Thursday, October 02, 2008

ANSWP Commander Bill White Now Hosting Pro-White Blogs On His Overthrow Server - For Free

Update October 11th: Overthrow now offline indefinitely, computers seized by FBI. See updated post HERE.

ANSWP Commander and Overthrow editor Bill White has announced that he is now willing to host any pro-white blog on the same protected server he uses for his other websites, most notably This is a setup which is as secure from outside ToS attacks as one can get, since White not only owns the server, but also the comm lines and the facility.

Here's the official announcement from the Overthrow blog:

We are setting up blogs for ANSWP members and units, as well as white activists who are tired of having their blogs deleted.

Anyone interested should email me at

Blogs set up tonight: (Kentucky) (Illinois) (North Carolina) (Oregon)

We may be able to set up top level domains for these, but I am still working on that angle. Blogs are free, with the only ToS being that they cannot annoy me. ANSWP blogs must reflect the ANSWP’s official positions, etc, as well.

White's "Terms of Service" is not as arbitrary and ambiguous as it sounds. Having been banned on three separate occasions from VNN Forum, Bill White has a higher regard for the First Amendment than most people, so the term "annoy me" probably means you could not get him to host your blog and then you would use your blog to attack him personally. Otherwise, any civil discourse would be permitted, as long as you don't openly advocate anything flagrantly illegal.

The timing of this development is fortuitous. The Daily Kos recently targeted the old Illinois ANSWP blog with a ToS attack, resulting in its host, Wordpress, shutting it down. It is now being fully reconstituted under this new system.

This represents a highly significant contribution to our Cause, since we lack a sufficient number of protected domains. Even so-called "First Amendment-friendly" domains have had to yield to political correctness; VNN Forum got tossed off a couple of them. Any initiative helps.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, but his computer has been seized by the feds and he's taken down. Lots of help that is. Bill White brags a lot, but seems like mostly hot air.