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Brotherhood Of Klans Distributes "Racist" Flyers In Marion, Ohio; Black Woman Unhappy About Receiving A Flyer, Took It Personally

The Brotherhood of Klans recently distributed "racist" flyers in Marion, Ohio, and a black woman who received a flyer is a bit upset. The Marion Star published the primary story on October 28th, 2008, and their report is almost exclusively on this black woman's reaction. One would think she's the second coming of Rosa Parks.

Other media coverage:

- The Columbus Dispatch : Marion police investigate distribution of ..., Oct 30
- The Columbus Dispatch : KKK fliers offensive but legal, police say, Oct 31.
- WCMH Channel 4 Columbus: Altered Uncle Sam Posters Recruit For KKK, Oct 29.

Also posted on the Vanguard News Network blog.

The flyers were distributed in Marion sometime during the past weekend, focusing mostly upon the south side of town centered around the Crescent Heights Apartments. The flyer shows a hooded Klansman with the words "The KKK Wants You", and invites white recipients to "join them to take back the rights which have been given to others in the name of political correctness". It lists local contact information for the Brotherhood of Klans KKK at P.O. Box 2395 in Marion, OH 43301. View a PDF copy of the flyer HERE.

But Etesta Hudson is upset because she received a flyer, and she's black. She reported it to the police. "This is a little intimidating for me, because I'm originally from Mississippi," said the 50-year-old Windsor Street resident who recounted a childhood marked by violent life experiences in the racially divided South in the 1960s. She said she respects the rights of individuals to have their opinions, prejudiced or not, "but don't come that damn close to me. I don't like to feel tense". [Ed. Note: Lady, we don't like your people coming so damn close to us, either, that's why we keep moving away from you. It's called "white flight"]

Hudson said she also discovered an identical flyer posted on a telephone pole near her residence and was told by police officers who spoke with her about the incident that similar reports had been received on another street in the city. But when the police arrived, she got uppity and was upset with the first officer who responded to her report, saying he told her not to take the incident personally. She felt the patrolman was being "insensitive" and demanded to see a lieutenant, who she said was more "understanding" about her concerns. The patrolman was not disciplined.

Police Lt. Mark Beaschler said the matter has been turned over to the department's investigations bureau. "Unfortunately, it's happened before," Beaschler said. "We have a general idea of the source, but have been unable to pursue anything at this point". However, Beaschler said police have also reported the incident to the FBI "as a matter of protocol because it's racially motivated. It's something we make them aware of. If there's any other red flags out of the ordinary, we just let them know that". But the Feds would not be able to take action unless it could be proven that Etesta Hudson was personally and specifically targeted, which it cannot, since flyers were distributed to other residences.

Beaschler also explained that determining who left the flyer would be difficult unless someone saw the person leave the flyer or recorded the incident on a video camera.

Safety Director Tom Robbins said other racially motivated incidents have occurred in the city. "It has happened a couple of times," said Robbins, as longtime police officer before being appointed safety director. "They were very isolated incidents over the years. The police department always took an aggressive approach to investigating these."

Commentary: Notice how the Marion Star went out a found a "pet victim" for maximum propaganda purposes. A grey-headed black lady...who just happened to live in Mississippi during the Jim Crow era. Designed to provoke maximum emotional reaction against the Klan. After all, who could oppose a grey-headed old lady, right? And who hasn't been taught that the Jim Crow era was a brutal period of our history, a slow "holocaust" if you will.

Like so much of the media, the Marion Star couldn't be bothered to explore why a growing number of whites share the points of view promoted by the BOK flyer 44 years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Perhaps they're afraid to admit that civil "rights" for blacks turned out to be civil "wrongs" for whites?


apollonian said...

Virtuous Klan Effort Can Yet Be Improved, Sharpened
(Apollonian, 1 Nov 08)

Well this is interesting story: the KKK people do very well, getting out necessary and valuable info--but is it MOST incisive info and effort it could be?--I think it comes close, at least. Still, some clarification is in order for most PERFECT, sure-fire, can't-miss -type emphasis for aim and targeting. It's always good to analyze.

For the general problem is really very simple: we're up against literally criminal conspirators, and these criminals are led and financed by Jews--this Jew info is most salient information, easily verified, as we all know.

And of course these Jews, conspirators, and criminals are working against all people, not just whites--this also is most useful and salient info.

So on these two aforementioned grounds, I suggest the KKK info might be somewhat improved--though I want to stress I think they did quite well enough and deserve greatest praise.

Hence now we observe, as fm blog, Judeo-conspirators strive to ISOLATING the white folk and KKK--enough folk, even non-whites, know this is such balderdash, Jews typically trying to keep gentiles fighting one another.

The obvious possible improvement then is in challenging these same Jew-connected powers to attacking CHRISTIANS--THIS IS WHAT WE WANT. For in attacking Christians Jews thus attack THE PEOPLE as a whole.

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And again, note reasoning is extremely simple: (a) without worrying too much about details, we can easily get people, and not just whites, to agree upon the GENERAL problem of gross, horrific criminal CONSPIRACY against the people, all people, not just whites.

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Anonymous said...

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