Thursday, October 30, 2008

British Show Some Backbone: Judge Refuses To Extradite Holocaust Revisionist Dr. Fredrick Töben To Germany For Now, But Strict Bail Conditions Imposed

It looks like the British have a bit of backbone left. On October 29th, 2008, in City of Westminster Magistrates Court, District Judge Daphne Wickham refused to grant Germany's request to extradite famed Holocaust Revisionist scholar Dr. Fredrick Töben, ruling the European Union warrant to be invalid as it contains inadequate detail about the offences. It neither states the name of the website nor where the propaganda is said to have been published from - merely referring to the 'world-wide internet'. Full stories published in the Telegraph and The Australian. Discussion on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

After discharging Töben, Judge Wickham granted him bail pending an appeal by the German authorities. But he was not expected to be released immediately, since she imposed a series of strict conditions including a £100,000 security (meaning the money must actually be handed over to the court, not merely pledged), residence at an approved address, written confirmation from the Australian High Commission of which passports he holds, no Internet access, and a ban on giving press interviews. The latter two are safeguards to prevent any "public order act" offences.

Judge Wickham rejected an argument from Melanie Cumberland, representing the German authorities, that the required information could be acquired. The judge said: "Compliance, in my view, cannot be fulfilled by a drip-feed of information as and when the issuing authority provides it. I find that the particulars are vague and imprecise, I find the warrant invalid and therefore discharge the defendant". Judge Wickham then added that she had not been required to decide at this stage whether the alleged crimes were valid extradition offences.

Dr Töben, who founded the Adelaide Institute, smiled broadly as the judge handed down her decision. Dr Töben's solicitor Kevin Lowry-Mullins described today's ruling as a victory and said the academic, who has been granted bail, looked forward to the High Court hearing his case.

A group of about 10 of his supporters, including British Holocaust denier David Irving and former Australian beauty queen Lady Michele Renouf, also cheered the decision from the courtroom's small public gallery. Irving said he believed the High Court would uphold the judge's decision. The High Court is expected to hear Dr Töben's case early next year.

Töben has been in custody since October 1st, when he was arrested at Heathrow Airport on a flight from America, on his way to Dubai. He was refused bail at that time. Dr. Toben has posted his most recent letter and an appeal for financial help on his website.


apollonian said...

British Officials In Toben Case Are Traitors Who Should Be Put To Death
(Apollonian, 30 Oct)

What a sad, pathetic, pitiable condition these people, including Toben and the British, are in--SLAVES to the communist European Union, PRETENDING to dignity as human beings and imagining they've achieved some kind of "victory." It isn't a victory at all, but a gross, stinking disgrace.

I have to admit I don't like this guy, Toben, or David Irving, who's nothing but a pretended entertainer who plays games with the truth.

Note Toben was arrested at the airport in first place, which is the first outrage. Then he was DENIED bail at his first hearing, the second outrage, the British lackeys sucking up to EU dictators. People need to face fact BRITISH JUSTICE HAS FAILED MISERABLY--they're only now trying to save face and not look like the sycophants to EU dictatorship they really are and WANT to be.

Now British lackeys still hold Toben hostage at behest of Jew overlord and EU dictators, demanding 100,000 pounds EXTORTION, with Toben's rights to free speech proscribed by British lackeys, what a putrid disgrace.

So if such outrageous impositions and denials of proper freedom are called "victory," mankind is in truly sad state. DEATH TO THE JEWS--and all their suck-alongs.

Of course the British officials, the scummy, stinking, filthy puke, want to make it look like they're not sucking up to Jew and EU overlords too much in front of British people, the pathetic scum. What a gross, disgusting episode all around.

No comrades, BRITISH DID NOT SHOW "BACKBONE" at all--on the contrary, British gov. shows nothing but CONTEMPT to the people and their rights, demonstrating themselves willing, if not eager, servants to Jew-paid enforcers of crass, filthy dictatorship. But what can be done?

