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Celebrating The 53rd Birthday Of James "Yankee Jim" Leshkevich, A Premier White Nationalist Activist On Stormfront And VNN, Gone But Not Forgotten

Rest well in Valhalla, Jim

On October 2nd, 1955 (the year on the above photo is wrong), one of the premier white nationalist activists who ever worked for our Cause uttered his first cry on the earth. It was on this day that James Leshkevich, who became better known as "Yankee Jim", was born. Visit this memorial thread on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Yankee Jim was no David Duke. He was no William Pierce. He was no Kevin McDonald. He was no Alex Linder. He was neither a man of leadership nor a man of letters. Instead, he was an ordinary salt-of-the-earth white guy who got tired of the hypocrisy of the race debate in this country, and who finally had enough of our people being robbed, raped, and murdered by non-whites in this country simply because they were white. Typical of so many white guys who are forced to live amongst diversity. He first tried moving away from diversity, leaving his home in "diversity-rich" Long Island, New York for West Hurley, New York in what he always affectionately referred to as the "Jew-infested Catskills". But as the minorities began flocking to the Lower Hudson Valley, he decided he couldn't run again.

So he consciously chose to confront forced diversity head on, first joining the National Alliance, then migrating to the now-defunct National Vanguard. Afterwards he became an independent activist, finishing up on the Vanguard News Network as an Internet radio host. A truck driver by trade, he was also a husband and a father.

Of course, we all know that Yankee Jim came to an unfortunate end. The circumstances of his demise are described in these previous posts, HERE and HERE. Thus we prefer to focus on the day he was born, to celebrate and memorialize his life rather than his death. Here are some brief snapshots of his life as an activist.

Yankee Jim was one of the primary players on Stormfront at one time, until a disagreement between himself and a Stormfront moderator led to his permanent departure from that venue. He was also one of the cornerstones of the Vanguard News Network Forum, involved in rallies and fund-raising for various pro-white causes. Selflessness and community involvement became part and parcel of Yankee Jim's later life. Some noteworthy examples:

- In April 2005, Yankee Jim organized 35 donors via Stormfront and the National Alliance to participate in a national walkathon for breast cancer operated by the American Cancer Society. He then arranged to have himself photographed handing over the envelope full of $857 in donations to the American Cancer Society. His objective was to combat and eradicate the negative biases and stereotypes about white nationalism. At the time, Leshkevich said, "It kind of throws a wrench into that whole hater, Nazi, racist, anti-Semite thing. Who in their right mind post-9/11 would want to be affiliated with a dangerous hate terrorist? I wanted people to see that, look, this is one of the things we can do. Doing something good ... not killing people or hanging Negroes".

- In October 2005, Yankee Jim was one of the primary organizers of a "rally against black crime" held in Kingston, New York in November 2005 to protest the unprovoked assault on Kingston High School white student Robbie Hedrick by a black classmate who outweighed him nearly two-to-one. Many within Kingston's local white community believed the black student was getting kid gloves treatment simply because he was black, out of fear that the local black community might "chimp out" if things didn't go their way. His efforts attracted the attention of the premier mouthpiece of the white nationalist movement, radio host Hal Turner, who showed up and delivered a rousing speech.

- In May 2007, Yankee Jim participated in the first Knoxville "Rally Against Black Crime", designed to focus attention on the kidnapping, rape, torture and murder of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, and the initial reluctance of the media to cover it effectively.

- In 2007, as white nationalist activist Chester Doles approached his release date from prison, Yankee Jim organized and led a Chester Doles Truck Fund campaign on the Vanguard News Network Forum, which netted $4,617.82 in contributions so Doles would have a grubstake to jump-start his life economically after his release.

Unfortunately, the marital relationship between Yankee Jim and his wife Deborah deteriorated towards the end. While Deborah was just as highly-regarded within her community as Yankee Jim was within his community, Deborah unfortunately became vulnerable to a small group of harpies and shrews, some newly-divorced, who were unhappy that their own marital relationships had gone sour, and in turn sought to undermine the Leshkevichs' relationship. Regrettably, Deborah yielded somewhat to their influences, which led to the couple's tragic ending. Many white nationalists, initially consumed by anger and grief, lashed out at Deborah over her role as a perceived catalyst, but with the passage of time, we recognize that she, too, was somewhat of a victim.

But the most prominent white nationalist discussion boards also overflowed with tributes to Yankee Jim from his peers. Kudo after kudo was posted on this VNN Forum thread and on Stormfront. Selfless, dedicated, and nonjudgmental were among the descriptive adjectives most often used.

Personal Impressions: While I never had the opportunity to meet Yankee Jim in person, I was always most impressed by his non-denominational activism and his desire to respect all productive white nationalists. He recognized and lauded all constructive activism, whether it was accomplished by an ordinary white nationalist, a national socialist, or even the younger skinhead crews. He rarely if ever took part in the flame wars which characterize life on the Vanguard News Network. Truly a class act from top to toe.

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Orion said...

Happy Birthday, Jim. I remember meeting him at the knoxville rally, and he was well dressed and acted every bit the gentleman. I was in California on business when I heard what happened, and it's a shame. We really need him.

Valhalla, Yankee Jim!