Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ANSWP Commander Bill White Indicted By Federal Grand Jury In Chicago On One Count Of Solicitation In Violation Of Title 18, USC Section 1503

Note: All White Reference posts on this case can be viewed HERE, with the most recent post appearing first.

On October 22nd, 2008, the Chicago Tribune reported that a Federal grand jury has indicted ANSWP Commander and Overthrow editor Bill White on one count of solicitation by using his various websites in recent weeks to allegedly solicit violence against Mark P. Hoffman, the Jewish foreman of the jury who convicted Matt Hale. Hale was convicted in 2004 of soliciting the murder of a federal judge, and is currently serving a 40-year federal prison sentence. If tried and convicted, Bill White faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. This story also reported by WBBM 780AM in Chicago and the Roanoke Times.

The indictment follows up on a criminal complaint previously filed against White, which led to his arrest in Roanoke, Virginia on Friday October 17th, according to the U.S. Attorney's office.

Click HERE to view the original 24-page complaint in PDF format.

Click HERE to view the seven-page indictment in PDF format.

Read Title 18, United States Code Section 1503 HERE.

White still remains in federal custody without bond in Roanoke pending transfer to Chicago to face prosecution. He was scheduled to appear at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday (CDT) in Federal Court in Roanoke, but that hearing is now merely to determine whether or not bond will be set and no longer to establish probable cause, since the cause has been established by the Chicago indictment. The Roanoke Times reported late in the day that Judge Urbanski denied bond for Bill White. No date has been set for him to appear in Chicago.

According to the indictment, White created and maintained a website,, now offline, which purported to be affiliated with the “American National Socialist Workers Party” and claimed to be comprised of a “convergence of former [white supremacy] ‘movement’ activists who grew disgusted with the general garbage ‘the movement’ has attracted...” Members were described as “National Socialists ... who fight for white working people.”

Between September 11th and October 11th, 2008, White allegedly used the site to solicit another person to injure Juror A [Hoffman], foreman of the jury that convicted Matthew Hale, leader of a white-supremacist organization known as the World Church of the Creator. The indictment alleges that White caused derogatory comments and personal information about Juror A, including home address and phone numbers, to be posted on The solicitation allegedly occurred under circumstances strongly corroborating White’s intent that another person engage in the use of force against the juror.

The indictment also alleges that White was aware that individuals associated with the white-supremacist movement, the target audience of his website, engaged in acts of violence directed at Jews and other non-Whites, as well as gays and other persons perceived by white-supremacists as acting contrary to their interests. Prior to the alleged solicitation, White on multiple occasions allegedly caused postings to the site disclosing the home addresses and/or personal identifying information of individuals who were targets of criticism. Some of these postings during the same time period expressed White’s desire that acts of violence be committed against specific individuals, including author and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, the Jena 6 and Canadian civil rights gadfly Richard Warman.

A document containing the postings in question can be viewed HERE. A review of these postings indicates that White never posted anything more provocative than what Hal Turner used to post on his old website. Yet White's indicted, and Turner remains at liberty. Hmmm...perhaps those of you reading this should also ask yourselves why Hal Turner suddenly, with no prior notice, left the USA to visit Brazil a mere 18 hours after Bill White was arrested last Friday. Equally telling is Turner's reaction to White's arrest - he didn't exactly don sackcloth and ashes. Combine this with previous allegations of Hal Turner being an FBI informant, albeit mostly promoted by anti-racists, and suddenly this case is propelled into a whole new dimension. But in fairness to Turner, he has denied any relationship with the FBI repeatedly and vociferously, and Apollonian posts an eloquent defense of Turner HERE.

Hal Turner could easily put such speculation to bed by posting an explanation on his blog as to why he suddenly decided to go to Brazil without any advance warning, which is completely out of sync with previous travel patterns.

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apollonian said...

ZOG-Mammon Bites Off Chunk It Will Not Be Able To Chew
(Apollonian, 22 Oct 08)

Comrades, ZOG-Mammon has indubitably screwed-up, as this is now merely pretext by which to launch devastating COUNTER-ATTACK--which we should press ALL THE WAY so that it leads to freedom of patriot leader and hero, Matt Hale, too.

