Saturday, October 18, 2008

FBI Thugs Arrest ANSWP Commander And Overthrow Editor Bill White, Now Confirmed By The Roanoke Times

Update October 19th: Bill White denied bail at first hearing. See updated post HERE.

I had been waiting for a mainstream media story to corroborate this report, and now I've got one. On October 18th, 2008, the Roanoke Times has reported that Bill White, who is the Commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) and the editor of the Overthrow website, was arrested by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on October 17th. The arrest was actually first disclosed to the public on October 17th by Hal Turner, but it's my policy to wait for mainstream media corroboration before discussing issues raised by certain sources.

White is being held without bond in the Roanoke City Jail, according to Lt. Mark Sweentenberg of the Roanoke Sheriff's Office. When asked what White is charged with, jail officials referred questions to federal authorities. "That's all we know, that he's a federal inmate," Sweetenberg said.

The Feds have now spoken up. Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Bondurant states that White is being charged with obstruction of justice. Bondurant said the charge involves the "threatened use of force" against the foreman of a Chicago jury in the case of Matthew Hale, who was convicted in 2004 of soliciting the murder of a U.S. District Court judge. Bill White identified the juror as Mark P. Hoffman, a gay Jewish anti-racist activist who lives in Chicago, and published his home address on his website. Click HERE to watch an interesting YouTube video showing Hal Turner, Floyd Cochran, and a former Chicago police detective discussing the case on Geraldo Rivera's program. But White said he made no threats against the juror. And his statement is true; although the Overthrow blog is offline, the cache of the site, which is still available, clearly shows that no threats were posted.

According to another blogger, "History Mike" Brooks, Bill White may actually be charged with a violation of 18 U.S.C 1503. The Chicago Tribune is now reporting that the Feds plan to try White in Chicago, where the original Matt Hale trial took place. One advantage for the Feds in trying the case in Chicago - they can stack the jury with blacks, and most people know that Chicago blacks tend to be militant, uppity blacks.

The arrest culminates a week of increasing Federal harassment of Bill White, which began last Saturday (October 11th) when FBI agents burst into the Patterson Avenue building that houses the computer equipment White uses to maintain the Overthrow website and other ANSWP-affiliated websites. They seized the computer and other related equipment. A complete list of the items seized can be viewed HERE. According to the search warrant, authorities were looking for computer files and other records "that may contain all evidence of the crime of threatening Hale Juror A."

Later in the week, Bill White posted a message via Harold Covington's blog claiming that "five carloads of FBI agents" were following him. While the number may have been exaggerated, there's no doubt that White was being followed. Finally, on October 17th, the FBI delivered the coup de grace.

However, there may have been one more issue triggering the decision to arrest Bill White. On the cover of the newest issue of his National Socialist magazine is a picture of Barack Obama through the crosshairs of a rifle scope, with the caption "Kill This Nigger?". While I have not seen the article, the question mark at the end implies that White was neither advocating the assassination of Barack Obama nor urging anyone else to cap him, but was simply speculating in a provocative sense about the possibility of Obama getting capped. However, Barack Obama actually appeared in the city of Roanoke on October 17th, so the arrest of White may also have been at the behest of the Secret Service, although Obama appeared in Roanoke five hours before White was arrested.

Surprisingly, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) agreed on its website that White did not directly propose violence against the juror. But Mark Potok, the gay Jew who serves as director of the SPLC's Intelligence Project, said that while White has often come close to the line between free speech and criminal activity, he may have finally crossed it by posting personal information about a juror. Potok states that Federal authorities are particularly sensitive about protecting jurors in cases such as Hale's.

But Bill White has vigorous and credible defenders as well. In a post on the Vanguard News Network Forum, Frazier Glenn Miller, who once headed up the largest white nationalist organization in the U.S., the White Patriot Party, came to bat for White, and was swinging for the fences:

So much for Bill White being a federal agent. I never thought for a minute he was. Why ?? Mainly because 3 years ago when I first started conversing with him on the net, Alex [Linder] stated to me, via email, that while White has flaws, he was a genuine WN. And Alex should know. He worked closely and personally with BW for years.