Thus the West requires most emphatic Jew-expulsion, and this will only be accomplished by means of general Christian spirit arising fm the people, this Christianity symbolizing and expressing general contempt for lies, hence Jews.

So what's greatest impediment to this virtuous anti-semitism?--it would have to be the Jew-inspired idea Christianity is in conflict w. human reason, when truth is Christianity is greatest aesthetic expression thereto--especially in form of REJECTION OF JEW LIES, again.

So what then is necessary?--the definitive correlation and direct relationship of Jews and LIES, thus fascist dictatorship and oppression necessarily founded upon lies.

So what then prevents this realization within minds of people?--the idea they need Jews in order to prop-up their puny little "prosperity" they imagine they presently enjoy, the poor, myopic, brainless scum.

Thus we see spectacle of a little bit of "prosperity" serving as motive for gross, disgusting dictatorship and oppression--fascism on the cheap. Death to the Jews and collaborationist scum who prop them up.

Thus people suffer this Jew oppression because the lazy bastards don't want to do necessary work of Christian missionaries who go to the trouble of explaining necessary anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) nature of Christianity--this, even when practically everyone has copies of New Testaments readily available to consult. Poor, stupid scum, the stupidity directly feeding and causing cowardice.

Thus fools die, truly and deservedly. Thus "moralism"-Pharisaism accomplishes nothing but death and suicide, induced by just a little bit of money. Thus it's shown humanity's greatest enemy is truly "morality" in its Pharisaist guise with its currency of guilt, fear, and terror, the only positive being Pharisaist sanctimony and self-righteousness.

CONCLUSION: And thus it's truly verified Jews only thrive among gross, hubristic weaklings and inferiors who are miserably over-populated, purpose of Jews to de-populate these unworthy goons. And verily do we observe this putrid suicidal activity taking place before our eyes, it being accounted a "victory" when judicial officials refuse to do their proper job to safeguard and uphold the rights and dignity of the people. Try not to vomit. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Orion said...

Would the beeotch have thrown out the EO if she had been required to determine if the charges were actually valid? No, she would have handed them over to the kikes post haste.

Anchorage Activist said...

Apollonian - maybe the British didn't show the type of backbone you and I would have preferred, but at least the judge had enough backbone not to cave in altogether. I don't think any of us Americans really understand just how thoroughly the United Kingdom has been jewed. The stories I read about political correctness in the U.K. - to include stories about how toddlers who don't like spicy food are considered "racist" - are just absolutely appalling and chilling.

apollonian said...

Christianity Seen In Contrast To Jew Reign Of Lies
(Apollonian, 30 Oct 08)

AA, this stinking puke (British judiciary) know exactly, precisely what's going on: We're being forced to worship NOT MERELY Jew religion--BUT JEWS THEMSELVES, and their stinking filthy lies.

Thus Christianity--in contrast--is so refreshing as it's simply worship and respect for TRUTH, that's it, and that's all--it's not mystical--on the contrary.

Thus Christianity can and should be seen as most non-mystical, most radiantly brilliant rationalism it is possible to conceive, to imagine--for at its simplest form, that's all it is: ANTI-LIES.

But surely more and evermore people begin to understand the horrific, downward cultural path we're presently taking. And additionally, as we and evermore people register and see this ineluctable descent, people associate the Jew, the Jew behind all the terror, the Jew always profiting, never suffering.

Soon enough surely, it will be mere second-nature to urge one's neighbor to go and kill Jews--this as if it's same as eradicating disease--and the neighbor enthusiastically agreeing. And indeed, it's as if Jews themselves sense this approaching stage/phase of history entailing universal hatred of Jews, qua Jews.

Of course we, as leaders, must realize it isn't simply Jews--it's what they advocate and stand for--LIES, again, lies and lying for the sake of lies and lying. For as one lies, AND BELIEVES in the lies one tells, one CREATES REALITY and becomes God--this is the essence of the Jew.

CONCLUSION: Thus we must advocate most rationalist form/version of Christianity for our fellow gentiles, even the poor non-whites who also suffer fm this Jew oppression-dictatorship, this reign of lies. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian