Sunday, October 26, 2008

Canadian Cowardice: Parry Sound, Ontario Town Council Cancels European Heritage Week To Avoid Association With "Racist" Nationalist Party Of Canada

On October 24th, 2008, the Parry Sound Beacon-Star reported that during the October 21st meeting of the Parry Sound Town Council, the council passed a resolution to rescind their endorsement of European Heritage Week, because it's associated with the Nationalist Party of Canada, considered racist. The resolution was introduced by councillor Paul Borneman, and seconded by Conrad van der Valk. In addition, the council also passed an amendment asking the party to remove any indication of Parry Sound’s support of European Heritage week on its website.

Currently, the NPC website includes Parry Sound on a list of cities and towns which have endorsed the heritage week. But their real problem is that Don Andrews, the party's leader who operates the website out of Toronto, is considered an outspokenly racist leader, and has a conviction on a racial-related offense in his past. In 1975, Andrews, then the leader of the Western Guard, was charged with offences ranging from plotting arson, possession of weapons and explosives, and mischief. He was ultimately sentenced to two years in jail for conspiring to bomb a visiting Israeli soccer team. And according to Wikipedia, Andrews was also peripherally involved in the Dominica caper in 1979, but managed to avoid any criminal culpability.

The NPC website still lists Parry Sound as of this post. It states, “The fourteenth annual European Heritage Week has been our best ever, with three cities: Cranbrook, B.C., Parry Sound and Midland, Ontario proclaiming it this year. It’s most gratifying to see these municipalities stand up and be counted ... We thank all those who took the time to read our requests for declaration, and the communities of Cranbrook, Parry Sound and Midland for their courage and fortitude”. The information remains technically correct, as Parry Sound did proclaim it earlier this year. History can be repealed, but it cannot be removed.

The town council originally passed the request to support European Heritage Week back in August. They had no idea they had inadvertently agreed to support Andrews’ agenda until a reporter from the National Post told them last week, along with Cranbook and Midland, that they had been duped.

Nationalist party leader Andrews declared the period October 13-19 to be European Heritage week in 1994. Andrews has yet to respond to media enquiries over this latest development. But just days before, he explained his motives in an article published by the National Post. Andrews said the resolution promotes racial awareness.

"No matter what, anybody rescinds it, some pressure group runs up and says, 'Oh no, no, they're Nazis!' Whatever, you know. Point is, you don't shoot the messenger if it's a good idea, and this is a timely idea right now, for people to recognize themselves. Instead of just lashing out at other minorities, [it would] be better to feel something about themselves," Andrews said.

Commentary: Canada celebrates other ethnic heritages. According to this site, they celebrate Aboriginal heritage, Asian heritage, and Black History Month. Yet when presented the opportunity to also extend official recognition to the European population whose ancestors built Canada into the modern state that it is today, the Parry Sound municipal government got cold feet and backed down. Cowardice. Of course, Jewish supremacists from B'nai B'rith Canada have been operating behind the scenes for years to suppress European Heritage Week.

It wasn't as if Don Andrews was demanding that they celebrate European Heritage Week a certain prescribed way. He wasn't demanding that they hold an NSM or Klan-style rally, replete with a cross or swastika lighting. He was merely asking that they recognize and highlight European heritage on the same grounds as the heritage of other groups.

Can there be any further doubt that multiculturalism is intended to be anti-White?

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apollonian said...

Opportunity, Necessity Of Christian Activism Observed
(Apollonian, 26 Oct 08)

Well AA, it merely indicates pass to which things have come, the great probability being these "councillors," Borneman and van der Valk, being in pay/influence of Jews, directly or indirectly. One can never under-estimate the reach/effect of Jews and power of their false god, Mammon.

What is it then underlying ZOG-Mammon that rules?--it's that putrid, HUBRIS and MORALISM, consisting of Pelagian heresy, featuring child's "good-evil," I say once again, at cultural bottom, enforced then by more direct influences, ultimately Judaic, entailing such as outright extortion and bribery, as I indicate.

For note "good-evil" rots the culture and personal character, featuring Pharisaist self-righteousness and fear/terror of GUILT, this stinking guilt then the currency of such moralist mentality of child's "good-evil."

And what then is it which must activate in order to remove and counter this putrid, Jew-friendly, Jew-oriented and -serving Pharisaism-moralism?--that fierce HONESTY borne of original Christian anti-semitism (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), I humbly submit.

But further, note large CYCLIC historic circumstances must take proper effect. People already know and at least suspect certain things about Jews--their incredible hook-nosed ugliness is one obvious thing.

And as things (economic and political) get worse, and people see Jews benefitting, as always, gentiles suffering, as always, slowly but surely, people will begin to getting that necessary CLUE--and if they don't they die as happens to Darwinian inferiors and weaklings.

And again, I'll note the discussion fm last WhiteReference blog, "Anti-Defamation League...," fm 24 Oct, featuring "Sherwood Smith," the blowhard who wants to pretend to rushing off with idiotic, mindless, planless action. For note activity needs plan which needs analysis--WHICH APOLLONIAN PROVIDES with cogent, necessary OBSERVATIONS, like any competent scientist.

There was yet another interlocutor (in previous WhiteReference blog) who contended with "Sherwood," but who didn't provide any particular analysis or notable observations, though he criticized Sherwood, so I don't know what he'd say.

CONCLUSION: But regardless, again, there's excellent room and opportunity here for incisive Christian activism. At least we have incisive Journalism fm WhiteReference. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian