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Australian Holocaust Revisionist Dr. Fredrick Töben Arrested On European Union Warrant For "Holocaust Denial" Upon Entry To The United Kingdom

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Australian Holocaust revisionist Gerald Fredrick Töben has been arrested at London's Heathrow airport. British police executed a European Union arrest warrant issued by German authorities at Heathrow late Tuesday night (September 30th) Melbourne time. Full stories published by The Age, the Melbourne Herald-Sun, SkyNews, and The Times of London. Israeli media links include Haaretz, the Jerusalem Post, and Ynetnews. This post combines and summarizes the important points of all these sources.

Dr. Töben was actually enroute from Australia to Dubai. He merely changed planes at Heathrow Airport in London; he did not attempt to enter the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, Metro Police, apparently having been alerted, swooped down on Dr. Töben after he boarded the Dubai-bound aircraft and arrested him.

In the arrest warrant, the 64-year-old Dr. Töben is accused of publishing material on the internet of an anti-Semitic and/or revisionist nature in Australia, Germany and other countries. Specifically, the EU warrant reads, "From 2002 to this day the worldwide, internet publication of an anti-Semitic and, or, revisionist nature deliberately contrary to historical truth the said publications deny, approve or play down above all the mass murder of the Jews, planned and implemented, by the national socialist rulers..." . "The defender is committing the act in Australia, Germany and in other countries".

During his initial hearing before the City of Westminster Magistrates Court today (Oct 1), Dr. Töben said he did not consent to being extradited, expressing the belief he would not receive a fair trial in Germany. But representing the District Court of Mannheim, Tina Whybrow said Dr. Töben was accused of computer-related crime and racism and xenophobia. "This is a serious offence, the penalty for this offence is up to five years (imprisonment)," she said. Wikipedia provides a list of all countries with Holocaust denial laws HERE.

District Judge Nicholas Evans denied bail and remanded Dr. Töben in custody to reappear for an extradition hearing at 2 P.M. British time on Friday October 3rd.

Dr. Töben, a former teacher in the Australian state of Victoria, has been involved in lengthy court proceedings in Australia for allegedly denying the Holocaust, and was jailed in Germany in 1999. On his Adelaide Institute website, Dr. Toben acknowledges that self-sacrifice may be necessary to unravel the mythology of the Holocaust. He writes, "If you wish to begin to doubt the Holocaust-Shoah narrative, you must be prepared for personal sacrifice, must be prepared for marriage and family break-up, loss of career, and go to prison. This is because Revisionists are, among other things, dismantling a massive multi-billion dollar industry that the Holocaust-Shoah enforcers are defending, as well as the survival of Zionist-racist Israel".

The arrest of Dr. Töben has already provoked considerable discussion and outrage on Stormfront, the Vanguard News Network Forum, The Phora, Majority Rights, Curt Maynard's blog, and

Commentary: This is truly outrageous. It's bad enough there are so-called Holocaust denial laws in place to throttle discussion and debate and to permit the Holocaust cartel to spew their propaganda unmolested and uncontested. But to arrest a guy who is merely changing planes in the U.K., without even intending or attempting to formally enter the country itself, is truly unforgivable. The United Kingdom has unquestionably become a full-blown police state.

Dr. Töben can now be considered a full-blown prisoner of conscience, alongside Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, and Sylvia Stolz. David Irving was once in that category; although his Summer 2008 U.S. Tour has come to an end, you can visit his website HERE. Those interested in Dr. Töben's writings ought to consider downloading or mirroring them from his Adelaide Institute website straightaway, as the site could go dark at any time without warning.


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Dr. Toben is hardly an "idiot". He simply may have used poor judgment in not realizing that merely landing on British soil could get him arrested, regardless of whether or not he formally entered the country.