And to those yellow paranoids opposed to White because his words might sic the JOG on us, I say "you make me want to puke".

Being that Miller himself was a boots-on-the-ground street activist, this is a tribute to another person who is also a street activist. Although Bill White is renowned for his Internet activism, he has engaged in considerable street activism under his own name, thus attracting maximum potential exposure.

With White now in jail, the next step will be an arraignment before a magistrate judge, which could happen as early as Sunday afternoon. Discussion and additional information can be expected on the following websites:

- Vanguard News Network Forum
- Stormfront (website shutdown HERE, arrest HERE)
- Phxnews
- ANSWP Kentucky: This is a semi-official ANSWP website operated by Kentucky State Leader Michael Burks, who has been providing some sporadic updates on this case.

Whatever one might think of Bill White, the actions against him during the week just concluded are symptomatic of the growing abuse of Federal power. The Shaun Walker Trio were similarly victimized in Salt Lake City. And it's not just limited to white activists; Alaska U.S. Senator Ted Stevens is currently in the midst of a Soviet-style show trial based upon trumped-up charges fueled by a star informer, former VECO CEO Bill Allen (unlike the Shaun Walker Trio, Ted Stevens took the stand in his own defense and shredded the prosecution's case). Unless we set aside petty rivalries and start showing solidarity in these cases, victimization will continue and intensify.


apollonian said...

Feds Now Cooperating In Publicizing Fixing Of Jury With Queer Jew
(Apollonian, 18 Oct 08)

Good story, AA. Christians need to come together--this is nothing but ZOG, queer, and Jew activity to terorize and intimidate the people. These are Jews, terrorists, bolsheviks, and their lackeys.

I think it's very bad move for Hal Turner ( to write he doesn't think Bill White should have right to publicize info on jurors, esp. if he can't quote or cite a specific law, ruling, or statement thereof. After all, jurors are supposed to be our fellow citizens and "peers," by definition.

Of course--and this also is real possibility--ZOG might be doing this against Bill White to give him publicity, or to see what reaction is by those interested. It's interesting Feds are now essentally colluding in getting it out to people Jury foreman was queer Jew--in trial of Matt Hale.

Another interesting note is Pat Grimm's site was taken down earlier today.

CONCLUSION: Finally, I'll say again, this is most opportune time, given all the various events, starting with the nation-wide financial turmoil, for folks to consider the true meaning of anti-semitic Christianity--does Christianity make any sense as something which is Jew-friendly? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Apollonian - thanks for the info on ZionistWatch. I put the info out on VNN Forum

However, I suddenly remembered that Grimm has another website, NewsFromTheWest. And when I checked it, I found out that ZionistWatch hasn't completely disappeared; it's been renamed.

It's now known as

apollonian said...

Is NFTW Actually Pat Grimm's Site?
(Apollonian, 19 Oct 08)

Thanks much AA, good comrade--HEY, that knocks me out--are u saying NewsFromTheWest is Pat Grimm's site?--no wonder I'm getting deleted--are u sure it's Grimm's site?

NFTW was active all the time ZionistWatch was down the past few months--I never imagined that was Grimm, though I noticed a lot of his columns would show up there.

CONCLUSION: Thanks much for all ur info. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Apollonian - I'm not absolutely sure that NFTW is also Grimm's site, but I was under the impression that it was. The relationship between the two blogs is extremely close.

And if you look at my post on Zionist Watch, you will see that Grimm posted a comment and did NOT deny this.

I hope I didn't inadvertently out Grimm as the editor of NFTW.

apollonian said...

Blogging, Dialectic And Prospects Of Present ZOG-Mammon Imperial Debacle
(Apollonian, 19 Oct 08)

Well AA, it's (info about NFTW) just most interesting to me, that's all--it's not like I'm able to do anything about it, if that's what u mean.

NFTW did have some interesting stuff on it, but I noted the little bastard son-of-a-bitch would delete my comments--going back months ago, and I never ever had the slightest idea why--until now with ur latest little tid-bit.

See, Pat Grimm is one of those who's "sensitive" to criticism--as we all are, I guess. But Grimm is a real control-freak, as is Maynard, and as is Bill White too--they're similar in certain ways, so affected.

Me, I don't have a blog--it would get deleted--so I make do as correspondent. Thus I MUST deal with criticism--it makes me tough-minded, I think, as I learn about people and social "movements", even at advanced age of 55.

AA, informed as u usually are about things, surely u know the latest dirt on Curt Maynard, bosom-buddy to Pat Grimm (evidently--NFTW still advertises Maynard's site), who is now "outed" by Bill White (that was one great thing about Bill White, his detective work) as one who actually is mated with mestizo, and is himself progenitor thereof too.

Such mud-race sympathy wouldn't be especially notable--but for Maynard's lecturing Bill White, saying Bill White is NOT "REAL" white nationalist--as if Maynard knows anything about it all. And as u might know, I used to attempt to collaborating with Maynard until the natural antipathy became too blatant to ignore.

I've always been interested in psychology and how then it manifests--as in patriot and nationalist "movement" affairs, and I find personality traits of Maynard and Grimm most interesting--among others too, like Bill Whites, for another example.

Maynard is really funny, I find, he now going around to at least a couple of sites casting aspersions against me, using different monikers--golly gee, I'm almost flattered for the effort he puts out.

Maynard is a real psycho, I say--all u have to do is read his stuff he writes about me, impassioned and pathetic at the same time--Maynard is a desperate man, truly.

It's as if Maynard had to mate with someone, but he couldn't find a white woman, so he settled for a mestizo--but he still wants sooooooo badly to pretend he's still a white man. So Maynard enjoys playing "mighty white" and giving his sage advice to people. Maynard used to pretend to "white nationalism," but now seems to settle for "anti-zionism."

So anyway, comrade AA, I just want to reassure u for ur info--after all, that's what journalism is supposed to be all about--that basic, solid, righteous info, u know. Further, I wanted to inform u for my own analysis of things, which I think u'd appreciate. We're both basically journalists and analysts. I'm an advocate too.

Thus we must organize our people/volk, and we MUST start at the very roots, consciousness-wise, and that root is basic Christianity--it's NOT "rocket-science," u know. Christianity is supposed to be fairly simple, after all is said and done. As old philosophy-major, I find it's actually rather easy.

What is it about Pat Grimm that I find objectionable?--well, of course, it's good he's basically anti-semitic, but I find there's something about him--being so partial to a psycho like Curt Maynard is one give-away. And I never understood why Grimm had to censor me, the little puke. So u can see I don't like him (Grimm), and I'm still trying to figure the son-of-a-bitch out.

Maynard is simply psycho, pure and simple. Grimm seems to have a problem w. basic logic, not understanding or accepting Jews are Talmudists, and Talmudists are psychopaths, necessarily, and there's no "good" psychopath--is thesis I'm presently working on. Still, there's NO EXCUSE for censoring me, and I'm determined to crush the scummy puke for that alone. But everything I do, I think, should be done for good of the white volk, I say--I won't be satisfied with anything else. And I always listen to advice--not necessarily accepting it, but listening is mandatory, I think. So I proceed w. clear conscience.

There are various quality blog-sites, some primarily advocacy, some primarily straight-up info, like urs, AA. I think urs is one of the best, and u're one of the more respectable as u don't fear letting people have their reasonable say, like me, for example. And I note a lot of different type folks like ur blog too for that fearless journalist quality u feature. Maynard almost had that similar quality journalist feature--except he was/is DEATHLY afraid of criticism, the poor weakling.

Presently ZOG-Mammon is blowing it all, their game evermore exposed to evermore people, and mighty INTERNET is primary reason, blogging the great NEW ART which has helped so much to galvanize public attention against ZOG-Mammon.