For what have we got here now folks?--we have ZOG-Mammon persecuting Bill White (ANSWP, for "OUTING" the Jew-queer instrumental to (jury) rigging of Matt Hale case.

And we see what's going on, all of this in context and collusion with the queers and Jews at SPLC and ADL, never doubt. Thus ZOG-Mammon is insane, they believing their own idiot propaganda, imagining now they'll succeed with this latest persecution campaign which we know queers and Jews love so much.

CONCLUSION: Next step, very simply, is to make sure we get Bill White OUT on bail; after that, comrade Bill can handle things best himself, I'm sure. As usual, we get great journalism, analysis, and commentary fm Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

The Roanoke Times has now reported that Bill White has been denied bail once again. I have updated my post accordingly. What a freaking miscarriage of justice!

apollonian said...

ZOG-Mammon Hysterical, Desperate As Time Inexorably Runs Out For Them
(Apollonian, 22 Oct 08)

Indeed, it all (latest developments in Bill White case) goes to show how biased the entire system, political/judicial, is set up to be against white patriots. In the passage in question, Bill White was clearly referring to a one-time situation when both his wife and baby child were in serious jeopardy--and White was only considering, merely theoretically, obviously. Anyone could think the same thing, but only don't report upon it, recording it on blog.

White recorded his theoretic musings to show how distraught he was, the pt. to his blog-entry. So the pt. then, regarding latest ruling, denying bond, is Urbanski, the judge, is merely being capricious, and pretending he has excuse to hold White as a credible threat.

Jews of course can and do easily get out of this sort of situation, as White's, by having sympathetic judges who are prejudiced against white patriots like Bill White. And negroids talk the most incredible, idiotic crap--and still get freed--and these circumstances merely need specific documentation by lawyers, of course.

And of course, it's certain gov. has no evidence against White for the primary charge in first place, regarding solicitation of an assassin, this pretended "assassin" merely some gov.-paid or -extorted stooge, at most.

Thus Bill White gets no "benefit of the doubt" by the usual Jew-friendly excuses, and everything is rigged against him. ZOG-Mammon is indubitably DESPERATE, and it all shows how critical the situation is for ZOG, hysterical psychopaths as they are, mass-murderers in Iraq and on 9-11, being egged-on by the ultimate hysterical psychotics, legions of queers and Jews. Thus we see what gov. by Jews and queers is and means--ANYTHING GOES--as during previous bolshevik episodes, as in early Soviet Russia and Europe.

Only Christianity is going to save the situation--because only Christianity will provide that common basis for ALL PATRIOTS to get together--that's great virtue of Christianity, under-estimated by many patriots, still.

But further, "Christians" must recognize, acknowledge, and understand Christianity is anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), and Jesus is/was NOT a Jew (Talmudist), and anyone who says Jesus was Jew is actually a Jew-accomplice--and we're not actually that far away fm proper Christian awareness, I submit.

Ironically, as things GET WORSE economically and politically, conditions are enhanced for this Christian revival/resurgence, but people must still apply themselves to achieve anything.

So I guess, at this pt., Bill White needs his lawyer to hire a psychologist to testify White is NOT as distraught as he was, etc., so there is no threat, as we know there isn't.

At this pt. then, in the large scheme and context, here's situation: Jews and queers think they're tough SCARING everyone, esp. patriots as they have fun persecuting Bill White. But the people aren't fooled--enough of them, like us, seeing exactly how desperate and hysterical ZOG really is.

Note large CYCLIC historical conditions have not changed: ZOG-Mammon is running out of time. Only ZOG-Mammon topmost masterminds are going to escape as lower-level Jew-bolsheviks prepare suicidal last-minute holding-actions to allow their beloved leaders to escape.

So how will revolution take place?--at grass roots, by means of Christians, working the local governments, working then the states. Never forget 14th, 16th, and 17th amendments were NOT properly ratified, as things reduce evermore to outright farce and travesty.

