Thursday, September 18, 2008

Courageous White British Fashion Model Lauren McAvoy Declares Her Support For The British National Party; BNP Officials Ecstatic

While the British National Party (BNP) values the contributions of all its members and supporters, it recently got a major shot in the arm when a leading British fashion model publicly declared her support for the party. Posted originally by BNP News. [Ed. Note: The original story has now been pulled down by the BNP, but is still up on the separate BNP Chronicle blog.]

Twenty-one year old Lauren McAvoy (at the right in the above photo), who has graced the cover of numerous magazines and was winner of Britain’s Next Top Model competition, has publicly declared her support for the BNP. Lauren took the brave step this afternoon when she was passing a roadside stand supporting Len Heather, BNP candidate in the Noak Bridge ward by-election being held in Basildon, Essex.

Lauren stopped her car, and, along with her mum, jumped out and asked if they could have their picture taken with Len. “We are great fans of the BNP,” Lauren said. The picture was duly taken, and Lauren asked the BNP team to please let the public know who she was when the picture was put up on the BNP website.

As the BNP attracts an growing number of prominent people who command considerable bargaining power and leverage in British society, it will become increasingly difficult for the establishment to marginalize the BNP as they've done in the past. Indeed, oppression against BNP members continues now; the Telegraph just posted a story about a teacher, Adam Walker, who is a BNP member and now faces a possible lifetime ban from the profession for criticizing immigrants and Muslims. BNP Chairman Nick Griffin has been an articulate and positive spokesman for the party; a YouTube video of an interview on Sky News is embedded below. The interviewer seemed somewhat hostile, but Griffin kept a stiff upper lip:

The British National Party is a "Britain First" party designed to represent the interests of white Britons, even as other British groups have arisen to represent the interests of various non-white British residents. Their basic platform can be read HERE. The closest American equivalent is the Constitution Party. However, unlike the Constitution Party, the BNP has experienced considerably greater success, having elected 100 officials.


Orion said...

Excellent! That's the way to do it, it's the key to our success: Target the White working class, target economic issues. As the Great Mr. Metzger has observed, Our Racial problem is an economic one, and will only be won when these issues are linked in the minds of the working class. Good on the BNP. I hope they repeal the stupid race relations acts and reinstate firearms ownership, too.

Orion said...

I'd like to add, the reason parties like the Constitution and Reform can never gain power in the United States is because the system will not allow it, as it's not a parlimentary system. This means that any change will have to come American style, through the barrel of a gun.

Anchorage Activist said...

The BNP under Nick Griffin accurately assessed what the White British public could handle. Thus it feeds them that which it can handle - and no more. The road to racial recovery will be long and arduous, and can only be taken one step at a time.

It would be great if some of our conmrades on VNN Forum, many who are proven activists, would begin to realize this.

It's true that the Constitution Party will remain a marginal force. But it might be a good target for us, if we do it the same way Nick Griffin did it over there. The Constitution Party needs to become the American National Party.

Frankie Cox said...

What a scary bunch you are.

We don't have a racial problem, unless it's the one which exists in the minds of the unevolved.

Sorry - don't like to get personal, and I know my comments will be water off a white duck's backs but really, sometimes it's hard not to react to such utter uninformed stupidity.

Anonymous said...

reinstate firearms? are you people bloody idots or loonies?

only people that need shooting is bnp members on the leaked list