But what, AA, is essence to blogging art?--I submit great part is DIALECTIC, a technique known back fm time of the Greeks, but rather lost nowadays--until blogging brought it back to the fore. And DIALECTIC is best simply by means of HONESTY and COURAGE, that willingness to (a) listen and tolerate another pt. of view, and (b) then to appreciate and reply to such alternative theses, by which people are capable then of achieving serious, genuine, substantial new ideas and SYNTHESES, I'd say--it's what ZOG-Mammon did not expect and still surely doesn't understand.

CONCLUSION: ZOG-Mammon is potentially DEAD--as long as people understand we now have them PIN-POINTED, no less than Christian patriots of 4th cent. Roman empire who engineered the first culture-wide, definitive JEW-EXPULSION of all history, the reason Jews so insanely--but correctly--HATE Christianity, that basic thing. For Christianity and its insight made something practical which before the Greeks understood, but which was too theoretical and abstract, that basic metaphysical dichotomy, OBJECTIVITY VS. SUBJECTIVE--applied then by Christians as TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy. So be sure to keep up ur most excellent work by all means. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Orion said...

Why is William being held without bond?! Is he some kind of terrorist?! Obama's close advisor Bill Ayers, a known terrorist, never faced justice and is now writing anti-white essays in Chicago and Bill White is in Jail for bullshit charges without bail?!!

THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT IS ILLEGITIMATE! The sooner Patriots realize this and understand that there can be no compromising with PURE EVIL, the sooner this filthy jewish government goes the way of empires past: IN THE DUSTBIN OF HISTORY!

Anonymous said...


The trademark, maniacal grin of Bill White, the anarchist arrested
for obstruction of justice, said it all. The I-got-the-attention-I-wanted
look belied the man who, for years, had tried to torment Nationalists,
with Internet graffiti, pirating Nationalist images and lambasting Nationalists
as "wacky," "wacko" and "crazy." White's greatest resentment was being
ignored, which White attempted to remedy by being the easy-target
"poster-boy" for pro-minority-activist Morris Dees. Dees pronounced
White the "second biggest" rightist, even though White had a history
as an avowed Communist and anarchist, who repeatedly called for
assassination and "overthrowing" the "ruling classes."

White feigned being a "rightist" by associating with costumists, who
had sparked a riot in Toledo, but his forte was invariably goading
others into murder-plots or praising convicted-criminals, such as
Matt Hale, serving forty years for murder-conspiracy. Gary Nemeth,
who quit White, early on, pronounced White a "freak-show" who,
instead of the "thousands" of members claimed by White, had only two
members, both of whom had quit him. White, a slum-lord, who had
inherited a trust-fund, had gone bankrupt, after squandering his
fortune on sub-prime real-estate. Dees had continually asserted that
White would make a "comeback," but White just kept up his

Nationalists had been quick to denounce White, when White first
surfaced, following his unsuccessful campaign for the Maryland
state-house as an "anarchist." Appearing on National Public Radio,
Richard Barrett dubbed White's murder-appeals "outrageous" and
"indefensible," predicting that "the only thing that White will
overthrow is himself." Nationalists had pulled the plug on White's
Internet-site for copyright infringement, which White responded to by
filing a complaint with the Mississippi attorneys' association. When
the complaint was dismissed, White, who had disclosed a lengthy rap
sheet, including a suicide-watch hospitalization, claimed that he had

White was arrested for his latest escapade, in which he published the
name and address of a federal-juror in the Hale case, beckoning
threats. Given his history of threats, even publishing his targets in
the cross-hairs of a gun, White, who was denied bail, was likely to
mimic Hale's fate at some super-max federal pen. U.S. Magistrate
Judge Michael Urbanski said that he was troubled that White, whose
computer had been seized under a search-warrant, had set up an
intricate plot to murder fifteen to twenty people. White had once
claimed to be represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, but
the group denied it. White's last lawyer appeared in court and asked
the judge to be let go.
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