Tuesday, September 30, 2008

YouTube Video: Dr. David Duke Exposes Jewish Involvement In The Russian Mafia; Did Russian Mafia Help Trigger The Mortgage Bailout "Crisis"?

It appears that back in March 2008, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne not only exposed the practice of what's called "naked short-selling" in the stock market, but also learned of the possible involvement of the Russian Mafia in partnership with the movers and shakers of Wall Street. His findings were published in this Daily Utah Chronicle article, and the issue has been further discussed on Voice of Deseret. Patrick Byrne also operates the DeepCapture website.

However, what's even more important here is the Russian Mafia itself? Is it really "Russian"? They may be Russian by nationality, but are they Russian ethnically? Research indicates the latter may not necessarily be true.

A number of mainstream references, to include Wikipedia, a July 2000 CBS News story, Jew Watch, the Jewish Tribal Review, and Erichufschmid.net actually expose Jewish domination of this Russian Mafia. But one of the best sources of information is Dr. David Duke, who's spent considerable time in Russia and has acquired a detailed knowledge of the country's culture and people, to include taking a PhD in the Ukraine's MAUP University system. He discusses the Russian Mafia at length in the following two YouTube videos:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Of course, this opens up the question as to whether or not "Russian" Mafia figures colluded with Wall Street financiers to trigger this so-called "crisis" in order to hoodwink the Federal government into giving them this "bailout" at taxpayer expense. This possibility is one of many reasons we must keep the pressure on the U.S. House of Representatives to reject authorizing this $700 billion bailout.

Otherwise, as Willis Carto would say, it's "billions for the bankers, and debts to the people".


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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Have you read the book -

Red Mafiya / How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America - by Robert Friedman ?