, remain the greatest source of tyranny in Canada today and are employed almost exclusively against white Canadian dissidents.


Anonymous said...

You are a flaming moron. You do not get it and never will.

Anchorage Activist said...

Yeah, I guess you're right, Anonymous Fucktard. I never will "get" why it is justified to charge a guy with a felony for playing a harmless practical joke. LOL!

Anonymous said...

It was a dumb thing to do.But I think dumb people(and even dumb White people-heretical thought)are entitled to the same Constitutional protections as anyone else.

Anchorage Activist said...

I agree it was not a smart thing for Curtis to do. That sort of thing needs to be kept out of the workplace; sensitivity and diversity training have made people too hypersensitive nowadays.

However, this should have been strictly a workplace issue. A two week unpaid suspension would have been sufficient. Our justice system is already choked with cases as it is.

There is a right to redress for actual crimes against your person or property. There is no right to redress simply because you're offended.

apollonian said...

Jim Curtis Is Just Now Finding Out How Serious A Thing Christianity Really Is
(Apollonian, 15 Oct 08)

James R. Curtis was bored and thought he'd play a little joke. Now James is learning just how messed up things really are--and perhaps a little about what it will take to get things back in favor of white people:

(a) Remove Jews

(b) But first, in order to achieve above item (a), removal of their enablers among gentiles.

(c) So whites--and everyone--are going to have to get more serious about the Jew problem; they're going to have to get serious about Christianity--and I don't mean this in any brainless, dumbass mystical sense.

(d) People must get serious to effect USA is meant to be a Christian nation, and this means certain distinct and un-mistakeable things--like ANTI-SEMITISM.

CONCLUSION: For Christianity must be taken seriously--it's still such a mind-boggling thing for evermore people to begin to realizing what psychopaths Jews really are. Stupid niggers are just a manifestation of that Jew problem. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Orion said...

Ole anon is just foaming at that mouth over this one. He hates his superiors so bad he wants them all to die in prison, or else help his black brothas kill off the rest. Then the voices in his head will stop.

Now get back to your filth room and play paddy cake with your feces, you fucking freak!!

apollonian said...

Anonymous said...
You are a flaming moron. You do not get it and never will.
2:14 PM

Anonymous said...
It was a dumb thing to do.But I think dumb people(and even dumb White people-heretical thought)are entitled to the same Constitutional protections as anyone else.
5:17 PM

* * * * *

Inevitable "Day Of The Lord" Approaches For Inexorable Cycle Of History
(Apollonian, 16 Oct 08)

"Anon"--it wasn't "dumb" thing to do by dear old James Curtis--it was genuinely funny joke (fm my pt. of view). But James forgot it wasn't funny to certain people who've decided now they're going to "crack-down" on dumb white people.

So James is just learning a lesson in belated manner, that's all. This has to happen to more white people before we can begin to getting serious about the problem.

U see "anon," it's important to "smoke u out" and expose u before all the people.

For ultimately what we patriots want to do is to reduce and remove the cultural CONFUSION for allllllllllll the peoples--THUS ISOLATING the Jews and their closest collaborators, who will be found to be actually an amazingly small minority.

So u see "anon," u do indeed begin to touch upon the problem to be "gotten" or not, by the people. U "anon" seriously imagine u will ENSLAVE THE WHITE VOLK, thus placing urself on the side of Jews--which is going to be bad place to be, very soon, I suspect.

But of course, as rational person, I note I could be wrong. And so now it's ur place, "anon," to put it all straight so people can understand. But of course, u can't explain things better than I've done above, can u? That's why then only thing u can say is gee, it's useless explaining things--to which the only thing I'd ask is WHY DID U BOTHER posting on this blog in the first place if u're so incompetent for ability of exposition?

CONCLUSION: I know that's a lot to think about, isn't it? But don't strain urself. We white folk know what's going on, enough of us--and more and more. The "day of the Lord" approaches. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian