Monday, September 01, 2008

Roanoke Times Demands More "Diversity" From Virginia Tech; $899,000 Worth In Five Years, But Does Not Demand More "Diversity" From Black Colleges

On September 1st, 2008, the Roanoke Times, considered one of the most substandard newspapers in the United States, published an editorial entitled "Invest in diversity at Virginia Tech". The bottom line - Virginia Tech is not dark enough for them.

They think Virginia Tech does not "look like Virginia". Even though 20 percent of Virginians are black, enrollment at Tech languishes below 5 percent. A similar pattern emerges for Hispanics -- 6 percent of the state, but 3 percent on campus. Meanwhile, Asians buck that trend, enrolling above their percentage of the state population. Read the diversity plan currently in effect HERE. And of course, the Times sanctimoniously proclaims this to be "unacceptable", since Tech is a "public" university. After all, the quality of the education is not important, as long as you have that "rich" diversity.

Gag me with a spoon.

The Times also criticizes Virginia Tech because one of its dormitories is named after a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Tech officials have released a five-year plan to make the campus more welcoming to minority students. Of course, it includes an increased dose of diversity propaganda. They propose to have Tech require all students take core classes that address issues of race and privilege (in other words, teach non-whites how to better hate whites), create a program to help professors better incorporate issues of race into their existing courses, and better support existing diversity programs and create new ones dedicated to Hispanic studies. WSLS Channel 10 reports that Tech Provost Mark McNamee originally formed the diversity task force which helped construct the plan in the summer of 2006. It was named in response to protests over the announced departure of black political science professor Christopher Clement, who received a negative review in his tenure process. [Ed. Note: God forbid you should tell a Negro that he doesn't pass muster - why, dat be rascist and sheeyit.]

Of course, it doesn't come for free. All of the changes are estimated to cost $899,000 over five years. That money would pay for new faculty, additional support staff, and diversity and outreach programs. And since this is a public university, that means you, Mr. and Mrs. Virginian, will be reaching into YOUR pocket to pay for it. The fact that Virginia Tech, like the rest of the state's colleges and universities, faces stiff financial challenges, does not impress the Negro-loving Roanoke Times. Despite the fact that budgetary constraints may require fresh cuts, the Roanoke Times wants the diversity programs protected AT ALL COSTS. The Roanoke Times fails to remind us that the infamous Virginia Tech Massacre was perpetrated by one of those "diverse" students.

Conspicuous by its absence is any call by the Roanoke Times for any of the historically black colleges to "look like Virginia". But then, isn't that the way diversity works in this country? Only Whitey is the bad boy. Only Whitey is to make all the concessions and sacrifices. Only Whitey is to wear the hair shirt.

The historically black colleges were designed to allow blacks to attend a university catering to their unique needs. With little to no white students present, the blacks would not be under pressure to keep up with whites, and would be relieved of the frustrations which invariably develop when they are forced upon whites. They could learn at their own pace - and learn more effectively.

Let me tell you something, Roanoke. The Roanoke Times does NOT represent your interests. If it went belly up tomorrow, you would not miss it. Make it happen; quit subscribing to it and buying it.

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