Sunday, September 14, 2008

TNB In Kentucky: Former Dixie Principal Adrian Sanford Resigns After Accusations Of Misuse Of $69,000 In School Funds In Louisville, Kentucky

This guy's a regular Robert Mugabe. Adrian Sanford (pictured at left), the principal of Dixie Elementary School in the Jefferson County Public Schools district, resigned his post on Thursday September 11th, 2008 in the wake of allegations that he may have misused $69,000 in school funds. And prosecutors are now considering whether to bring criminal charges against both Sanford and bookkeeper Toneke Bullitt, who is also linked to the scandal. Bullitt, who had been at Dixie for one year and who makes $20,057 per year, has already been suspended without pay since June 25th. Latest story published September 13th by the Louisville Courier-Journal; additional stories by WAVE Channel 3 and WHAS Channel 11. Also discussed on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Lauren Roberts, a spokeswoman for Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), said that a district investigation revealed that Sanford and Bullitt violated "numerous" school board policies and engaged in "fiscal mismanagement" by hiring and paying at least a dozen vendors for work the district can't prove was done. "It appears that (Sanford) instructed (Bullitt) to write checks to vendors from the local school activity fund, which is a violation of IRS requirements," Roberts added. "Four thousand dollars from this account has not yet been recovered." Furthermore, Roberts also stated that more than $60,000 in general fund payments to vendors has not been substantiated.

The specifics: Two of the vendors Sanford hired were his relatives, and several had pending criminal charges, all violations of the district's hiring policy. The BlueGrassRedState blog reveals that one of those relatives was Sanford's nephew, Robert S. Martin of Harlan County. Martin was apparently a very shady character from the beginning, never should have been hired, and was fired when he stole another Dixie employee’s wallet and checkbook, racked up $1,600 in purchases, and was caught on videotape and tracked down by the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD). In addition, Sanford made personal purchases with a school-issued credit card, making a car payment, renting two cars and purchasing Christmas gift cards for all Dixie teachers.

The district has forwarded its investigative file, roughly 2,000 pages, to Jefferson County Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Stengel, whose office will consider whether criminal charges should be filed. Steve Tedder, a spokesman for Stengel, declined to release the documents, saying they were part of an ongoing investigation. He could not say when prosecutors would decide whether to pursue charges. In addition, the district may also forward the information to the Kentucky Professional Standards Board, which has the power to decertify Sanford.

Sanford did not return several calls made to his cell phone yesterday and Bullitt could not be reached for comment. The district has also been unable to reach Bullitt.

How did they find out? District officials learned of the questionable payments on May 21st when an anonymous tip was sent to the Internal Audit Department regarding "inappropriate payments being made to individuals by Dixie Elementary," according to the memo.

Sanford was re-assigned to the central office July 1st, after the district began investigating the school's finances. He submitted a resignation letter Thursday, effective October 23rd, in which he stated that "illness" prevented him from carrying out his duties. He will be on leave until his resignation date. He makes $84,944 annually. WHAS reports that much of the money has already been recouped, and that Sanford's lawyer says it's all a "misunderstanding" ("rascist crackuh muhfuggas tryin' to keep da black man down 'n sheeyit, numsayin'?") Go back to the Courier-Journal story for considerable more background.

But there may be other issues involving Adrian Sanford. The BlueGrassRedState blog also reveals in a separate post that Sanford is also being accused of threatening teachers in wild mood swings and with charges of racism. One account says that Sanford suggested that a teacher needed to learn how to talk to black people.

One reported incident was particularly disturbing. Apparently, a black male student "accidentally" brushed the behind of a white female student. We all know that these types of events now get serious attention by school officials due to lawsuits and other action taken by parents. However, the black child was taken into the hallway by Sanford along with his teacher and was told by Sanford that the child better watch out because they have “hung niggers” for worse actions against a white woman. The account states that Sanford then went into the classroom, removed his shirt exposing a white tank top and told the children that he works out for that reason (presumably to protect himself from white lynch mobs?). He then threatened the child in front of his peers.

Yep, this guy is a regular Robert Mugabe.

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