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How The "Whites Only" Sign Posted By James Curtis In The DPW Garage In Niagara Falls, New York Became A Legal Issue

Update October 14th: Charge downgraded from felony hate crime to misdemeanor harassment. Details HERE

The case of Niagara Falls Department of Public Works (DPW) employee James Curtis, who is being charged with a felony hate crime for posting a silly "Whites Only Water Fountain" sign on a water fountain inside the DPW garage and who pleaded not guilty at his initial hearing on September 2nd, is slowly gaining traction and backlash against local and state authorities is beginning to build. The Niagara Gazette published a story on September 1st specifically responding to this criticism, identifying White Reference and Stormfront by name. [Ed. Note: This was also discussed on the Vanguard News Network Forum.]

However, until now, the precise circumstances under which this sign became a legal issue were murky. Fortunately, the Tonawanda News has stepped up to the plate and filled the gap with a good report published on September 3rd, 2008. Sometimes, these secondary newspapers produce more in-depth reporting than the primary newspapers.

First, it's apparent that Curtis strictly intended the sign to be a joke. The fact that a black fellow employee was surprised by it, and that a number of blacks who showed up at Curtis' Tuesday hearing expressing support for Curtis, validates this conclusion because it implies that Curtis had NO track record of behaving racially towards black workers. This alone makes the prosecution of James Curtis inexplicable and indefensible. Curtis told both the police and the media that the sign was a joke, claiming that "we all joke around"; "we all bust balls".

This type of kibitzing and horseplay is typical of a blue-collar working class environment, where workers engage in this sort of behavior to release tension and bond with one another and the wise supervisor exerts only a light touch to keep it within sensible bounds. Of course, your typical white collar puss who attended one of our politically-correct Soviet universities and who became steeped in draconian speech and behavioral codes will never understand working class dynamics. They became accustomed to walking on egsshells and they transform every work environment into a gulag where everyone must walk on eggshells as well. Sounds like a perfect description of Niagara Falls' ass-licking white sellout mayor Paul "Dickhead" Dyster, doesn't it?

Curtis wrote the sign on the back of a blank employee time card and taped it above the DPW garage water fountain. After he pointed out the sign to another DPW employee of unspecified race, the other employee told him, “There’s going to be trouble about this.” At that time, Curtis states that he then tore the sign down and threw it in the garbage. In retrospect, Curtis also states he was bothered by what he had done. “My conscience has been bothering me every day,” Curtis said. “When I was first questioned by Detective Coney, I lied about it and every day my hands sweat, I have a headache and I just can’t stop thinking about it.” Curtis said he initially lied about his involvement because he was scared. He also said, “I would rather it stayed at the state level than go to the federal level.”

Now we find out that it was Vincent Jackson, a black DPW worker, who was the next person who saw the sign and who claims to be the “victim” in the case. Jackson said he reported to work at 10:50 P.M. on August 13th and was leaving the DPW locker room when he spotted Curtis’ handiwork. “I saw a sign hanging up,” he told investigators. “The sign said, ‘Whites Only Water Fountain.’ I am an African-American and when I read (the sign) it bothered me because of what it said.”

Jackson said he told a supervisor about the sign and was told to “rip it down.” He said he took a picture of the sign with his cell phone and then took it down and put it in his locker. After his shift was over, Jackson said he called Parks Department worker Emmett Cox, one of six black city employees suing the Falls for racial discrimination. He said he gave the sign to Cox and that was the last time he saw it. This is where Joe Paulk, another black employee identified in my first post about this case, enters the picture. Paulk is another of the six black employees involved in the suit. Paulk is believed to have urged Cox to make a legal issue of it. This is typical of Negro agitators; over-react to every perceived slight. Jewish supremacists taught them these tactics during their 64-year control of the NAACP from 1911-1975.

Cox reportedly sent the sign to New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo had indicated he would investigate the matter, but in light of Curtis’ arrest and confession, the status of the attorney general’s probe is unknown. Niagara Falls Police, who have been trying to reclaim the sign, said it is now at the State Police crime lab in Albany.

Authorities continue to press their charges of second-degree aggravated harassment against Curtis, While normally a misdemeanor, city police have categorized the charge as a racially motivated hate crime, which bumps up the charge to a Class E felony. His next court appearance is scheduled for October 14th, and his $500 bail was continued. If convicted, he will lose some of his civil rights and much of his employability, even if he stay out of jail. Under separate proceedings, he may lose his current job; WFIE Channel 14 reports that the mayor is taking action to terminate Curtis after he serves a 20-day unpaid suspension. Taxpayers are paying for three separate investigations by three separate agencies. All for a silly sign. All for a stupid joke.

Fuck you, Niagara Falls.

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