CONCLUSION: People just have to get things together on two parallel courses, (a) sentimental, as guided in overt, explicit Christian fashion, and of course, rationally--hey, we're dealing with psychotic, hysterical Jews, queers, and bolsheviks, and we need to do something in serious manner. Keep up ur good journalistic work, Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

White did Bill White contribute to the White Cause?


He only make the White Cause look trashier than it already is. He was a smartass who thought he could out smart the FBI, and everyone else. Look where it got him, and rightly so.

So national news can use smartass Bill White to paint a picture of the White Movement.. blame the jews you stupd goy, blame the jews... stupid goy don't need a powerful jewish conpiricy.. the stupid goy will destroy themselves if left to their on devices..

Wonder if Bill will be some big black studs little girl in the pen?

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous - Regardless of Bill White's "sins", it is now a free speech issue. If he can be put down, so can the rest of us.

The mark of true character is not by standing up for that which is popular, but also for that which is unpopular.

jim ramm said...

Bill has quite the idiotic record of posting stupid shit online, he has regularly made murder threats on his website, while avoiding criminal charges. He posted the names and addresses of the Jena six niggers online, commenting that they should be lynched. While the authors of this website are no fans of niggers, there is some shit you never say online, unless you want to go to prison. Bill's speech clearly crossed the line into the realm of yelling "FIRE" in a crowded theatre, and it wasn't going to be the first time.

SInce White got away with calling for niggers to be lynched online, he became empowered, self-confident and believed he could get away with nearly anything. Bill had even called himself a god and posted this ridiculousness in his yahoo group.

But what really stirred-up the shit was when Bill published the address and phone number of a juror involved in the Matt Hale case. Bill even called the Juror, using his wife's cell phone and harassed them. Matt Hale was a innocent man, a true POW, Billy thought his actions would somehow grant him respectability within the movement, instead it lead to his downfall.

Bill White's fragile sanity soon took a turn for the worse.

While he was busily calling Vonbluvens and the author of this website mentally-ill, Bill had lost whatever shred of sanity he had left. Bill started playing with his guns and fantasizing about murdering those he didn't like.
White became obsessed with the thought of killing and even pulled his pistol to kill one of his tenants that pissed him off, somehow he stopped.

Bill next published all the information about his abnormal mental condition on his website. He talked about his intricate murder plot and his hit list of people he was going to kill. It is little wonder that the judge denied bail, worried that Bill might really go on his killing spree.

"Feeling the need to KILL KILL KILL... I developed a plot to murder..."

This kind of insane ramblings is just what you would expect to read from a homicidal madman in desperate need of incarceration... and Bill was. Bill White is a homicidal, psychopathic madman with delusions of godhood.

Psychopathology is one of the most studied of anti-social personality disorders. Read the Clinical definition of Psychopath and ask yourself if this doesn't completely fit Bill White:
"The psychopath is defined by a psychological gratification in criminal, sexual, or aggressive impulses and the inability to learn from past mistakes. In other words, individuals with this disorder gain satisfaction through their antisocial behavior as well as lacking a conscience. Superficially charming, psychopaths tend to make a good first impression on others and often strike observers as remarkably normal and quite intelligent. Yet they are self-centered, dishonest and undependable, and at times they engage in irresponsible behavior for no apparent reason other than the sheer fun of it. Largely devoid of guilt, empathy and love, they have casual and callous interpersonal and romantic relationships. Psychopaths routinely offer excuses for their reckless and often outrageous actions, placing blame on others instead. They rarely learn from their mistakes or benefit from negative feedback, and they have difficulty inhibiting their impulses. "

Psychopath Bill White has an insatiable desire for attention. He soon advertised online a new issue of his "National Socialist" magazine called "Kill this nigger?". The rag had a picture of shitskin Barrack Hussein Obama in swastika cross hairs. Bill seemed to believed he would be legally protected by putting in the question mark. The magazine cover was a thinly veiled threat and was just like asking the Feds to slap on the cuffs. The article inside didn't openly encourage Obama to be assassinated, but came very close to promoting illegal actions at the end.

From White's "Kill this nigger" article:

"White people must deny him presidency, as a radical who he admires might say, By any means necessary."
-Bill White

"After all a dead nigger never runs out of celebrity and a dead nigger always has more character than a living one."
-Bill White

Bill's thinly veiled threat on the front page soon becomes a unveiled threat in the article! In the last sentence Bill calls upon his readers to do anything to stop the nigger from being president, including illegal actions. If they need any suggestions as to what laws to break, all they have to do is examine the title and cover of his magazine!

White had comitted suicide...If Shitskin Obama did become president, the nigger would running the Justice Dept. and would use the resources of the US government against Bill. It would be a legal war that Willie could never win. However, the FEDS were already watching billy and building a case.

Bill created his legal woes & is the only one responsible for his downfall.

Willie was always well known for telling constant lies about everyone he hates. Bill is Mr. bullshit. White has admitted that his lies are created to destroy of the movement through internal dissension. Bill even recently admitted in court that that his site overthrow was just a pack of vicious lies:

“Like everything I write, I write essentially tabloid news – half true, half sensationalism and exaggeration.”
- Bill White 10/22/08

Why does Bill regularly act like the niggers that he hates? Several reasons but the easiest is because he's an attention whore. Willie is like the kid in grade school that simply must to be the center of attention. He has to have attention, and if he can't get it being good he will get it being bad.

Well Bill, you got the attention of the Feds was it really worth it?

It would have been simply wonderful if hardcore members in our movement had handled the Bill White problem in house. Bill was certainly easy to find but nobody stepped up to the plate to do what was needed. This must be the first time the Feds did an arrest within the movement that actually benefits the movement. Bill has always been a Pariah, a social outcast within the movement. We are all far better off without White and his antics.

Gary Nemeth from Tacoma Wa. has available a mini version of the "Kill this Nigger" magazine online. It can be downloaded at Gary Nemeth's website. Smooth move exlax! Now you will be put on the FED's shit list also! Maybe they will put in a cell next to Bill and you guys can pass notes back and forth? Whatever happens It will be your own stupid fault.

Billy's boytoy Chris Drake (probably the next asswipe commander) is promoting jailed Willie on VNN as the next WN Martyr. Ballsy Drake is even asking for donations for Billdo.

Why does a millionaire need public donations?
What nerve Drake has to ask the poor of this movement to give what little they have to help Bill get out of the legal trouble that he caused himself!
If Bill's family really did run out of money, they could always get a loan from Bill's rich parents, just like he did to start White Homes and Lands LLC. By siding with dishonorable vermin like Bill, Drake is no better than White. If you sleep with dogs you get fleas and Chris Drake is scratching big time.

Bill White is no White Nationalist prisoner of war, he's a sociopathic, narcissist freak who lost control and is now facing the music.

The time will soon come when we should forget about Pariah Bill White.
Willie will slowly rot away in his 8 X 12 Ft. home, while smoking plenty of big, black cigars, & receiving his daily doses of hot african beef injections.
It all couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

Jesse Jackson said...

I am no fan of Bill White. But, there's a huge disparity, in whom they choose to prosecute. Ice Cube (a militant black rapper with gang ties), threatened police officers and jurors, in one of his rap songs that he made about the LA riots...and absolutely nothing was done about it. I firmly believe that, if Bill White was black or brown, they wouldn't have charged him with anything.

Ice Cube - We Had To Tear This Motherfucker Up
[Verse 1]
Not guilty, the filthy, devils tried to kill me
When the news get to the hood the niggaz will be
hotter than cayenne pepper, cuss, bust
Kickin up dust is a must
I can't trust, a cracker in a blue uniform
Stick a nigga like a unicorn
Born, wicked, Laurence, Powell, foul
Cut his fuckin throat and I smile
Go to Simi Valley and surely
somebody knows the address of the jury
Pay a little visit, "Who is it?" (Ohh it's Ice Cube)
"Can I talk to the grand wizard," then boom!!
Make him eat the barrel, modern day feral
Now he's zipped up like leather tuscadero
Pretty soon we'll catch Sergeant Koon
Shoot him in the face, run up in him with a broom-
-stick, prick, devils ain't shit
Introduce his ass to the AK-40 dick
Two days niggaz layed in the cut
To get some respect we had to tear this muthafucka up